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Hand Sewn / Darning These Beauties!
« Last post by Lolli on Yesterday at 23:40:14 »
I wanted to share what literally took me every evening last week to complete. It takes so long to darn them, sew elastics and ribbon on, then calamine them to finish them off. They'll look battered before long!

Your Favourite Suppliers / Re: Embellishment, Trim & Applique Shops?
« Last post by Lolli on Yesterday at 23:30:01 »
Excellent thank you for the suggestions! Buying fabric and cutting bits out is a great idea, you could gets lots that way.

Alternatively, just come over and visit me and take a look through mine - I have LOADS!!!  :D

Hmm where do you live again?? 🤔🤔
Dress Forms / Re: Any Tips?
« Last post by Lolli on Yesterday at 23:22:10 »
So I thought I'd bite the bullet and buy a dress form from Hobkirks last night only to see on their website that the size I wanted was out of stock. I rang them today to see when they'd get it back in and they've ordered me one direct from Adjustoform at the same price. Free delivery too even though it's not coming from them, granted it'll take longer to arrive but even so you can't beat that for service. I'm chuffed, and excited for it to arrive. I'm sure it will prove extremely useful  :D
Hi, I'm new... / Re: Another one from the US
« Last post by Surest1tch on Yesterday at 22:33:38 »
Welcome from me too Jesster  :drink:
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: The Great Cushion Cover Swap 2018
« Last post by Kenora on Yesterday at 21:56:27 »
Still thinking - the design and choice of colours is the hardest part as far as I'm concerned.  -< Might take me some time!  :S
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: The Great Cushion Cover Swap 2018
« Last post by Sandra on Yesterday at 20:59:06 »
I think I've sorted out which fabrics I'll be using and I've had the time to start cutting out.

I've only used fabrics from my stash and I think I've found a good combination.

Fun with Fabric / Re: Another jersey question
« Last post by Francesca on Yesterday at 20:14:18 »
Fabric Godmother is a nice site too.
Today... / Re: Chilly Wednesday 21st March
« Last post by Francesca on Yesterday at 20:11:39 »
@Francesca: not long now before you move to your new team. :D

9th April, and I've been working a cross-team project which includes one of my new team members so it's been nice to work with him. Got a coffee date with my new senior developer next week too. My boss seems to have decided to just disappear and has been spending most of his time at different offices, working from home or ignoring my emails  0_0
Today... / Re: Chilly Wednesday 21st March
« Last post by hernibs on Yesterday at 19:50:33 »
About the transport costs.....over here those over 60 can travel anywhere in Northern Ireland on buses or trains (not too many trains over here) for absolutely nothing.
When we are 65 we can travel the length and breadth of Ireland also for nothing - and we should take more advantage of it than we do.
Of course when we go 'across the water' we are only entitled to a senior discount after 9.30.
We are grateful for free transport and free prescriptions, free eye tests but not free dental but as we have an NHS dentist the charges are peanuts compared to our former dentist who charged a lot.
Vintage Machines / Re: Charity shop finds
« Last post by Deafoldbat on Yesterday at 19:31:47 »
The W&W has also been rehomed, once I figure out how to get it here (it's in temporary lodgings for the moment). Further down the slippery slope...oh dear :|

DH said 'What??? Why???' then said 'Does this mean I can have my fruit machine?' Now really, what does he think the answer will be to that? ;)
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