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Darkside Diaries / Re: Wrenkins does very little.
« Last post by wrenkins on Today at 22:56:11 »
I've been a busy bee.  :angel:

I sorted my groups and placed my necessaries then put the other bits in a giant Sainburys bag for shuffling. Going well so far eh? I then lucky dipped and set my blocks out to look for patterns.  :S I found a few and did some moving about and finally I have half a quilt top sewn and the other half pinned in the right order ready to sew. WooHoo!

Meanwhile... when the thinking was still happening I cut a mile and a half of binding and it is carefully wrapped round a seldom-used ruler.

I can't help thinking that if I hadn't done the blocks for both tops at the same time I would be stopping after one!  :faints:

It'll definitely be finished tomorrow I should think in time for June's big double block extravaganza!
Size 14-22
Factory folded
Price £6.00 posted
Block of the Month 2020 / Re: May's BOM
« Last post by Lisalou1965 on Today at 22:14:20 »
Has anybody started the quilting bit? I still havent decided what my sashing/backing are going to be, so still havent begun...
Today... One thread per day / Re: Sunday 31st May
« Last post by wrenkins on Today at 21:59:59 »
WooHoo I was clapping oh goody before I even opened that link @Iminei  0_0 Myself and some friends did that for fancy dress one year. It's amazing how four such different people could look so the same! Confused the b'jayzuz out of everyone.
Block of the Month 2020 / Re: May's BOM
« Last post by Lowena on Today at 21:59:08 »
@Acorn you can't get me like that.... I didn't come down in the last shower  :P I stocked up before Brexit and Lockdown so I have a sizeable stash  :D
I can't sew when I have gardening and decorating to do......perhaps tomorrow evening?? -<  ( or maybe wait until @Iminei sails on by and moans at me ) :devil:
Today... One thread per day / Re: Sunday 31st May
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 21:29:45 »
Just got back from Weymouth ... Lulworth Cove was the end destination again today ...
Briefly, very briefly saw the dolphins as we sailed out :) :(

Durdle Door was Heaving, much worse than Friday!!!

That'll probably be it as he is back on the swinging mooring now! Lovely week tho and my poor pasty face and bod has got a tan !!!!! That and the slicked back hair and ponytail ...  I'm looking very Robert Palmer  (yeah in my dreams  :rolleyes: )
Today... One thread per day / Re: Sunday 31st May
« Last post by Flobear on Today at 21:29:15 »
Hope you have more luck with Morrisons @Ploshkin . A couple of regular Morrisons shoppers on the gardening forum have been very hacked off with their online service and have gone elsewhere for their deliveries!
Woo hoo! Have squeaked in with 2 and a half hours of the day left. I haven't done final pressing yet but I'm sure that will be OK for tomorrow  :)
Fun with Fabric / Re: Modern
« Last post by Efemera on Today at 21:01:28 »
I want to make this...the fabric is Indie Folk by Pat’s old so think I’ll have to substitute
Block of the Month 2020 / Re: May's BOM
« Last post by coffeeandcake on Today at 21:00:07 »
I did mine at the during the first week but wanted to quilt at least one before I take a pic. I just haven't felt like sewing though. I do know how I plan to quilt so hopefully the mojo will resurface.
Meanwhile I'm going to be late for the May pics
 Sorry :(
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