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Hi, I'm new... / Re: Hello!
« on: August 17, 2018, 11:26:47 AM »
Wow! Lots of replies, you guys are a friendly bunch!

@Iminei It was very overwhelming. I'd been to the creative crafts show a month or so before and that was tiny in comparison. All of the quilts where so cool though, there's so much planning that goes into them to get all of the right fabrics in the right shades. I don't know how people have the mental capacity for it.

@Nevis5 I might have a look into that actually. I'll have to take off the sleeves and redo them first though!

@Sewingsue Thanks! Two of the wearable garments are pyjamas admittedly.

@Bodgeitandscarper Haha. No twisting around trying to pull them up either!

@maliw I definitely will! I always want my sewing to get better and better, and that can't be done without help.

@Fajita Nice to meet you Fajita   0_0

@Vezelay If you ever do decide to put in an invisible zip, I recommend the video on the MadeToSew youtube channel. She makes it seem super easy.

@Kenora I think everything counts proper sewing, whether you're doing it by hand or on a machine, and whether you're making garments or bags or quilts. I hope I'll love working on my quilt!

@Surest1tch Can't agree with you more.  :D

@BrendaP Ermm... Maybe not haha. We'll see where I go from here.

@Renegade Sewist I hope I will do. I used to work in a coffee shop and the discussions (or should I say arguments) about whether you should put milk with Earl Grey were constant. I'll stick to my English Breakfast.

@Pearl Hello!

@Lowena Hello! What does p&q mean if you don't mind me asking?

@Greybird Hiya Greybird.

Hi, I'm new... / Hello!
« on: August 16, 2018, 11:23:35 AM »

As you can see, I just joined so I thought I would introduce myself.

Not only am I new to this forum, but I'm also quite new to 'proper' sewing, having only been actually sewing for about 6 months. I've made 6 garments in that time, 4 of which are wearable (if not 100% perfect). The first dress I made was a shift dress made of plaid fabric, which I'm super proud of because I spent a lot of time pattern matching and I learnt how to put in an invisible zip. Unfortunately, I put the sleeves in backwards and made it a bit too short so I can't really wear it out of the house.

I haven't bought any clothes in the past year or so, I like to keep my wardrobe small (and I don't have room), and I've been trying to find a way to sew without adding more clothes that I might not wear into my wardrobe. The solution to that seems to be quilting. I was at FOQ the other day and I bought myself some EPP supplies that will mean that I can hopefully get started on a quilt made with my scraps and the assortment of fat quarters I bought when I first started sewing 6 months ago.

I'm glad to join this forum because it's mainly UK based. After lurking for a bit, I found that the information is a bit more relevant to me. It's also a smaller and 'cosier' community which I like. Hopefully I can contribute despite my relatively new sewing status!

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