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In the wardrobe / Re: Would you..
« Last post by Sandra on Today at 14:27:52 »
She's done something funny with the centre back seam..does it really go straight through the facing piece?

Aaaargh...the hem. If she isn't able to do a good, neatly hand stitched hem, then she'd have been better doing a deep-ish machine stitched hem....and press it. Just press it...please.

But, she's happy with it and she feels good wearing it. Husband likes it. She's done the best she can, and practise makes perfect :)  I don't like unkindness but as has been mentioned...don't put it out on the internet if you can't cope with any criticism.

Adding Zing & Bling / Re: Advice regarding Lobster Licking
« Last post by Nuttywife59 on Today at 14:14:24 »
You need to be brave and have a go
Today... / Re: Big TSP birthday wishes to...
« Last post by Kenora on Today at 14:00:46 »
A very Happy Birthday from me too, MistyRose. Hope you're enjoying your special day.  :flower: :toast: :cake:
I have a sleeveless dress with a twist at the waist that I love the print of but everytime I wear it (not that often) I feel it's just a tad short. Maybe the one occasion I should have bought the regular size rather than the petite version as it's knee length. It would make a T shirt shaped top but maybe I'll look for something else.  -< I won't chop it up until I find the right pattern.

I've taken the picture as is before I forget if I need it!
Fun with Fabric / Jersey fabric which twists
« Last post by BrendaP on Today at 13:24:07 »
An interesting link posted on Ravelry about how knitting stretches

  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

However, the first illustration is a brilliant example of knitting that isn't quite symetrical, ie slightly more tension on one side of each loop.  It's the sort of thing that's more likely to happen with fabrics knitted as a tube and then cut open (weft knitted single jersey).  This is the reason why so many tee shirts twist.
Nice couple of miles walk to the village - the parcel was somewhat bigger than it need to be (large box, not so large contents!) but light so T'other Half managed to carry it home.  Fortunately we got home a few minutes before another parcel delivery arrived, good timing.
We did vaguely talk about a little pootle out on the bikes for lunch, but it doesn't seem to be happening yet, dunno if I can be bothered now...

Edit: - T'other half is talking about pumping up tyres now...
Today... / Re: Big TSP birthday wishes to...
« Last post by Ellabella on Today at 12:07:28 »
Happy Birthday MistyRose, have a wonderful day.
Today... / Re: Big TSP birthday wishes to...
« Last post by Ravingdoll on Today at 11:58:08 »
Happy birthday MistyRose and hoping you have a lovely day. 
Morning lovely and sunny .washing out .just finishing a teeshirt
Washing on the line, decisions made about Festival of Quilts, about to tackle the Project Linus quilt, and then maybe some gardening this afternoon.
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