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Title: Maternity Alteration
Post by: b15erk on April 18, 2017, 09:31:36 AM
DD, brought two pairs of maternity trousers for my attention at the weekend.  One a straightforward repair.  The second a bit more complicated, but turned out dead easy.

She'd bought a pair of maternity trousers, and realised after the first wear that she couldn't continue with them, as they were low on the waist (builders bum), and the front came under the 'bump' - not ideal for school.

So, I had a good look at the first pair, and cut a piece of lycra, on the fold, going from 13" at the front to 7" at the back.  Join at centre back, and elasticate the top edge.  The piece is joined to the trousers at the original waistband seam. I have to say that here my overlocker struggled a bit due to the number of layers, but it looks OK. 

Job done!