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Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 24, 2018, 22:19:05 PM »
@Acorn - OK, if you've done everything there is to do, that's fab. I wasn't clear you'd actually contacted hotmail, so that's my confusion. They were a bit slow to reply to me, too, so hopefully they'll get back you at some point.

In aid of trying to make my side better, I've tried to set up a wholly new account here (Sewingforfun) using an account to see if it's something wrong with this particular account. I haven't had a confirmation yet that it's live, but will make sure the settings are all set to full throttle notify when I do. How long does that usually take? (No hurry just so I know when I might need to worry I haven't got it).

I've also asked my husband if I can "borrow" his email address to use as the notification account for this account in case it's something more specific to me and my email. He's not home tonight, but hopefully we can try this tomorrow or later in the week.

Oh, and do we know if Mr Immeni has been online and had a chance to just reply directly to the email I sent earlier to the admin account? I haven't had a reply but maybe he hasn't been around yet.

Carol x

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 24, 2018, 19:52:02 PM »
CarolC, we have done the things you've suggested. We know how the forum works and we know our email is set up correctly.

OK, but have you also filled in the hotmail whitelist request form I sent you the link for? Please can you try it if you haven't. I can't do it for you. They are so strict, it could be just a really minor thing, and so easily sorted out by them.
(here it is again -

@Bodgeitandscarper - I could redo my settings with another email address, but on many levels I don't really think i should have to. This is really not me, I've made every setting change it's possible to make and they are all correct now and it still doesn't work. It appears that somehow TSP has gotten all or part of itself blacklisted by so that the messages never get near me (and probably other people too). If @Francesca or one of the other admins asks for it to be whitelisted by them and it still doesn't work, then I'll be happy to change, but in the meantime, I feel quite strongly that every effort should be made to get it fixed so it doesn't happen to other people. Someone might try to sign up, not get notified, and go away...

Re the coverstitch, it's really not a problem beyond making me more niggled than I might be with the no notifications thing! On the other hand, if that's the case, then it was a bit naughty of her to say to me that it was definitely still available when I asked for it.... It would have been better to say that you'd already asked and were thinking, I'll let you know, etc. It's fine, though, and I've decided to support my local economy and buy a Juki from a local shop instead, plus they can teach me how to use it. It's not that much more once I take shipping into account as I couldn't have collected. I'd been dithering about getting one, so it's spurred me to do it.

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 24, 2018, 14:25:50 PM »
Hopefully the addition of the email to your preferred senders list will be the trick. I can confirm as Acorn did that we are not blacklisted.

As we said many other hotmail users receive our mail fine, so the problems on your linked thread refer to all hotmail users. Our forum sends to most hotmail users just fine (yours is the only case we've had so far), and our IP is clean.

Nada. Not in junk, not in my inbox. 

Please, please can you at least try some of the stuff I've suggested, not least contacting hotmail yourselves. As they say, I cannot do it for you.

There does seem to be an assumption here that this is only me, but as I said before, I am just the only person who spoke up and it has taken me 6 months of being irritated by it to actually bother to say anything, so there may well be others. You say the forum emails other hotmail users OK, but your records show you email me fine and that's not the case from where I sit.

I am not being a pain, this is a genuine problem and has caused me real problems in the last week. I wanted to buy the Bernina L220 coverstitch that was advertised for sale. I was the first person to ask for it, but because I didn't get a notification to the seller's reply, and didn't immediately look for one, she thought I didn't want it and gave first refusal to the next person to ask, who then bought it. I am not cross with the second person and wish them well with their new toy, but I am disappointed and frustrated.

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 24, 2018, 13:20:00 PM »
Hi again - please see above re your settings.

I just got a response from hotmail, and I have now found the safe sender list and added you to it as well as to my contacts. The email says, among other things, that you should contact them and they will try to add you to their lists. This is what the posts I've been linking to also say, so I think it would be good if you could try that as the emails ought to go through automatically.

### Do not reply below this line ### Support   
April 24, 2018, 11:58 +0000   
Hi Carol,

Thank you for your detailed response, I appreciate it. These information really helps. I understand that you’re not receiving emails from this particular website for some reason, and I know how important it is to be able to receive all incoming emails at all times to prevent missing out on anything.

One of the most common reason why emails from their domain doesn’t come through the, is because their domain is restricted or black listed from the Outlook domain. Emails from a particular domain are being blocked, because they did not pass the email sending policy, which is influenced by a number of factors related to:
• IP address
• Domain
• Authentication
• List accuracy
• Complaint rate
• Content of the email

Let us try to add the domain/email address to your Safe Sender list. Here’s how (Please find attached screenshot for reference):
1. Log on to
2. On the upper-right part of the screen, click Cog/Gear icon > click “Options” > click “Mail” tab on the left side of the screen
3. Under “Junk email” tab, click “Safe senders”
4. Type the domain address, then click on the "+" sign to add it
5. Click “Save” to save changes
Note: Monitor your account and see if you’ll be able to receive emails from

If the issue persists, we may need to request to remove the domain in question from the black list. We highly suggest to contact the support team for and have them fill-out the form to request the whitelisting of their email address/domain. They have the information to complete the form and must be submitted from their end.

You can forward the link below to them:

Once submitted, our Deliverability Support will communicate with the Support Representative of for updates and approval, please proceed on emailing them for queries and clarifications.

We appreciate your efforts and cooperation towards this matter. I hope everything goes well. Have a great day!

Warmest regards,
Liel J. – Support

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 24, 2018, 13:07:57 PM »
Did you read this thread that I linked to above?

It is talking about exactly this issue, which isn't unique to TSP, and suggests a bunch of possible fixes including settings to check and also suggests trying a new, clean IP address to see if that helps. You can contact hotmail/outlook yourself, too, and will have details of how you are sending things that I don't have.

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 24, 2018, 12:35:58 PM »
Did you hear back from Hotmail support about it at all and could you ask if they have any sort of whitelist for your account that you can add TSP emails to?

In answer to the first part, no, I haven't (grr), but I think the request may be better coming from you.

For the second, I asked Mr google, and found a few things.  It is likely to be something, even a small thing, at your end that is causing to reject the messages. What do your logs say? Do they suggest messages are going out to me (I should have had a bunch this morning) or are you getting bounce back errors?

Some of these might provide a clue:

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 24, 2018, 11:25:58 AM »
Is there a way you can add that email to your preferred senders list in Hotmail though? Or perhaps somewhere in your settings you have "Whitelist"?

In short, I think not - one can unblock senders whose emails have gone through to junk, but you cannot (as far as I can find in their help pages - see here), pre-unblock them.

I had already added you to my regular contacts list, and by emailing you in hotmail directly that automatically added you to my hotmail list, but I still didn't get a notification this morning.

It would be easy if stuff just went to junk, but it doesn't. It doesn't get anywhere near my account. The problem is earlier than that in the  system, between it leaving TSP and Outlook accepting it as a message for my hotmail account. What I read (as far as I understood it) in the Simple Machines forum material is that some possibilities are that it is deemed to be coming from a bad IP address or that the format of the message isn't recognised/accepted for some reason. I think it also suggested that it may be possible for you to get yourselves added to hotmail's acceptable sender list.

One thing to consider when seeing if others with hotmail can get notifications is do they have as I do, or Because we are mostly in the UK, most people here probably have the latter, so it could be specific to .com - maybe because you are in the UK, it thinks you are spam....?

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 23, 2018, 22:56:51 PM »
Hi! I sent an email to from that account so it will be interesting to see if you get it, and as you say, if I get notified of any responses after doing that.

I've looked in all my junk folders again today several times, and again nothing. So weird. Maybe it's trying to tell me I should spend less time on ye interwebs and more time sewing!

 :snip: :vintage: :thread: :sew:

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 22, 2018, 23:50:03 PM »
I've been having a browse on the Simple Machine community forum, and it is clear that there can be coding issues that keep emails from being delivered. I don't  understand what all the technical terms mean, but this thread might be of use.

There's also some stuff here that might be helpful

Not being funny, but in terms of other users not having any problems, are you completely sure it really is just me? I can log on fine, comment fine, and DM fine, so on that level, I can continue to participate without problems, it's just the notifications that aren't working.

I didn't know I wasn't getting notified until I wondered if anyone else had commented on something and went back to look. Ditto I had no idea that I was supposed to have a DM because the system didn't tell me about it, so I assumed no one had sent anything and didn't log on to look. Sometimes I come here a lot, other times not for weeks on end, so it's easy to miss things if the system doesn't ask me to look. I might not be the only one, just the only one who has mentioned it.


Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 22, 2018, 21:19:49 PM »
@Francesca, no, there is nothing at all in my regular inbox - not for forum posts (either started by me like this one or simply replied to), nor for DMs (again either sent to me initially or replies to ones I sent originally). I have added the admin email to contacts. I've gone repeatedly  into my spam/junk folders both in my mail programme and in hotmail online, and nothing is there either.

If I am on the forum itself, I see notifications of DMs in the messages tab at the top, but nothing to say that a post I've subscribed to has been updated.

I have gone into my settings here and checked they were correctly set to notify me (when TSP first started, I didn't realise I had to say I wanted notifications, unlike TSF). Just recently as part of this process, I unticked and reticked the "notify me when..." boxes, and I have also checked that individual posts are set to notify me.

None of this has had any effect - see above where I said I'd try these things and asked for another reply to test it. 

This clearly isn't just an issue with me or with hotmail addresses - above Acorn says this happened to her with a BT account.

It seems to me that it is something wrong with either TSP or with the (Simple Machines?) programme behind the site. One possibility is that it isn't recognising that some users have asked to be notified. For instance, does it matter that I use a Mac? Another is that it is sending out notifications in such as scary form that some email servers are eating them and not even letting them get through to junk mail. Either way, it shouldn't be happening as particularly with DMs, there is no way of knowing that you should even look for them if you didn't initiate the conversation.

I currently have a case open with hotmail to see if they have an answer, and can find the lost notification emails in their system. I will let you know if they say anything useful.

Also it might be worth contacting the company that makes the system behind the forum to see if they have an answer. I'm not at all being grumpy with the admins here (though I am a tad disappointed about missing that Bernina coverstitch machine because I didn't get notified of a DM and so the seller thought I wasn't interested when I didn't reply), but the system ought to do what's been asked to if a user's settings are correct and everything else is set up right.

Carol xx

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 22, 2018, 12:06:24 PM »
Hi - me again. Still not working. I had a DM and Samantha's post with no notification yesterday, nor anything lurking in junk despite adding to contacts. Sorry to keep bothering, but could you please reply again and see it arrives this time?

I've unticked and reticked all the "notify me" boxes, and I want to see if that helped.

Looking back at the two notifications I have received (off of 60+ posts plus some DMs), it does seem odd that one was last November, the other one in early April this year. It did occur to me that I updated my operating system recently to  and I wondered if somehow that had an effect?

I've also written to hotmail about it, and have had a preliminary reply asking for more details so will see what they say. 

Carol xx

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 21, 2018, 13:02:00 PM »
Mine don't even go to junk, they just vanish into thin air. I've tried adding the sender email from the two I did get to my contacts to see if that helps. I've also set up a query with hotmail to see if they have an explanation. Could someone please reply to this so I can see what happens. Thanks. Cx

Tech Know How / Re: Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 20, 2018, 22:31:21 PM »
Hmmm, I suppose it might be my email address, but equally there is a part of me that thinks if it’s a valid email, it ought just to work and that the website ought to do it’s thing. I use that email ( which is pretty standard, and mine for 20 years now) for most things and don’t have problems. The worst that ever happens is things going to junk, but I looked there and there is nothing. I also looked back in my email and i did get a few notifications a long time ago, so it can work or worked sometimes.  :'(

Tech Know How / Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 20, 2018, 16:14:16 PM »
Hi - I am having notification issues, in that I never seem to get them. This has happened both with threads I've started and threads I've replied to, and I also haven't been notified of DMs.

I have the Notify Me box ticked as it says "Unnotify" at the top (see attached photo), and I can't find anything in my account settings that might be blocking them. I've also looked in my junk email folder and nothing.

The system also seems to eaten have a DM I was supposed to have received last night.

I got a different DM from someone else this morning that's in my inbox here but even that didn't come to my email inbox.

Any thoughts anyone?

Carol x

The Show Must Go On / Re: quick question re hemming lycical skirt
« on: April 20, 2018, 16:03:22 PM »
I would just run it through the overlocker, but make sure you use fine thread.

As Brenda says, overlocker and ideally finer thread than normal (but maybe try it with normal thread first), but also fine needles help. Otherwise the hem tends to pull away from the fabric. I use either the narrow hem/overlock setting or the rolled hem, depending on which looks better on the day.

You may need to fiddle with the differential feed to get it to lie as flat as you like.

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