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A Good Yarn / Re: Knitting For The Dolls
« on: Today at 12:51:31 »
I am beginning to wish that I was one of your dolls! 

Mostly online - current favourites are Fabworks and Fabric Guild, but I'll go anywhere!  In the past I've used Minerva a lot, but I'm getting rather frustrated with them.  Their customer service is not the best, which is fine when everything goes smoothly, but not when something goes wrong. 

Offline I got to Doughty's fairly regularly even though it's about 85 miles away, because my parents are in the area.  Calico Kate is 15 miles away and is just lovely - staff and fabric - and it's such a great place to wander around.  Aberdashery is closer to home and is now very good again (it closed down but opened up with a new owner shortly afterwards).  I also find myself on the Wirral several times a year and go to Abakhan (Birkenhead and sometimes Chester) and Calico Laine.

Online I tend to be looking for something specific, but obviously I have to make sure that the order is worthwhile  ;) , and I also do a lot of browsing just in case I miss something...  Like @wrenkins I have full baskets in a number of shops.  Don't you just hate the shops that empty your basket after a few hours of inactivity?!?

Offline I browse looking for ideas - I don't find myself in fabric shops often enough to risk missing anything wonderful, and, of course, offline stock is not always available online.  Abakhan remnants are a wonderful lucky dip.  I have had (mostly) wonderful bargains, but also the odd absolute turkey!

Because it's fabric!  To ensure I am well supplied come the zombie apocalypse when there is no internet and all the offline shops have closed!

Seriously though, because I can't just nip out to a fabric shop I do like to have plenty to spur me on and inspire me.  It's good to know that if I decide that I need a certain item of clothing I will be able to just go ahead and make it.  If I have to order the fabric I am likely to have gone off the boil before it arrives.

Mr Acorn is a collector of many things, and understands the idea of buying fabric because it's lovely - he's a real enabler - which is good for my stash but not my wallet.  I am not a collector of 'things', but I am a collector of projects.  There are sooo many quilts in my head which will probably never turn into the real thing, but hopefully some will!

Today... / Re: Monday 17th June
« on: Today at 10:09:14 »
I've given my sewing room a bit of a tidy - nothing much, @Lowena would still have a fit of the vapours, but it's better than it was!

I've also just put a piece of jersey fabric in to wash - I bought it on Saturday at Doughty's, and it will become a t-shirt later today or maybe tomorrow.  It looks and feels like Lady McElroy, but I don't think it is.

Darkside Diaries / Re: Splendid Diary
« on: Yesterday at 20:16:45 »
That's going to be amazing!   0_0

Today... / Re: Sunday 16th June
« on: Yesterday at 19:21:17 »
Yes we have @Acorn.  It's on our list.  My friend worked there for a few months in a temp job and we visited her a couple of times.  Why did you move?
@crafter Mr Acorn got a new job which took us out of the area.  It was the only move we've made that I wasn't ready for!

Today... / Re: Sunday 16th June
« on: Yesterday at 19:09:09 »
Have you thought about Exmouth?  We lived there for several very happy years about 20 years ago.

Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: Stashbust in 2019
« on: Yesterday at 16:09:47 »
Ooh that's lovely.  I do like Puperita patterns - I think this is one I need as I would like to make one (or both) of my little goddaughters a denim pinafore dress.

Their nappy cover pants pattern (this one) is excellent too.

[Edited to add that I think your way round with the buttons makes more sense anyway - that's how I would do it.]

Tech Know How / Re: I've failed security - sob
« on: Yesterday at 12:34:21 »
So emailing it to myself doesn't work. Off to try drop boxing it to somewhere else on the Mac.

Apparently that works, so.....?

Have you tried uploading a picture from the other place on your Mac? 

Events / Re: Doughty's Road Show Middlesborough
« on: June 14, 2019, 20:09:37 PM »
I will be passing within a mile of Doughty's tomorrow... or not passing...

Your Favourite Suppliers / Re: Do you know these suppliers?
« on: June 14, 2019, 19:11:33 PM »
Thanks @Ohsewsimple - please do PM me!

Your Favourite Suppliers / Re: Do you know these suppliers?
« on: June 14, 2019, 18:07:58 PM »
Thanks @Lilian  :(

@Clareew I think it was someone on here who told me that they had taken over Britannia, but I can't find it now - they're certainly part of the same group.

Your Favourite Suppliers / Re: Do you know these suppliers?
« on: June 14, 2019, 17:28:51 PM »
If it's coming direct from the manufacturer there will be a delay, as the manufacturers don't  currently have any!!

Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: Stashbust in 2019
« on: June 14, 2019, 17:07:20 PM »
That's lovely - unusual, and very nice, fabric.

Your Favourite Suppliers / Do you know these suppliers?
« on: June 14, 2019, 17:06:06 PM »
Can anyone give me any feedback on any of the following sewing machine suppliers?

Hampshire Sewing Machines
Six Penny Memories
Sewing Quarter

These are the only places I can find that appear to have the Britannia coverstitch in stock - whether they turn out to really have one is another matter of course - and I can't find any reviews for them as suppliers.

Franklins, who would be my preferred supplier (since they are also the manufacturer!) won't have any in stock until a tentative late July, and I'm not patient.

Having had such an easy time with the overlocking bit of my t-shirt, and then the usual trouble with my other machine's twin needle, I'm wondering about a coverlocker... I've found somewhere that appears to have the Britannia one in stock.  @Sewbusy - is yours this one - the CS4000? 

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