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Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: Official 'Face Your Phobias' Sewalong
« on: September 04, 2017, 19:12:37 PM »
Ok - I'll make DH a shirt with a button down collar and a pocket - I've traced the pattern (at Easter 👍🏻) but I keep putting it off - button hole phobia.

Sewing Machines / Re: Bernina Machines - not so popular?
« on: September 04, 2017, 19:03:57 PM »
Only the (new) 800 series are made in Steckborn, all the rest is manufactured in Thailand in a Swiss factory. All the Bernina overlockers are made by Juki with a Bernina badge on (wish I'd have known this earlier 😉). Officially they 'share' overlocker technology.
Last year I had the chance for a new machine, I did my research and was left with a choice between a Juki fx600 (can't remember what the updated one was - it was the one below the TOL) and a Bernina 550. I test drove both side by side and what really struck me was how quiet and smooth the Bernina was. To cut a long story short I bought the 770 (yes I know ££££££££). This machine is an absolute joy to sew with, the lighting is brilliant, there's no raising/lowering the foot, the foot hovers, (golly I love this!), press the foot pedal and sew, I never touch the hand wheel, programmable foot pedal, goes like a hot knife through butter. i love her to chuffing bits.
Bernina Support - well ho hum, could do better, I bought mine in the UK and their support is not that great, if I get stuck I now ring the Swiss line and they help me out. There is an excellent fb group for the 7 series (more help and quicker than Bernina). I got a 1 day course with them, not that inspiring as I found it rather basic, then far too much time spent on quilting stuff. The US seems to provide far more support and courses to get to know your machine (& get you to spend more or get an upgrade), and although the handbook is quite thick for what this machine can do it could be better.
Why did I choose Bernina, - because it does what it says on the tin. I've had a F&R, a Brother 😬 and a Janome 😱, they all ended up back on the shelf and I hoicked the 830 out of the basement.
Pattern review has lots of reviews on various Bernina's.

Fun with Fabric / Re: Fun with ... bike inner tyres?!?
« on: August 16, 2017, 21:37:32 PM »
There's a (cult) bag manufacturer here in CH - - they use inner tubes as trim for their bags, seat belt for the straps and lorry curtaining for the fabric, all recycled. They are very expensive and have a very odd smell.

I do upholstery occasionally (and yes I'm a bernina fan) but my point being that my 800 (I think it's an 801 in the uk) is an old basic small bernina, it does straight stitch and zigzag only and it goes like a tank through everything, this machine cost me about £100.

Fun with Fabric / Re: Adding a stripe to scout cravats (!)
« on: August 16, 2017, 21:10:45 PM »
Well this 'project' got better as the day went on, first it was the yellow/red stripe (found Spanish flag ribbon on eBay) then another 5 with a green/blue/red stripe and 3 with a - wait for it - brown/green/yellow/red stripe - I laughed my head off and sent them pictures of tartan ribbon to check out their sense of humour (- none). Anyhow I was hoping I could get away with the Spanish flag but no, now they wish for just yellow. I've ordered some 50mm yellow ribbon and decided I will fold it half, iron it, envelope the edge, and then it's just once seam to sew. I'm beginning to think bias binding would have been easier... Heyho

Catllar - precisely, thin end of the wedge comes to mind. It was Basteltag (craft-day) on Sunday to prep props for the jamboree, one scout mum had made about 12 caveman outfits out of hessian, I kept my mouth well and truly buttoned. (They did look great though!)

Fun with Fabric / Adding a stripe to scout cravats (!)
« on: August 16, 2017, 12:18:37 PM »
Next weekend it's a big scout jamboree for our Kanton. All the scouts will be wearing the jamboree cravat (see pic) and I've just been asked if I could 'just' add a yellow and red stripe to the outside edge of the blue cravat.
These cravats will only be worn for the jamboree so am I loathe to spend a lot of time/effort doing them, there will be 18 in all.
What will be the easiest way of doing these? Bias binding comes to mind or ribbon?
Any suggestions?

House Beautiful / Re: Roman blind woes
« on: August 16, 2017, 12:07:46 PM »
Thanks for that vegegrow, I ended up cutting the fabric on the slant, the elephants are still walking downhill but not as steeply now 😀. This project gave me no joy at all, it wasn't difficult to make, it just involved a lot of hand sewing, time, and due to its size it spent 2 days on the kitchen worktop getting made.  >:)

House Beautiful / Roman blind woes
« on: August 08, 2017, 14:40:00 PM »
I offered to make a roman blind to go with bedding I made for my cousins baby.
I knew the line of elephants was on the skew when I made the bedding but now I'm getting round to the roman blind it's an even bigger problem.
Problem 1 - window is 139cm wide - fabric is 142 wide, can I get away with this having the seam on the edge and not lapped around the back?
Problem 2 - do you think I can get away with sewing it on the skew so the elephants march in a straight line across the bottom?
Photo shows the raw edge at the top, there's an 8cm drop across the print 😏

Patterns Discussion / Re: New Ottobre woman patterns
« on: August 03, 2017, 14:25:24 PM »
Mine arrived yesterday and I'm not really smitten, it's all a bit meh. The first few pages look like a sleepwear collection, there's a few tops that I think I've seen before but I do like the hoodie, that will be getting made.

Starter for ten,
Ottobre Design 2012 winter - I've made this twice, I didn't like the hood (because you look like the Grim Reaper with it up) but shortening the hood length and not sewing the hood centre seam gives a nice shawl collar

In the wardrobe / Re: Sewing darts - where do you start?
« on: August 02, 2017, 08:42:53 AM »
I start at the base of the dart and taper it up to the point, I find it easier to control the shape of the dart.

I saw this & I thought you may be interested! / Re: Lidl offers
« on: August 02, 2017, 08:25:13 AM »
Lidl overlock thread was on offer here last week, so I stocked up, its fine to use. One of my friends has bought a Lidl overlocker, I'm keen to have a go when she gets back from her hols.

Access All Accessories / Re: Memory loss
« on: July 25, 2017, 06:43:34 AM »
Write - 'Sticky Side' in pencil on the leftovers so you don't have to remember for next time 😄. I do this for fusible leftovers so I don't get them mixed up and the dissolvable melts on the iron. 😐

In the wardrobe / Re: Advice re neck gaphosis
« on: July 17, 2017, 16:33:54 PM »
 >:) here is the adjusted product - I made the shoulders narrower and took a scoop out of the neckline. I also lowered the neck on the back as I thought it sat too far up my neck.
It's far from perfect, it gapes around the armholes, and the neckline front and back do not quite lie flat enough for my liking, though they might look better after a wash and a good press. I had to bind the neck and armholes as I have no more of this fabric left.
I'm just going to leave it, I love this fabric and the more I play around with the fit the less likely I am to wear it. I need to adjust the pattern and make another toile before I make it up again.

In the wardrobe / Re: Advice re neck gaphosis
« on: July 16, 2017, 06:39:36 AM »
I staystitched and understitched the neckline.
The problem is the toile fabric, - I used some old linen and it must be more drapey than this cotton I've used for the dress.
The neck is not laying flat because of all the alts I've made.

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