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A parcel has arrived for me but I’m not opening yet so I don’t know if it is from my allocated swap partner or the Phantom Mug Rug Swapper of Old Blandford Forum  :devil:

Current Projects / Re: 2 quilts for gifts
« on: Yesterday at 17:01:05 »
I am still seeking very fat clips that might hold the layers on our dining table - it's a much thicker piece of wood that a 'normal' table

@LeilaMay Try searching for "Spring Clamps" on Amazon (other online retailers etc ...) as these are meant for DIY use and are larger than the plant clips I use.

Today... / Re: Tuesday 17 September
« on: Yesterday at 09:39:51 »
Chester isn’t far from Abakhan in Mostyn!... what a coincidence.
Chester also has its own Abakhan shop  :fabric:  :snip:  :thread:

This foot is for category A machines (see link below) - these have a front loading bobbin and include “badged” machines for John Lewis, Dunelm and SMD.

Sewing Machines / Re: 222k and 221k what is the difference?
« on: September 08, 2019, 11:00:12 AM »
Far fewer 222 models were made than 221 models which also accounts for the price difference. The 222s were only made in the Kilbowie factory in Scotland and were not sold in America.

I’ve read that ~100,000 222s were made out a total of about 3 million featherweights, but I’ve no idea how accurate those figures are.

The Show Must Go On / Re: 1940s clothing for kids (Help)
« on: September 07, 2019, 13:57:03 PM »
This what what WW2 children are expected to wear in Cambridgeshire schools  :P

Yes Im in there .... Oh Yes .... Some of you girls will be on the receiving end of incoming  :devil:

Looks like we all better make two - one for our swap partner and one for Iminei.

Dont you dare  :devil:  Ive just had loads of fun making these and thought I would spread the love!


Current Projects / Re: 2 quilts for gifts
« on: September 02, 2019, 16:46:46 PM »
Does anyone use a paste table or similar and clips, doing it in sections? I've seen it like that on youtube and think it might be my solution in the long term?

The quilts I make are often longer than my table so as long as I can fit the width of the quilt on the table, I often use clips and pin in sections. I clip the first part of the layers to the table and pin that section. I then unclip that section, roll up the unpinned section and move the whole thing up the table so that about 6" of the pinned section is at the top of the table. I then clip the pinned section and unroll the rest, smoothing the layers as needed, before clipping and pinning that section. I repeat this until I run out of quilt to pin.

I have a large piece of thin mdf that over hangs the edge of the table and I use clothes pegs to clip the layers to this. For smaller quilts (or if I can't be bothered to get out the mdf) I put a cutting board on the table (to protect it from pins) and use the larger size of plant clips to hold the layers to the table.

I think some you tube options show the quilt layers being rolled around pool noodles or pieces of wood to make it easier to move them but my quilts haven't been big enough to need that.

@Celia Please don’t let not being a quilter put you off joining in. I for one would be delighted to receive a mug rug made using a technique I can’t do myself, such as embroidery or appliqué to name just two.

I've had a quick look at coasters on the John Lewis website and they seem to be about 4x4" or a little bigger. Perhaps a mug rug could be twice the size of a coaster - half the space for the mug and half the space for biscuits.

John Lewis also had some round coasters  :devil:

(By the way, I've decided I'm in on this swap and happy to post internationally.)

I made a mug rug in a workshop at Festival of Quilts a few years ago. It is on my desk and in use daily (well, during office hours) and there is no wobble involved.

Could be a mug rug or place mat (or set of MR's /PM's) if you want ...

I'm not sure about joining in with this - I'd feel terrible if I'd sent someone a coaster/mug rug but got a set of place mats in return.

Vintage Machines / Re: what is this?
« on: August 25, 2019, 10:59:24 AM »
I do like mystery gadgets, especially ones without photos (though you might not be able to post photos or links until your post count increases).

From your description, I wonder if it is either a tuck marker or a craft guide. If you google (other search engines are available  :P) “singer tuck marker” and “singer craft guide” let us know if it looks like either of those items.

Current Projects / Re: HexagonQuilt
« on: August 13, 2019, 16:55:57 PM »
There's a video on YouTube showing how to machine stitch hexagons and triangles which might be of interest. The hexagons are just cut from a single fabric (not pieced as in your pattern) but the method will be the same.

Current Projects / Re: HexagonQuilt
« on: August 13, 2019, 15:57:50 PM »
It looks as though there is some wriggle room in the sizes as the instructions state "trim to complete a larger hexagon shape with 12cm sides". If you want to switch to the nearest sensible imperial measurement it may be easier and as long as you cut the triangles at the same size as you trim your larger hexagon to, they should still fit together.

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