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Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Stitch Size
« Last post by Ploshkin on Today at 13:25:59 »
I wouldn't go bigger than 2.5 for piecing, in fact if the seams were short I would probably go down to 2mm.  If you go bigger, having only 1/4" seams you would potentially only get one stitch in the seam allowance which could lead to holes appearing where seams intersect.
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Scrappy advice, please
« Last post by Efemera on Today at 13:17:32 »
You can do exactly as you want...shove the scraps in a bag and use randomly.
Fun with Fabric / Lindy Bop has released some fabric
« Last post by Cheesenpickles on Today at 12:43:08 »
Obviously riding the GBSB wave they’ve released a few fabrics. Not a huge selection and you can only buy in 1 and 3 metres but that magpie crepe is so pretty.
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Stitch Size
« Last post by Efemera on Today at 12:41:41 »
2.5 for piecing 3 for quilting.
Hi, I'm new... / Re: Hi! From Portsmouth
« Last post by Cheesenpickles on Today at 12:40:36 »
Haha! No way, I’m very close to Monkton. Small world. I’ve just looked in the window of Anne Louise and Thistle but couldn’t fit the pushchair in. I heard Sueco was right by me as well which is super convenient!

Thanks so much for all the lovely messages. Really looking forward to sharing with you all. Xxx
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Stitch Size
« Last post by Pearl on Today at 12:11:23 »
2.2 is the default  on my machine so I use that for all but fpp.  Stitch width is 3.5 if I'm using my 1/4" foot and 5 if not.  (5 gives me a scant 1/4" seam.) 

Having the memory of a gnat, I had to get up and switch my machine on twice while posting this. :[
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Stitch Size
« Last post by toileandtrouble on Today at 12:09:57 »
I have only just started because I'm making the murder mystery quilt,  I'm using 2 -2.5 so that the seams don't open too easily.  1/4" seams because I have the foot of that width and it is marked at the end too,so I can turn at the right place. So far it is working!  The instructions for the applique say use stitch length of 1.5 to 2.5 stitches per inch, which I'm pretty sure is not what she meant.
Today... / Re: Thursday February 21st......soon be spring!
« Last post by hernibs on Today at 11:40:31 »
Goodness, what rudeness you suffered.  Two of them no less.  I've always found the radiographer is 'sympathetic' and helpful but you certainly had enough of those two for another three years.

Wrenkins - that was hilarious - thanks for sharing it.  As you say it's better to suffer a little than the alternative.

Hereabouts today is intermittently sunny - two lines of washing blowing around but not as windy, yet, as we were told it would be.

Of to make a pot of soup for lunch.

Enjoy your day!
Today... / Re: Thursday February 21st......soon be spring!
« Last post by justpottering on Today at 11:25:07 »
@Lowena I try not to let them out on their own you never know what they might get up to

Well I’m back
I don’t mind having it done definitely worth five minutes of discomfort
Although the bedside manner was a bit harsh! In the Forest when I had it done the staff were lovely and friendly and put you at ease and relaxed but this one....
The nurse on the desk didn’t say hello back at my cheery good morning I held out my appointment letter she barked that she didn’t need that what’s my name and date of birth and why didn’t she have a telephone number for me she actually said ‘I assume you do have one ‘  :S well yes we do and I gave it
She then told me to sit it was definitely a command  :S
After five minutes she commanded me to go into a cubicle and take my bra off and DON’T come out until I am called so there I sat in a cubicle with no bra under my T-shirt trying not to let my mind wander in case I missed the call giving me permission to leave the cubicle   :D
I was duly called and more barking from the radiographer to do EXACTLY as she said because she only had five minutes to do this so it had to be right first time so I followed her barking and then was told to go back to the cubicle to get dressed which I did but wondered briefly if I was allowed to leave the cubicle of my own volition because they hadn’t actually said I could but I took a chance and left anyway throwing a cheery thank you and goodbye over my shoulder as I did (no return cheery anything from the nurse on the desk)
Phew I was out and into my car in a flash and did a wheel spinning exit from the car park


So the Forest of Dean gets my vote for customer service  0_0
Welcome to The Dark Side / Stitch Size
« Last post by Lowena on Today at 11:19:25 »
What length stitch do you use for piecing? My machine's default is 2.5 but I find that possibly a bit small
I wouldn't mind knowing which width you use either ;)
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