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Yes - Kim.  My go-to top pattern.   :thumbsup:

Patterns Discussion / Re: That Green Zara Dress
« on: Today at 14:10:41 »
There may not be any wine left...  :| ... hic!

(And welcome!)

Technical Help / Re: Thread problems
« on: Today at 13:36:49 »
Can I just say that every time I see this tread title I think 'Oh no, the software's misbehaving!'  I can't tell you how relieved I am that it's sewing thread and not a forum thread...  :laughing:

I've sewn with cotton ponte roma which isn't very stretchy and behaved extremely well.  It was thick, though - I haven't actually been able to wear it because it hasn't been cold enough!

This was my ponte top:

Block of the Month 2020 / Re: Augusts BOM
« on: Today at 11:50:57 »
The result is excellent though!   :thumbsup:

Sewing Machines / Re: Embroidery machines?
« on: Today at 11:49:29 »
Looking at Franklins, they have had a Brother F440e display model for sale at £799 (now sold), so it is worth looking around.

It's dull, grey and 21c here again.  The forecast has now crammed our full sunshine into two hours at the end of the afternoon.   :[ 

We're off to see the goddaughters again this afternoon, out to a riverside cafe first, then back home with them (it's really nice being in an extended household with them!)

I'm trying to persuade myself to go and do some weeding, but for the moment a stonking great headache is keeping me inert.

Sewing Machines / Re: Embroidery machines?
« on: Today at 10:24:30 »
I absolutely agree with @Iminei about the embroidery area.  Mine goes up to 150mm x 240mm, and although I do sometimes wish it was bigger, it is usually absolutely fine.  Much smaller would drive me round the bend though.

In the wardrobe / Re: Indian block print shirt
« on: Today at 10:02:34 »
The biscuits are better.

Sewing Machines / Re: Embroidery machines?
« on: Yesterday at 19:38:43 »
Mine would be £1600 new, but I got a phenomenal bargain from the dealer, who had one that a customer had unboxed and returned because she wanted a bigger one - I paid £800.

Sewing Machines / Re: Embroidery machines?
« on: Yesterday at 18:30:16 »
I can only answer for Husqvarna Viking, but here goes.

1.  Mine has a usb drive that downloads stuff from my laptop and gets taken to the machine and plugged into it.
2.  Not unless you want to make your own designs (I don't) and then it's more of a discipline in its own right rather than graphics - as far as I can tell!
3.  Not a new Husqvarna, no.

In the wardrobe / Re: Indian block print shirt
« on: Yesterday at 16:53:04 »
Oh wow!   :loveit:

You are indeed one of us.   :dance:

Block of the Month 2020 / Re: July's BOM
« on: Yesterday at 12:58:45 »
Me too.  Or something like that.

Welcome Lounge and Information / Re: Emoji suggestion
« on: Yesterday at 12:34:30 »
:pin:  'pin' with colons at each end.

And nobody has changed the reply code - the button is there at the top and bottom of every page, as always, or you can quote directly from any post to get the reply box up.

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