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In the wardrobe / Knot front tunic
« on: February 11, 2020, 21:58:20 PM »
Morning all.  January was a bit of a bust for me, in the sewing department.  I do so much prior to xmas, that I get a bit burnt out over xmas.  So I focussed on other things, and gave myself a break.

Aside from some little things, this was my first foray back into sewing for the year. 

KwikSew 3707 - XL with modifications - in poplin and a self stripe cotton.

I made this tunic quite a few years ago, and it was a comical thing.  It hung off me like a sack, and looked appalling.  I thrifted the finished top, and stuffed the pattern back into the file.  This year, I decided to give it another go, because I like the cross over aspect, and wanted some crisp looking tunics for work.  I assume my previous failure was because I need to make petite alterations to the pattern. 

The first version was basically my toile, in a cotton poplin.  For this one, I took 1inch off the shoulders (shortening the bodice), and shortened the front skirt and back by 2inches at the lengthen/shorten line.  On the dress form, it looks fine, but on me, you can see that the bodice doesn't sit well, and the neckline is bobbly. 

Kwiksew tunic by Dani, on Flickr

Kwiksew tunic by Dani, on Flickr

So, for the next version, I did an FBA.  Its not so much for the width, as the bodice was wide enough, but just a structure choice, to encourage the bodice to wrap around the bust, and under the arms. The dart encourages the bodice to turn at the bust apex, rather than pulling the point of the bust flat.  We think that fabric is flexible, but in reality, sometimes we need structural features to make it behave better. 

Kwiksew tunic by Dani, on Flickr

Kwiksew tunic by Dani, on Flickr

D'oh (forehead slapping moment) .... I did however, forget to take the 2inches off the length, so its too long.  That is easily fixed though. 

BigGirl decided to throw her timing, thankfully after I had finished the top, so she has gone to sewing machine hospital for a service.  So I won't be able to finish shortening the top, or make any more for while, but oh well, we will get there. 

Today... / Re: Sunday 12th again, blame Candy Crush
« on: January 12, 2020, 02:21:06 AM »
Good morning/afternoon ....... its lunchtime here today.  I am not long back from the farmers markets, with a batch of fresh fruit and veg, and some meat for dinner.  Threw together a quick zucchini slice, and airfried some chicken fillets for lunch, and then I might try to get into the sewing room this afternoon.  I might not too ..... sew-jo is struggling at the moment. 

Gosh I didn't realise people felt this way.

I only really dabble in quilting, my primary sewing is clothing for myself.  I don't produce the fabric, or design the patterns, but what I make is all my own work.   I understand how you feel, but I worry that you are placing unnecessary stress and burden on yourself. 

But, @datcat23 does it still feel like your work if the pattern is set and the machine just gets on with it?

@Lowena ...... you aren't a passive part of the process.  You are still piecing the top and sandwiching the blocks, you have to source and choose the embroidery design, you still have to load the machine and make sure its doing what you want, where you want it.  If its QAYG blocks, well then of course you still have to put the finished blocks together.  If its a whole quilt ...... wow! I'm impressed .... I haven't done that yet. 

I have an entire quilt top with my friend who has a long arm machine, and she will be quilting it for me.  Her quilting it doesn't make it any less my quilt.  So quilting on my embroidery machine doesn't either.   

@Lowena ....... I don't mean to enable ...... but here I am .... enabling away.

This was a QAYG baby quilt I made for a friend.

Front by Dani, on Flickr

And the back, so you can see the quilting.

Back by Dani, on Flickr

I will be doing more of this next year, I love the idea that the machine does it for you. 

Current Projects / Re: Christmas Craft 2019
« on: December 10, 2019, 00:20:52 AM »
I am on "house arrest" at the moment.  Australia is on fire at the moment (well at least parts of it), and the big fire to the east of us, is blowing a massive smoke cloud over the city.  My asthma is particularly sensitive to smoke, and so I am on some sick leave, and confined indoors. 

Initially, I was going to do some bowl cosies, but I ran out of cotton thread.  A friend plans to drop some off for me, but in the meantime, I had to switch projects.  I was given a big length of these cushion panels from a freebie site.  They are a very fine lawn/muslin fabric, and certainly not strong enough on their own to cope with being a cushion cover.  I backed the panel with a nice firm quilting cotton in white (gosh it made the colours pop), and then used some random quilting cotton for the back.  I put a dress zip in the back, while an overlap is easier, working out the maths for that, is more tiresome than putting a zip in.   Hubby saw the first two, and has now requested a pair for his mother, so I will be making another set today I assume. 

cushion covers by Dani, on Flickr

The colours are intense!

cushion covers by Dani, on Flickr

The back is boring by comparison, but then who ever says "oh my gosh I love what you did with the back of the cushion"

cushion covers by Dani, on Flickr

Current Projects / Re: Christmas Craft 2019
« on: December 07, 2019, 21:39:53 PM »
Last pillowcase is done ....... quite happy to have these done.  This one how has a present inside of it, and is folded around it, and tied with a big ribbon. 

Sam's pillowcase by Dani, on Flickr

Sewing Machines / Re: Pain...
« on: December 01, 2019, 20:44:08 PM »
A thingumegubbins had broken and had to be replaced. I suspect the thingumegubbins would be a lot cheaper to buy myself but if anything had gone wrong when I replaced the thingumegubbins I would have been up the proverbial creek sans paddle. So I bit the bullet & paid the thingumegubbins-man to put it right (not cheap here in France)

The thing is, if we don't use the thingumegubbins-man to fix the minor broked things, then he won't be around for when the world ends, and the machine is in need of major surgery.  I am glad your precious baby is back with you, all fixed.   

Dolls and Toys / Re: 18in boy doll clothes
« on: November 16, 2019, 22:07:48 PM »
Do you mean sewing or knitting?  I've just had a look in my inherited pile of knitting patterns from Mother, who's given up, and there is a pattern book, Jarol 614, which has patterns for that size of doll ("larger sizes are also suitable for premature babies").  For boy dolls there are vest and pants; leggings & coat; romper & pixie hood; dungarees & sweater; beach suit.

If you're interested, PM me and I can supply images.

Thank you for the offer Henrietta, but I don't knit anything more than squares.  I have purchased a couple of the pixiefaire ones, and plan to give them a try. 

Current Projects / Re: Christmas Craft 2019
« on: November 13, 2019, 20:54:15 PM »
I got some more bags sewn last weekend.  I am wondering if I will have enough though.  I think I underestimated just how much I give at xmas time. 

Gift bags by Dani, on Flickr

Current Projects / Re: Christmas Craft 2019
« on: November 11, 2019, 20:51:24 PM »
Slowly getting through the list.  I need to do a stocktake this weekend, and decide if I need any more.  This one is for my manager.

I need glasses by Dani, on Flickr

I love these denim aprons.  The black ones show up the embroidery beautifully, but these denim ones seem so soft but sturdy, and ..... unfussy.  Not sure that makes sense.

I have just been appointed to a new job, but I will still gift these to the girls at my current work, as they have been great support for the year. 

Current Projects / Re: Christmas Craft 2019
« on: October 27, 2019, 04:58:42 AM »
OK, I gave in my inner obsessive .......   Just had to make sure the print was up the right way to match the name.  Very happy I decided to fix this.

Pillowcose - corrected by Dani, on Flickr

Current Projects / Re: Christmas Craft 2019
« on: October 27, 2019, 04:02:58 AM »
I am distracting myself, debating if I give in to my inner obsessive, and fix that pillowcase.

I was planning to make some additional aprons, but came across these denim aprons at Target, so figured I might use those.  I also invested in some more files, just for a change.  Think I need to choose brighter thread colours though.

denim apron blue by Dani, on Flickr

Vintage Machines / Re: Treadle find.....may end up mine!
« on: October 26, 2019, 12:51:56 PM »
I know exactly how a 201, can get into this sort of state, because its roughly the state my latest girl was in. 

Our elderly friend was downsizing, and my husband was helping him clear out his garage.  Trapped in there, amongst cartons of books and stuff, that they hadn't unpacked in over a decade before, was this cabinet.  Our friend had forgotten it was there .... a 201, converted to electric, in an unsealed shed, covered in possum shit and grime.  It belonged to his late wife, her mother's machine.  Bought from new, converted in the 60's or so, banished to the shed when a new one came along.  I said no at first.  She was filthy, and my love affair is mostly with manual machines.  He tried listing it, but no bites.  So he practically begged hubby to take it, not wanting to take it to the dump shop.  When it arrived I refused to bring it indoors it was so dirty.  I took three buckets of hot water and sugar soap to clean the cabinet.  And then two coats of beeswax  (it needs more).  The machine is serviced now, but its tucked away for now, trapped behind the extra couch that my daughter bought, waiting until she moves out of home. 

These machines come to us, because they know we will love them.  Simple. 

Current Projects / Re: Christmas Craft 2019
« on: October 26, 2019, 05:34:51 AM »
Its not long until November, and the xmas sewing needs to ramp up.  My sewing room is still in disarray, but I am working with it at the moment, and choosing not to stress. 

A set of xmas placemats, with applique baubles.

Xmas Napkins by Dani, on Flickr

Mostly, I have been working on my work friends gifts, however, I switched to family this weekend.  This is the first of two pillowcases for my nephews.  In my quest to avoid gift wrapping paper this year, these will actually be the wrapping paper for their gifts.  A couple of strategic pieces of tape, and a big ribbon wrapped around, and the wrapping can be used after the present is opened.  I was working out a solution on the fly, for not having a big enough piece of fabric.  The print being sideways will bother me, but I am sure my nephew will not give a flying fig.   

Tay's pillowcase by Dani, on Flickr

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