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Don't tell anyone!  0_0

I've decided to make a quilt for a friend who's having a baby boy. I've purchased this pattern which I'll do in a blue, green and grey colourway.

I didn't realise when I bought it that it's a paper pieced quilt. I've never done one of these before (and have only made 2 quilts before, total) I've done some googling, but would love all of your opinions, as to whether it is worth the expense of buying special foundation paper? I did read a website which said regular printer paper is fine, but I'd really love your opinions on, whether for a beginner quilter, I am better off buying the foundation paper?

Also, The quilts I made in the past I just quilted lines following the blocks on the front. I'd like to try some sort of pattern, but I don't want to try free motion quilting. I've seen you can get quilting templates - would anyone recommend doing this? And any ideas what sort of pattern would suit this type of quilt (and for a baby boy?)

Thanks in advance!

Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: Aaaaand we have a Winner .....
« on: June 19, 2020, 10:32:24 AM »
Wow, thanks so much everyone! Can’t wait for work to get back to normal so I can wear my lovely new clothes!

In the wardrobe / Re: Burda 6465 - Chanel Jacket/Little French Jacket
« on: June 10, 2020, 01:21:45 AM »
I had to put this on hold for a while due to lack of zippers, but they arrived just in time for me to get it finished for the 6PAC contest. Now that I've posted it there, I thought I'd come back in here and add some more photos!

Here she is. I'm so happy with it! The zippers were worth the wait as I think they give it a very polished look!

Close up of the zipper shows the fabric well, as it's hard to photograph accurately.

Thought I'd share this pic as it also shows my new tags!

In case anyone's wondering how I did the trim on the hem. I made the trim myself from the fabric using an online tutorial, but I didn't have any black interfacing to stabilise the raw edge so I ended up using white. So, to attach the trim to the hem, I used black grosgrain ribbon to cover the raw edge of the trim and stitched it into the hem allowance. Then turned the hem so the trim was hanging out the bottom, and evened it up with a pair of scissors. If anyone wants more pictures let me know. I did the same for the sleeve hems.

Yes! Me! It's taken me this long to get photos of everything!

EliseP's Entry

A collage of a few looks together;

Each piece;

Burda 6465 in black & silver wool. The photos don't show it clearly but the silver is stamped/painted on top of the wool weave (the wrong side is plain black).
It's hard to choose a favourite from this 6PAC but I think this is it! It's underlined in cotton poplin and then lined in hot pink silk. Trim around the hem of the body and sleeves made by me, too. Pattern altered to include zippered pockets and centre front zip (original has patch pockets and buttons through).

Designer Stitch Dylan Pants in stretch wool/poly gabardine
The photos don't show the style lines very clearly but these are really nice pants! Mid waist with flattering wide waistband, 7/8 length slim leg. The came together quickly and easily, I'll definitely make them again.

Kwik Sew 3580 in stretch cotton canvas
This is my TNT pencil skirt pattern I've been making for years! It's lined in a heavyweight stretch poly satin that is my absolute favourite lining for these applications as it holds everything in and smooths out the bumps!

Kwik Sew 3580 in stretch poly suiting
This is my "previously made item", made some time last year. As it was hanging about in my sewing room waiting for an alteration while I was making the 6PAC, and I couldn't include one of my original items due to a zipper not turning up in time, I did the alteration at the last minute to include it.

Butterick 3030 in silk chiffon
I also entered this piece in the Scraps contest as it's made in a scrap of fabric leftover from a dress I made last year. This is a TNT pattern for me so it went together fairly easily, the slippery fabric not withstanding! The narrow hem gave me a little trouble but we got there.

Vogue 1387 in silk crepe de chine
This was originally a wearable toile to check that this pattern would come together for a piece of silk charmeuse that I am too scared to use without a practice run first! Also a number of people reported issues with the pattern so I wanted to check that too. It came together nicely, and is definitely wearable! I did make a mistake on the pleats on the front, but you shouldn't notice too much when worn. I also put a pleat in the back rather than gathers as it called for. When I'm up to the task of sewing with a slippery charmeuse, I'll embark on the "real" piece!

I may enter this one but haven’t quite decided yet!
I recently bought a pattern for leggings which are suitable for equestrian tights (no inseam) that I’m keen to try out, but I’m also wanting to focus on some painting too so not sure whether I’ll have the time.

In the wardrobe / Re: How much extra for checked fabrics?
« on: June 05, 2020, 07:52:49 AM »
I can’t offer any suggestions on how much extra to buy I’m afraid, but I just wanted to also mention, make sure it is a balanced plaid/check!

I once got some pretty plaid wool fabric on sale and proceeded to make it up into a coat. I just could not get the checks to match up and finally realised that it wasn’t a balanced plaid - only slightly rectangular so not obvious at first glance, but became obvious when trying to match up the pieces, and I ended up binning it.
Possibly why it was on sale. Learn from my mistake!!

Congrats ladies, there was some stiff competition!

Patterns Discussion / Re: Sewing for children/babies
« on: May 16, 2020, 06:38:53 AM »
Thanks everyone for your input!

I agree with the quilts being used as playmats, the ones I have gifted before definitely end up being used that way. Which is fine with me, how they chose to use them is absolutely fine with me! Just not sure that I am up for making a quilt right now.

Hopefully she will announce the gender soon, if not I'll go with the backup of muslin wraps and bibs! I'm secretly hoping for a girl so I can make some pretty dresses (ok, not in pink @Missie0_0

Patterns Discussion / Sewing for children/babies
« on: May 15, 2020, 03:58:08 AM »
Not sure if this belongs here or patterns discussion, feel free to move if I'm in the wrong place!

A friend of mine has just announced her pregnancy, she's due in October. Normally for friends I gift a handmade quilt, or my mum's specialty of bibs and muslin wraps.
I'm not really feeling in the mood to make a quilt at the moment, though I might change my mind between now and then! So I'm thinking it might be nice to have a go at something I've never done before, which is children's clothing.
She hasn't announced the gender of the baby yet, I am fairly sure she plans to. If she doesn't, I may just have to go with a gender-neutral quilt.

Well, as a childless person who is not really into babies, I'm not quite sure whether clothing is something I can gift at a baby shower (or birth if she doesn't have a shower). What I was thinking of what a couple of little dresses or even dress/bloomer sets if it's a girl, perhaps some overalls for a boy?
I think most babies these days are put in onesies when they are newborn, but not really sure what mums like to put babies in once they're a little older?
Would I be better off waiting till baby's first birthday and gifting clothing at that stage?
I'd also love to make a little coat for the baby (only because I think they're flipping adorable), it would be 9 months old by the time winter rolled around, is that an appropriate age for a coat?

As you can see, I've no idea  :[

Also, feel free to suggest any recommendations for cute baby/children's patterns.

Elisep's Entry


What is it and for whom
Simple top suitable for work

Pattern used
Butterick 3030

What scraps/leftover fabrics did you use
About half a metre of silk chiffon leftover from a dress that I made for a wedding last year.
This is the dress, which I never wore as I just didn't like it, I love the fabric but it just didn't come up nicely in the dress, and when I put a hole in the sleeve I abandoned it! I knew I had just enough left over to make a top so I kept it aside.

A short description on how you made it/problems overcome/etc.
I managed to cut the top out of the half metre I had left over, but needed to cut into the dress to get a bias strip to bind the neckline. I extended the bias into a loop and used a self cover button to close the back neck. The hemline gave me some trouble but otherwise it was a quick little make (this is my go-to TNT pattern for this kind of project).

Sorry I missed the earlier message @Manuela but I really appreciate the extra time! I’m having to wait on zippers to arrive from overseas as I’ve not been able to find what I need here (admittedly I’m being fussy as the zippers are a design point).

It also means I can double up on some of the contests... my blazer for the florals rule contest will also be a part of the 6 Pack, as will the simple top I made for the Scraps contest. That means I only need 2 more garments which I plan to both be bottoms (skirt and pants) to complete my capsule!

Fun with Fabric / Re: What to match with this?
« on: May 01, 2020, 14:09:56 PM »
There must be an "in" joke I have missed  ><

Fun with Fabric / Re: What to match with this?
« on: April 26, 2020, 03:39:37 AM »
Thanks everyone, seems like the consensus is for white, Ivory or cream.
And, I’ve just realised that there’s a good chance I’ll find some amongst my grandmother’s stash (she has gone into care and mum and I are slowly sorting her things. If you think you’ve got a big fabric stash... it’s nothing on this one). It’s likely I might even find something vintage.

Here's a question for you all -
If I make a shirt that takes 1.5 metres, and I cut it out of a 2 metre piece, do I count it as 2 metres used or 1.5? Half a metre left over is rarely enough to make anything else unless the piece is suitable for a very basic short sleeve top. If I buy fabric with a blouse or shirt in mind I usually get 2m unless it's expensive.

I posted this one in the 6PAC contest but it's just occurred me I can enter it here, too!

This is my scrap, left over from a piece of silk chiffon I bought last year to make a dress for my friend's wedding. Sadly I made a mess of the dress and ended up having to wear RTW. But I kept the dress and this leftover piece (about 1/2 metre) with the idea to make a simple kimono sleeve top from it.
The pattern is one I traced off from my mum's collection but I think it is an out of print Butterick... I'll find the number later. If I can't get the top cut out of the scrap and the skirt the pattern also has a raglan sleeve that might work instead, but I prefer the kimono sleeve version.
I'm off to go and visit my horse now, and will get to sewing it later this afternoon!

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