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Today... / Saturday 19th
« Last post by Lachica on Today at 01:40:11 »
Was due to be a sewing day but we'll see. I'm up early because I've been sleeping off a nasty bout of D&V caught (probably) from DD & SIL who sent an SOS at 2am on Wednesday. I drove up to theirs, picked up the children and was back home at 8.30. it was a GS minding day so we had 3 under 3's🤪 but we all survived. DD drove down before bedtime as the 10 month old is very clingy, doesn't sleep well & is still being fed a couple of times per night. He won't take a bottle so I don't know how we would have coped in the middle of the night, probably by driving around with him. Yesterday we met my other daughter at a playgroup & the 3 cousins had a great time but by 8pm DH and I each had a bucket and a loo each, tiptoeing around trying not to wake anyone.

Yesterday was supposed to be my birthday treat, a Harry Potter themed 'potions lesson' in Piccadilly Circus, planned for me & DD2 by DD1. DD1 went instead so at least DD2 was able to have her birthday treat.
Today... / Re: TGIFridaaaaaaay !!
« Last post by MitchOfTheNorth on Today at 01:08:44 »
Iminei, when the hounds bark, they get a shock from their collar.  It keeps them from driving the neighbourhood crazy - they used to bay all day because they have separation anxiety.  Now, we only hear from the hounds when there is something to actually get excited about - cougar, bear, raccoon.  Our neighbour's best hound is named Thunder - he has a HUGE bay from what isn't a large dog.
Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: We have a winner...
« Last post by Mick on Yesterday at 21:59:33 »
It arrived a couple of hours ago, via a neighbor from a few doors down the road.

The Post Office use our street as part of their "training route", and apparently trainee post people can't read house numbers properly.

We get quite a lot of other people's mail, and rely on other people to bring ours around when they can be bothered.

Anyway, it's here now, and a source of some considerable pride... ;)

Today... / Re: Happy, happy birthday to you!
« Last post by fajita on Yesterday at 21:56:32 »
Happy Birthday, @countrygal   :flower: :drink:
Today... / Re: TGIFridaaaaaaay !!
« Last post by Catllar on Yesterday at 21:38:46 »
So better late than never - weather changing today, cooler and rain announced for next week.  Nothing special today, out for drinks with  girls this evening.
A Good Yarn / Re: Knitting For The Dolls
« Last post by Ann on Yesterday at 21:34:16 »
I got another sweater set knit and used the same Downton Abbey yarn as before but the blue.

I went down a needle size and it fits the doll perfectly.  Now back knitting hats.
Today... / Re: TGIFridaaaaaaay !!
« Last post by Bodgeitandscarper on Yesterday at 20:49:08 »
By gum, my grandson's grown!  His mum and dad went in the hot tub and I walked around the garden with him for about half an hour, and now I can't lift my arms  :S
Today... / Re: TGIFridaaaaaaay !!
« Last post by Puzzler on Yesterday at 20:43:52 »
@Puzzler I’m glad you are getting your sewing room set up. Would you care to post a picture?

In good time @Sara-S. The furniture is set up but there is stuff that needs to find homes strewn about. The walls look very bare. I may finally hang a quilted piece I made oh about 16 years ago.

@Lowena, Christmas can be at yours. I’ll do Boxing Day.  ;)
Today... / Re: TGIFridaaaaaaay !!
« Last post by Iminei on Yesterday at 20:41:08 »
they're barking despite having bark collars on


The collars are barking ????
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