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The Haberdashery / Rulers
« on: March 15, 2017, 14:53:29 PM »
I am hoping that Morgan will be reading this at some stage.,  Please can you help me, I believe you had some special rulers that you used to measure accurately the neck area and shoulders, so please what was the name of these rulers, and where did you get them from?  Thanks in advance.

The Haberdashery / Tape measure
« on: March 15, 2017, 14:51:36 PM »
Quite a while ago on the previous TSF,  someone was asking about a specific type of tape measure – possibly it was the then Jacky F or now Marnie Sews.  This tape measure was different – possibly  a slide on the actual tape measure that stayed put when you measured so that you could accurately measure yourself and yet get an accurate reading?

If so please   what is this tape measure called and even better where did you find this?  Can anyone help please – thanks.

Publications / Threads Magazine
« on: March 04, 2017, 16:53:15 PM »

I was given a whole pile of Threads Magazines a few years ago, and have continued buying them since.  I was looking for something so I went through all the ones I have, and have made myself an index of the articles I particularly liked.  Every now and then there is a reference to an article in an issue  earlier back than I have  and I was wondering how I could get these.

A brain storming moment, Threads produce a DVD  Magazine Archive and this goes right back to the very first issue.  Oh what a treasure trove.  The DVD loads onto your computer, and once done you can go looking at any Threads issue that you wish, you can even print out the article concerned so very useful when you are trying to follow someone’s instructions on how to do something.

Over the years there have been many different contributors to Threads Magazine, so there are interesting and very useful articles by people such as Sarah Veblen, Katherine Cheetham, Karen Howland, Louise Cutting to name but a few, and these articles often cover all sorts of fitting issues, especially for those of us who are not normal sized people.

I bought my copy of this magazine archive via Amazon UK, it arrived within a couple of days and well worth the money.  When you think the magazine itself over here is something like £5. To have access to something like 182 issues for around £53 - £75  is well worth the expense,  so using the higher figure that makes each magazine on the DVD at less than 50p.  The issue I chose to buy covers 1985 – 2015, but there are others and of course some are available on Amazon’s Market Place even cheaper.  I do not know how often they produce a DVD, perhaps there is another more up to date issue in the pipeline.

I am at the moment looking at an article by Karen Howland on using Your Sloper as a Fitting Tool – use a fitted basic shell to simplify altering commercial patterns – this article is over two magazines several months apart.    Another one I am interested in following is by Kathleen Cheetham and is From Sloper to Shirt so she is showing you how to turn your basic fitting pattern into a blouse design – again this is over two magazines.

Oh these wonderful magazines cover things like altering a pattern for a rounded back, for larger than normal hips, FBA’s, fitting princess seams, draping, a better collar - you name it you will find something.

Of course having the DVD takes up much less room than several years of paper magazines – I am already running out of room to house any more magazines but Threads I will continue to buy.

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