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Today... / Re: Belated birthday greetings
« Last post by Elnnina on Today at 14:43:21 »
Happy birthday Lolli, hope you had a lovely day.

We do miss you here on TSP, do come back and join in all the chatter, also would love to know how you have got on with your overlocker.
Today... / Re: Tuesday, December 18th - 3 more sleeps....
« Last post by Elnnina on Today at 14:41:08 »
So glad that everything has gone through, my you didn't hang about in getting down to Devon.  Hope your journey wasn't too bad, it is a horrible day weather wise, so fingers cross tomorrow will be better.

Now enjoy your new surroundings and home.
Dolls and Toys / Re: Mondrian Dress
« Last post by BayCreekGal on Today at 14:41:04 »
Your dress turned out so cute.  My sister had one of those Mondrian dresses in the mid sixties when she was about four.  She looked adorable in it.
Dolls and Toys / Re: In The Doll's Wardrobe
« Last post by BayCreekGal on Today at 14:37:55 »
I just now found this thread.  I'm not sewing any doll wardrobes right now, but I have made several in the past.  I'd be happy to share them if anyone is interested.
I have a couple of garments made from stash yardage planned for January, so if I get them finished I will enter. 

I have a couple of bins of yardage, but much of my stash is made up of thrifted garments that I have purchased specifically to make into something else.  Many of these have been waiting around for years.  I know there is a refashion contest coming up in Sept., but I really want to get some of these garments either made into something I will wear or use or out of the house in the near future.  I guess my question is, does the stash fabric have to be yardage?
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Ruler Quilting
« Last post by Kitten on Today at 13:58:43 »
Hi Ploshkin
You can get the Parrs rulers on Create & Craft but you need a special foot to use them.
Today... / Re: Tuesday, December 18th - 3 more sleeps....
« Last post by Ploshkin on Today at 13:53:52 »
You may well have arrived by now JP,  I hope the journey wasn't too awful.  The weather here is about as bad as it gets.  It's dark and chucking it down in buckets.  I had to go out to post a parcel and DH was paddling and clearing leaves from gullies when I returned.
I finished my niece's top this morning, that's what I posted.  I hope it fits.  I was a bit worried that the sleeves looked a bit skinny buy she's a lanky 14 year old so hopefully it will be ok.  I've got another top to do now for my surrogate grand daughter but I'll see her so no big rush.
ETA - don't know why I didn't see your post JP.  Glad you've made it.
Today... / Re: Belated birthday greetings
« Last post by Kenora on Today at 13:52:01 »
Belated but warm Happy Birthday wishes from me as well. Hope you had a fab day. :cake: :toast: :flower:
Today... / Re: Tuesday's TSP birthday wishes
« Last post by Kenora on Today at 13:50:47 »
Very many Happy Birthday wishes from me too. Hope you're enjoying your special day. :flower: :cake: :toast:
Block of the Month 2018 / Re: Decembers BOM - Ho ho ho!!!
« Last post by StitchinTime on Today at 13:42:25 »
Are you ready for the Brucie Bonus Block ???
Bonus Block !!! Just when I thought I had got them all completed.  @Iminei I do hope you are not moving the goal posts and creating an extra month as I assumed the BOM was calendar months, not lunar months  :o
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