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Current Projects / I'm Blue ... dabu de dabu da
« on: August 26, 2020, 09:50:36 AM »
I'm Blue ..... dabu de dabu da

I am having a break from work for the week, and trying to finish off a few projects.  This one was waiting for the borders, but I had to faff about a bit, to get the right look at the corners.  I don't often name my quilts, but this one has been called "Blue Eyed Boy" even before I started it.  Its for my son, probably for xmas.   I used the left over 1/2 square triangles, after making the diamonds in the middle of the blocks, to make the zigzaggy corners. 

Blue eyed boy quilt by Dani, on Flickr

Blue eyed boy quilt by Dani, on Flickr

In the wardrobe / Phoenix tshirt
« on: June 20, 2020, 08:53:46 AM »
What do you do when you have more than a dozen items on your to-do list?  Why you cut out something completely different of course, and sew it up. 

This is my TNT (tried n true pattern) for a tshirt. Jalie Raglan shirt.  I make so many of these, replacing them as they wear out.  The fabric is a panel and coordinate that I purchased online from a store that no longer exists.  The panel wasn't quite wide/long enough, so I needed to add some of the coordinate to the sides, and a little bit at the front neck.

Phoenix tshirt. by Dani, on Flickr

Phoenix tshirt. by Dani, on Flickr

Phoenix tshirt. by Dani, on Flickr

Current Projects / Christmas Craft 2020
« on: June 07, 2020, 01:01:05 AM »
 :scream:  She said it  ..... she really said it!    :faints:

Well people its that time again.  Time for datty to scare the bejesus out of everyone, by saying the "C" word, way too early.

We have have had plague, sadness and civil unrest, and in Australia, we have also had a summer of fire.  The economy and our collective sanity, are taking a battering. 

I am a bit rudderless this year.  I am in a different job, and the usual excessive gift giving I do, isn't required.  I will still be sewing for my previous manager and office mates, but not the extended group that I used to.  And at this point, I have no idea what I might do. 

For my nephews, I think I am going to find a golf club cover pattern, and embroider them some covers.  I might also pull my focus back, and look at sewing more for my immediate family.  Maybe the traditional xmas pj's, something I have never done before.  And I am going to encourage hubby to resurrect his HP keys 3d printing project.  I have an organza embroidery file for a xmas tree angel - I might work on that.   

And gift bags ..... definitely gift bags. 

Don't be scared, a little bit of planning won't hurt ..... I promise. 

In the wardrobe / French Terry tunic
« on: May 10, 2020, 07:54:38 AM »
Today's finish is a french terry tunic based on the Cashmerette Washington Dress pattern I used a couple of weeks ago.  I still cut the different panels, but I drafted off a bigger size to give myself more ease.  Rather than using a mix of knits/wovens, I used the same knit for all the panels.  I think I need some more french terry, to make more of these. 

Sweater tunic by Dani, on Flickr

In the wardrobe / New Pinny - just for me
« on: May 04, 2020, 23:33:31 PM »
I have made a few of these now, and each one is the new favourite, when I have finished it.  The York Pinafore from Helens Closet

This one is in floral denim from my local fabric store.  I left off the patch pockets, using a inseam pocket from a pair of pants I love.  So the print is unbroken, but I have lovely, usefully deep pockets.  I predict that I will be living in these this winter.

Rosed Pinafore by Dani, on Flickr

Rosed Pinafore by Dani, on Flickr

In the wardrobe / Washington Dress
« on: April 12, 2020, 00:58:02 AM »
Faced with a long list of "waiting to be finished" projects on my cutting table, of course I started a new project.  I have had this pattern for quite some time, and have been timid about doing it.  I decided to take a punt, dive right in, and brass it out.  Meaning, I did not do a muslin.   :P

This is the Washington Dress from Cashmerette.  Top is some random cotton/lycra from the stash, middle is ponte, and bottom is printed drill, also from deep in the stash.  I am really happy with the fit, although negative ease on the bodice will take getting used to. 

I am already thinking of adaptions..... skirt adaption:  double layer on the waistband, and then taper the skirt to be straight, and then do both sections in ponte.  It bears thinking about.

Washington Dress by Dani, on Flickr

In the wardrobe / Purple cardigan
« on: March 15, 2020, 07:05:58 AM »
This cardigan has been sitting on my cutting table for most of the summer.  The fabric is a butter soft sweater knit (well marinated - can't remember the source) and an absolute dog to sew.  But, it makes a sweet waterfall front cardigan.  The pattern is the SBCC Limoncello Cardigan (SB314).  Adjustments: omit the second layer on the front waterfall section (just hem the edges) as I find its just too heavy, and lengthen the sleeves.   I also finished a pair of black pants, but its too hard to photograph anything black. 

Limoncello cardigan by Dani, on Flickr

In the wardrobe / StyleArc Daisy top
« on: March 15, 2020, 01:37:22 AM »
I actually finished this last weekend, but have been ill with a cold (no not covid) so haven't got around to posting.  This is the StyleArc Daisy tunic, slightly altered to not have the second layer at the hemline.  Instead I used the edge of the bodice, to make a facing for the hemline, a much better idea as hemming those points would not be fun. 

Fabric is a linen blend from Spotlight (sort of Joanns equivalent, but in Aus), that I purchased at the start of summer (I like to marinate my fabrics a bit).  Hubby chose this fabric, and I love the softness of the colours.  Neckline is faced, and I have included pockets, catching the bottom edge of the pocket in the hem stitching, so that it doesn't flap around. 

Styelarc Daisy top - Linen by Dani, on Flickr

Styelarc Daisy top - Linen by Dani, on Flickr

Styelarc Daisy top - Linen by Dani, on Flickr

In the wardrobe / Knot front tunic
« on: February 11, 2020, 21:58:20 PM »
Morning all.  January was a bit of a bust for me, in the sewing department.  I do so much prior to xmas, that I get a bit burnt out over xmas.  So I focussed on other things, and gave myself a break.

Aside from some little things, this was my first foray back into sewing for the year. 

KwikSew 3707 - XL with modifications - in poplin and a self stripe cotton.

I made this tunic quite a few years ago, and it was a comical thing.  It hung off me like a sack, and looked appalling.  I thrifted the finished top, and stuffed the pattern back into the file.  This year, I decided to give it another go, because I like the cross over aspect, and wanted some crisp looking tunics for work.  I assume my previous failure was because I need to make petite alterations to the pattern. 

The first version was basically my toile, in a cotton poplin.  For this one, I took 1inch off the shoulders (shortening the bodice), and shortened the front skirt and back by 2inches at the lengthen/shorten line.  On the dress form, it looks fine, but on me, you can see that the bodice doesn't sit well, and the neckline is bobbly. 

Kwiksew tunic by Dani, on Flickr

Kwiksew tunic by Dani, on Flickr

So, for the next version, I did an FBA.  Its not so much for the width, as the bodice was wide enough, but just a structure choice, to encourage the bodice to wrap around the bust, and under the arms. The dart encourages the bodice to turn at the bust apex, rather than pulling the point of the bust flat.  We think that fabric is flexible, but in reality, sometimes we need structural features to make it behave better. 

Kwiksew tunic by Dani, on Flickr

Kwiksew tunic by Dani, on Flickr

D'oh (forehead slapping moment) .... I did however, forget to take the 2inches off the length, so its too long.  That is easily fixed though. 

BigGirl decided to throw her timing, thankfully after I had finished the top, so she has gone to sewing machine hospital for a service.  So I won't be able to finish shortening the top, or make any more for while, but oh well, we will get there. 

Dolls and Toys / 18in boy doll clothes
« on: October 01, 2019, 08:19:04 AM »
My sister told me that my nephew is crazy about dolls at the moment, so I decided to get him an "american girl" style 18inch doll, but a boy doll. 

But, the doll comes nekkid   ;)  So I will need to make him some clothes.

I would love it if anyone can point me to some simple boy clothing patterns, that I can use for this doll. 

Sewing Spaces and Furniture / Sewing room reorganisation
« on: August 18, 2019, 06:00:27 AM »
A massive day today.  Next weekend we will be heading off to the wedding, and hubby's mother is coming back with us and will be staying for at least 3 weeks, maybe more.  The normal situation is to put visitors downstairs in the spare room, however she is in her 70's, the room is a cold one, and I am worried about her getting up and down polished wood stairs.

So, we needed to reorganise.  Partially stripped out my sewing room.  I don't want to give up sewing for the whole time she is here, so I shifted out the cutting table to the living room (off the kitchen).  The small lounges will just need to be moved slightly, to give me access to the table if I want to cut.

Sewing room reorganised by Dani, on Flickr

Took advantage of the table being gone, to give the carpet and edges a really good vacuum. 

Sewing room reorganised by Dani, on Flickr

And shifted in the convertible couch from downstairs, with a king single mattress on top (couch is too low on its own for an oldie to sleep on).   I have already fallen prey to flat surface syndrome and its only been in there a little while. 

Sewing room reorganised by Dani, on Flickr

I will probably have to move my dress form out of the room when she is visiting, as I imagine having a headless woman loom over you would be just a bit disturbing.   :devil:

Patterns Discussion / Coat - comfy or elegant? or flashy?
« on: July 29, 2019, 13:11:48 PM »
Hey everyone, welcome to my inner thoughts.  Its messy, and indecisive. 

I have this beautiful fabric:  its been in the stash for ages, and I have quite forgotten what its made from.  Its a slightly fluffy texture on the outside, faintly check in the pattern, a mix of blues and pinks.  Very me.  But it may be a wool, or a synthetic copy ..... its snuggly and soft.  I know that much.
2019-07-29_09-57-05 by Dani, on Flickr

And my choices:   ETA - apologies everyone, I should have said.  The three designs below are all Bootstrap Patterns.

comfy:  I like this one for the comfy, but not overhwelming collar, the knee length, and the slight emphasis on the waistline.

elegant:  This one seems more "work friendly".  The dotted line I think is a hidden placket, I like the two part sleeves, and those beautiful darts. 

flashy:  this has raglan sleeves, and I think would suit the softness of the fabric.  Not keen on the two piece collar (laziness mind, not lack of skill), and I have nowhere near that trim a waist, but the flare of the skirt is appealing.

So lets hear some opinions.  To give you an idea, I work in a school office, and its likely this coat would most be worn over work clothes on the way to work.  I would love to know which design you think might suit me and the fabric. 

Current Projects / Christmas Craft 2019
« on: July 01, 2019, 08:11:48 AM »
Schedule, plan, prepare  ...... and craft.

Its another year, and its time to start prepping for xmas.  (I know I freaked people out with starting in June last year, so I held off until the second half of the year ......  well technically).  Its a long way from xmas I know.  For me in Australia its freezing cold, and for those in the Northern Hemisphere, you are feeling the unfamiliar experience of a summer heatwave. 

This year I have decided that I will be implementing a policy of "mindful spending". Rather than banning myself from buying things, I will look at how and when I spend. So my first step, is to continue a habit I have had for quite a few years, and that is planning crafty gifts for a large portion of my xmas gift list. But, in order to be successful at a crafty xmas, you need to plan well ahead, and start sewing early.

So for recording sake, I have decided on my gifts for work friends this year. They will be getting a cafe quality drill apron, with embroidery on the bib, or a matched set of embroidered potholder and tea towels. I recently invested in some xmas napkin embroideries, so maybe a few sets of table napkins too.  I will probably do more thread lace bauble covers, as they were popular. I am also planning a new angel (embroidered thread lace and organza) for the tree, and depending on how complex that is, I may do one for my MIL. I think a silky nightie and robe for my daughter and niece, and perhaps satin boxer shorts for hubby, my boy and the nephews. Its my brother's turn for a quilt, and I really need to get my own quilt done. Well, thats probably enough.

I have also decided to make simple gift bags this year, using fabric I already have, to cut back the amount of rubbish I create. 

I have opened up this topic, to inspire and records.  Feel free to contribute, not just sewing, but any craft you use to gift to others (or yourself).

Access All Accessories / Shoulder bag in a favourite fabric
« on: June 27, 2019, 22:49:52 PM »
One of my downfalls, is that I will set myself a list of projects to complete, and then get sidetracked, and make something else completely different. This happened last weekend, when I was sick with a cold, and really should have just been lying in bed recovering.

Hubby and I were heading out somewhere, and I grabbed one of my "weekend handbags". I realised these were getting quite tatty, and didn't look very good. So I dug out an old pattern, and set about making myself a handbag, using some canvas type fabric I had in the stash. Pattern is Simplicity 3828 (probably out of print). I added an extra internal pocket, and the tabs and corners are a vegan leather from Spotlight.

The handle ended up a bit shorter than I expected, but the bag tucks under the arm quite well.  Its a bit bigger than I expected, and I think it could really do with more than the magnetic clasp.  But, for quick trips to the shops, it will do just fine.  The fabric is a course cotton, sort of like canvas in texture.  Internal fabric is quilting cotton.  I did break my rule about dark internal liners on bags, but still, I think it looks pretty. 

Handbag by Dani, on Flickr

Handbag by Dani, on Flickr

Handbag by Dani, on Flickr

Yep, 1 jelly roll (+yardage) and 5 quilts.

I had one jelly roll, purchased many many moons ago, somewhere.  The range was called Summertime, and it was a sea of pastels.  Thankfully, a friend had the matching yardage, so I purchased a selection from her, and started the process of putting together two baby quilts.  I started (because its always good to start) with using the jellyroll into a jelly roll race quilt top.  From there, I cut that top, into columns 8.5in wide. 

I then split a couple of the columns into blocks of 4 rows. These I backed with matching yardage (different colours), which I then used my embroidery machine to quilt a design for me.  I then joined them together using a QAYG method.   

Completed baby quilt by Dani, on Flickr

The back.

Back by Dani, on Flickr

Quilt two:  Left with yet more columns, I used these on their sides, and with a matching yardage for sashing, I constructed rows of vertical strips.  This was quilted normally, using wavy lines. 

Brad's quilt by Dani, on Flickr

Brad's quilt by Dani, on Flickr

...... to be continued.

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