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Tutorials / Re: Neckline Help
« on: Today at 14:25:29 »
When you have sewn the neckband on, it is pressed out so it almost looks as if the kimono is finished. The neckband facing lines the neckband.
When you have pressed under 1cm on the notched edge, put it right sides together on top of the neckband and stitch the outer edges together.
Press the facing out from the neckband, both part of the seam lying under the facing. To under stitch, sew close to the seam you just sewed, on the facing side. (This stops the facing from rolling out and spoiling your nice new neckband)
Now press the facing to the inside, under the neckband and stitch in place. (It is much easier to press when it is understitched)  It should match up nicely with the other side of the neckband.

Hi, I'm new... / Re: Hello from Bidford on Avon
« on: Yesterday at 10:09:05 »
@EdTheMaker Nice shirt! I notice the top-stitching is perfect. That lifts it into another class.
fabfabricsbymaggie on ebay often has decent shirting at a sensible price, if you are interested. There are lots of others, but I have found her to be reliable. I also like fabworks, they have their own website.
I don't know about shops at your end of the country, but someone on here is bound to know.  Just post with what you are looking for and you will get lots of recommendations.  It's always nice to handle fabric before you buy, if you can.

@BrendaP  Oh no there aren't! :)  Haven't your read J.B.Priestley's 'The 31st of June'?  Wonderful fantasy story. I found it in my school library when I was 13, and loved it.

Hand Sewn / Re: Advice on sewing a net curtain
« on: June 22, 2020, 04:05:30 AM »
Last nets I had were thrown after my eldest tried to evict a stray cat from the house.
I now have vertical blinds, which  I love. The house faces east/west so there is often sun glare early morning/evening.

Technical Help / Re: Sleeve confusion
« on: June 20, 2020, 23:24:45 PM »
i reduce the seam allowances on both sleeve and armhole to 6mm.  They are much easier to ease together then. If the fabric is apt to fray then I cut them with the overlocker.

A bit of a 'do' / Re: Practice Dress
« on: June 03, 2020, 16:35:48 PM »
@charlotte  You might try the small magic clips instead of pins. (Like clothes pegs for sewing) He probably won't be afraid of them although they might nip!  I don't know how firmly they would hold when you take the fitted dress off, but he could always put a fabric marker line at the base of each clip- both sides. Then all you have to do it join up the lines.
Thinks -must try and see how firmly they hold under those circumstances.

Technical Help / Re: New trouser zip
« on: June 02, 2020, 07:49:31 AM »
@Sandra  Many years ago, I had a Simplicity pattern for men's trousers that asked for an 11"zip.  I tried asking for one at the local haberdashery stall and got laughed at.  Glad to know I was not going crazy.  Actually, if you look at those old b&w films.....

Skipped stitches often come from a blunt or bent needle.  That one is then out of sync with the thread.  Be careful when you remove the work because it only takes a tiny distortion to cause you grief. Take extra care when you put in a new needle that you put it right at the top and make sure they are all the same size. 
Love my Coverpro on jerseys - so long as it behaves!

1963  I was making shift dresses from a Simplicity pattern and Bushbaby fabric in dark colours.  Fisheye darts, long back zip and faced neck and armholes. Made them up in the afternoon and wore them that evening. I keep looking in vintage patterns but have never seen one I recognise.

try table clamps.  Don't neglect  the  tool sites.  Aldi used to have some small ratchet clamps.
Someone (deafoldbat?) suggested heavy piles of books instead.

Well done you two (but all of you really).  Keep on showing your makes.

I altered it to button in the front.  I extended the sleeves as far as the fabric would allow and ended up lining it because the facings (neck facings were all I could get) were too bulky. I couldn't find any buttons I liked so have used some black silk dupion to self-cover them.
@Greybird, you sound like me, trying to get something out of too small a piece of fabric! Sometimes, darts turn into princess lines and some times back seams are joined together. (or the other ways around) all depending on how the pieces fit together.  Turned out nice again!

This is truly the hardesr one ever. There is so much creativity here, so much diversity. I would have liked even more votes.

since the link works, how about these other:
@Iminei  can you doctor these as well? Pretty please and thank you?

It is difficult to find a picture on facebook in an album, this should be a link, tell me if it works.   

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Do you need to be subscribed to Facebook to see it? There was no other option to save in another format.
Off to do my ironing before Mount Washmore collapses onto me.  I'll check later to see if it is OK.

Link removed and pic attached to protect your privacy on Fb ... Imi xxx

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