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Hand Sewn / Re: Darning These Beauties!
« Last post by Lolli on Today at 17:59:55 »
I've ordered bits from Porselli online before now 👍
In the wardrobe / Re: Morris Jacket -
« Last post by jen on Today at 17:05:41 »
There are a few ok Morisses on google images, but each of the better ones seems to owe its success to having picked a dramatic colour or changed the pattern, lengthening sleeves and/or body. On the majority the way it hangs from the shoulders in the front seems to lack something (dart shaping maybe). It looks a bit like it’s sitting on the fence between jacket and cardi.
I must admit I'm really looking forward to sewing something else!   0_0
In the wardrobe / Re: Morris Jacket -
« Last post by Lizzy777 on Today at 16:41:02 »
Well, it's good to know the pattern is a good fit if you do decide to make it in another fabric.  I thought the pattern would be good when I first saw it as  it as I thought it had been well designed. Thank you for the feedback.

I like it in the pink too but thought I may make it in a corduroy. (Not definitely decided yet though). There's some really nice soft corduroys in great colours around at the moment too.


I should finish my jacket from Vogue 9212 this weekend but I've decided I'm not going to press on with the 3rd jacket as I won't finish it in time and I want to sew other things. I'll post a photo of my finished jacket here though.
Nearly finished... just got to hand sew the hem at the bottom.  I'm very pleased with this one.  I've added bell sleeves (I think that's what they're called), taken it in further just above the waist and then flared it out a lot more and given it a slightly circular hem, lower at the back again.  I didn't do the yoke, and although I was going to put a slit in the front of the neckline I didn't in the end, because when I tried it on with the round neck it looked right.

Interestingly it has ended up very similar to a StyleArc top that I made last year (in a different colourway of the same fabric), which I have never worn because although it looks fine, nothing feels right about it.  This one fits and feels good.  I may remake the other one.

No picture yet because it's sitting in a little heap on the settee waiting for its hem to be done, and every time I move it it spits out half a dozen pins.

In the wardrobe / Re: Morris Jacket -
« Last post by Gernella on Today at 16:02:42 »
What colour did you use on it? Are you able to post any pictures as I would really love to see them


I had intended pink like the picture but when it came, sort of a heavy duty flannel, it was more of a sugar pink so I chickened out and used some boring beige drill cotton, which I had bought for DH for a jacket (then he went and bought  a jacket).  It's one of those patterns that when made up looks exactly like the drawings.  Just a pity about the colour, still could do another one later.   

I did nearly balls it up, it needed an open ended zip, I had one but two inches longer so I used it.  It was shorter for a good reason!  The end where it really matters I've chopped off, other side I've had to leave.
In the wardrobe / Re: Morris Jacket -
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 15:50:47 »
She looks just a bit embarrassed, doesn't she!
In the wardrobe / Re: Morris Jacket -
« Last post by Bodgeitandscarper on Today at 15:37:32 »
I had a quick look at Grainline patterns - they all look plain, dull, and boring to me  :S
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