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….the Ruth woman. I would have enjoyed the programmes where people lived in the same way they did in historical times but I couldn't watch them because of her.

She really is awful, isn't she?  I had a conversation with a guy called Stuart Peachey, who is the historian behind the Green Valley Farms historical village project and an authority on working class clothing of the late C16th and early C17th.  A TV company did some filming there a few years back (I recall it went out as an early evening series, although I can't remember which channel) and she was just odd.  She would rock up, do a piece to camera and vanish again without getting in any way involved or discussing what she was doing with the staff there.  Consequently, they were trying to film activities completely out of season when the weather was too cold/hot/dry/wet or the foliage was too green/absent altogether.

Tutorials / Re: Easy concealed zip insertion
« on: September 15, 2019, 15:23:08 PM »
@HenriettaMaria What sort of zipper foot did you use?

It's a Brother foot bought from the Brother stand at the K&S Show at Ally Pally one year.  Perfect for my machine and, I recently found, works well on my inherited Singer 522 too.

Tutorials / Easy concealed zip insertion
« on: September 15, 2019, 13:31:53 PM »
I was wandering around my bookmarks today and happened upon this tutorial, which makes concealed zip insertion a breeze.  Concealed zips weren't a thing when I started to sew, so I never learned back then.  I did try to teach myself, using a concealed zip foot a couple of years back but the results were unsatisfactory.  However, this technique does away with that and simply uses an adjustable zip foot, a foot I use a great deal when things get tricky.

I am sure this link must be buried in the archives on this here forum, but I'm reposting it because it is just so clear and useful.

House Beautiful / Re: Piping Problem
« on: September 11, 2019, 16:01:00 PM »
The adjustable zipper foot is a dream for piping.  You can leave the needle wherever the machine wants it to be and move the foot until you, the needle and the work are happy.  Works at treat on cushion covers.

Sewing Machines / Re: Do you name your sewing machines?
« on: September 10, 2019, 15:48:06 PM »
Nope - it never occurred to me.  The only inanimate object in our house that has a name is a Numatic 'George' wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner, which is called George since it's emblazoned on the motor unit.

Vintage Machines / Re: What you see in a pub
« on: September 09, 2019, 20:27:47 PM »
My boss, who's German, doesn't believe in pension funds and invests instead in holiday flats in Lisbon.  She showed me pictures of one of her flats once and it had decorative alcoves in which she'd positioned vintage sewing machines, which you can pick up for hardly any money in the local flea markets.  It pained me that she'd screwed them down rather than done them up :'(

Lisbon, I should add, had an earthquake in 1755 that caused a 6-foot tsunami on the north east coast of Scotland.  I suppose you pays your money and you takes your chance!

Darkside Diaries / Re: Sara’s sewing story
« on: September 08, 2019, 19:09:07 PM »
If anyone's interested in ASL and deaf culture, Oliver Sacks' book Seeing Voices is extremely interesting. 

I still have a VisionOn annual from the 1960's from which I taught myself the BSL sign alphabet, which is very different from the ASL version (in BSL, for instance, the five fingers of the left hand represent the vowels, so pointing the index finger signs an 'e' and pointing at the thumb signs 'a').

The Show Must Go On / Re: 1940s clothing for kids (Help)
« on: September 07, 2019, 17:32:46 PM »
DS did this in Y6.  He wore long shorts, long socks, a checked shirt from the wardrobe and a sleeveless cardie that I picked up at a re-enactors' market - specifically marketed at this demographic!  Everything else was out of the wardrobe.  I think the parcel was just bubble wrap in brown paper.

Sewing Machines / Re: How many machines do you have?
« on: September 03, 2019, 16:04:22 PM »
My mum's old Singer 522 - great for straight stitching when precision matters
My Brother Super Ace II - great for one-step auto buttonholes and the continuous/incremental needle position is handy sometimes.  I don't use the fancy 'heirloom' stitches, however
My Singer 5-thread overlocker - bought before Singer went completely down the pan and then virtually untouched for several years do to work then motherhood then bafflement. The old forum was a great source of advice and now I use it more and more.

Sewing Spaces and Furniture / Re: Cutting table
« on: August 29, 2019, 21:14:59 PM »
@hiltonclare Kinnarps!  I worked for them for two years, I have four of their office chairs, two of their tables, a 2d filing pedestal and two tambour fronted filing units in various places about the house.  Their stuff is great and lasts *years*.  Thoroughly recommended to anybody whose funds (or second-hand emporium) allows.

Watched this last night.  Really interesting.  My ears pricked up when they mentioned Dundee, which I've just returned from.  I wasn't aware Dundee still had any textile industry left.  I did wonder how they managed to do all that to fabric and not get any creases in it - now I know - it's never, ever folded!

In about 1990 I visited the Kinnarps furniture factories in Sweden (one does chairs and the other does everything else that doesn't include upholstery).  They had a similar fabric cutting table arrangement to Barbour but the cutting out was done by computer-controlled machine, not by a bloke with a saw and a chainmail glove!  I was surprised it was so manual.

I loved the welt pocket making machine - removes a lot of guesswork - and I suppose the laser guidelines remove the need for unnecessary piercing of fabric prior to final stitching.

While I can see the economic appeal of Adam Smith-style working arrangements, it would bore me to tears to spend my day doing nothing but sewing on pockets!

Vintage Machines / Re: Singer 99K with knee lever
« on: August 09, 2019, 12:19:57 PM »
My mum had one just like that.  It was a heavy, temperamental beast that had to be coaxed to produce decent stitching without a rat's nest of thread at the back of the work.  After multiple visits to the mechanic we all lost patience and Dad traded in for a brand-new 522, without mother's knowledge, as a Xmas surprise.  I now have the 522 because Ma doesn't sew any more.

Vintage Machines / Re: singer sewing machine with sphinx decals
« on: August 03, 2019, 16:51:45 PM »
Check this database out to find out, although a quick look didn't find a match for your number - did you type it correctly?

Patterns Discussion / Re: Vogue Autumn Patterns
« on: July 29, 2019, 21:27:17 PM »
I thought V1648 by Julio Cesar, the inheritor of Koos Van Der Acker, was imaginative but I will never make it and even if I did will never have occasion to wear it.

Patterns Discussion / Re: Coat - comfy or elegant? or flashy?
« on: July 29, 2019, 21:23:57 PM »
1 will be warm in the winter wind.  2 will be elegant but you'll want to block the gaping draught with a scarf, which may spoil the effect.  3 to me is a bit run of the mill rather than flashy.  I'd do 1 for comfort in the winter and 2 in a slightly lighter wool for spring/autumn formal wear.  I could see it in a gorgeous mauve/lilac wool for a spring wedding - mmmmm!

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