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Today... One thread per day / Re: Thursday 6th August
« on: August 06, 2020, 09:52:25 AM »
The sun is out at last, but I have a day of indoor remote working.

@WildAtlanticWay , are there tourists in Ireland? We still have an old family house in Donegal,which we normally visit twice a year, but we can’t visit as we’d have to do 2 weeks quarantine. No one in the family would want to see us anyway. We just have to hope the house is still standing whenever we do get over.  :'(

Today... One thread per day / Re: Sunny Tuesday 4th August
« on: August 04, 2020, 13:00:44 PM »
I wish it would bleedin' rain ...

Rain?! You should come here - we’ve got 24 solid hours of the stuff. I’m just about to put my fire on for a heat!  :o

Block of the Month 2020 / Re: Augusts BOM
« on: August 02, 2020, 18:48:41 PM »
Are their no contenders for first past the post for this one then ???

Its been two days!! Good Grief, What are you all doing ???

Organising granddaughters 2nd birthday as daughter pregnant again and suffering hyperemesis again! Then walking up...and up a hill today. Was worth it at the top  :D

Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: THINK PINK ... 1/7 - 31/7
« on: July 31, 2020, 14:15:20 PM »
Lovely @BrendaP and @Lachica . Both beautifully made and perfect for summer. Hope you’re getting more sun than we are here!

In the wardrobe / Re: Upcycle/Refashion challenge - revisited
« on: July 31, 2020, 08:23:09 AM »
Amazing @Manuela. Another beautiful creation. You must have a large wardrobe for all your gorgeous dresses. You’re going to need a large trunk when you do finally head off to your new life!   :D

Hi, I'm new... / Re: Hello
« on: July 31, 2020, 08:14:38 AM »
But I'm intimidated by what 'foot' I need and footling about with the feed dogs.

Welcome, I’m not too far away from you. I mainly do patchwork and a little bit of sewing for children and of course masks now! I do a bit of free motion quilting, which is similar as it involves a different foot and lowering the feed dogs. It’s not as scary as it seems, so don’t be intimidated. There are lots of experts here who will help you with embroidery. You tube videos are great too when you’re at the practising stage and just getting used to the feel of making your machine go in directions other than straight ahead! Have fun with it. :D

Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: THINK PINK ... 1/7 - 31/7
« on: July 30, 2020, 15:01:58 PM »
 “And I of course made a matching face mask  ;)

Lovely @snoozi soozi and the matching face mask will be very stylish! Does this mean we have to choose a coordinating face mask now before leaving the house?  :P A new modern day pressure!  0_0

Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: THINK PINK ... 1/7 - 31/7
« on: July 29, 2020, 08:11:44 AM »
@Iminei , @Manuela , here is my pink baby quilt. I’m not sure how to enter it ‘officially’ It was made using fabric from my stash, with cotton wadding and backed with pink dimple cuddle fleece. The design is based on one I found online called Babe in the Woods, by Rachel Shelburne.
At present, I have no one in mind to give it to, but I know of 5 babies due before the end of the year, so it will be a play quilt for someone!
 It went together fairly easily and as usual, with baby quilts, I was trying to use as many different fabrics as possible to give baby interesting things to look at. I had a little bit of unpicking to deal with minor puckers on the back as cuddle fleece can be a little tricky to deal with. ( You can never have too many pins!) I’m not sure about the owl fabric in one of the rectangles ( I think it stands out too much) , but my aim is not just to make a pretty quilt, but to make one children enjoy and I know my own grandchildren love looking at all the different images on the fabrics.
I straight line quilted round the main blocks, but then used free motion quilting inside the blocks . Being pink , I could use my old favourite: flowers and leaves, but I tried to do spirals too - think I need more practice at those!

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Welcome Lounge and Information / Re: Emoji suggestion
« on: July 28, 2020, 20:16:46 PM »
@UttaRetch I can honestly say that I have never cried with laughter. :| I didn't think it was really possible but bow to better knowledge :D
oh dear @Lowena. My friends are all missing what used to be monthly ‘girls’ nights when one of the friends regularly had the rest of us crying with laughter! We always thought she should have been on the stage - she can see the humour in almost all situations. We always feel the better for a really good laugh. :D :dance:

Block of the Month 2020 / Re: July's Brucie Bonus Block
« on: July 25, 2020, 20:46:07 PM »
Thought I’d have a change from pink this evening, so I had a go at this block. I had difficulty finding enough of suitable colours : I think more contrast between the light and medium would have been better, but I enjoyed trying a new type of block. Think it’s the first time I’ve ever used the angles on my ruler.  :P The borders are not exactly equal, but it measures 12.5” and it’ll do!

Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: THINK PINK ... 1/7 - 31/7
« on: July 23, 2020, 21:00:07 PM »
I’m just quilting my quilt, then it’s just the binding to be done and it’s finished. Don’t have much free time at the  moment, but it’s getting there.  :D

Excellent @Iminei. Hope you get lots of sales: your things are beautiful. Good idea to have smaller things as impulse buys. Good luck  :D

Block of the Month 2020 / Re: July's Brucie Bonus Block
« on: July 15, 2020, 21:23:51 PM »
Oh excellent @Iminei  , a new challenge. I’ll try to get round to it, but I still have my pink quilt on the go and I keep getting requests to make face masks, now that it’s mandatory in shops in Scotland. I’ve done 55 at the last count- not the most creative activity! :\

@Celia, you can cut all the blocks out first or cut as you go. We’re quite a flexible bunch on the dark side:it’s personal preference. I tend to cut as I go, as I like to see the quilt develop and choose what I want to put in next, but that’s because I like doing scrappy quilts. I suppose if you’re using a stricter colour scheme, the risk is you might run out of certain fabrics,  if you cut as as you go and  you wouldn’t know until later in the project.

I think you have enough contrast, if most of the blocks are going to be similarly light. Sometimes if you have some strong coloured blocks mixed in, the paler ones can look washed out.

Block of the Month 2020 / Re: July's BOM
« on: July 04, 2020, 08:54:15 AM »
Will do @Iminei ! I’ve made some scones, in the hope of some much needed social contact! :D Cream, jam?

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