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Vintage Machines / Re: Singer 99K with knee lever
« Last post by Roger on Yesterday at 22:51:13 »
Thats a cutie!

my Grasshopper is knee lever, and its a nice way to control a machine. the mechanism on the grasshopper is very simplistic so very easy to control/maintain, I reckon the Singer one is a bit more sophisticated.

Cant wait to see it polished up.
Vintage Machines / Re: 185k
« Last post by Roger on Yesterday at 22:32:23 »
Hi Ella,
I think a 185 might be good for kids, mine use an old Grasshopper. its a compact straight stitch so it should be a good size, the belt on my elna is set so its not too grippy so it slips if they run the motor too fast and it stops sewing.

Id check if it turns, it'll probably need a good clean and oil anyway, you may need to replace the main wire (especially if the insulation is damaged. you may need to remove a capacitor. It takes uncomplicated needles and shouldnt be a fussy machine. They're not dissimilar to a 99, just in a more modern shell. I have heard some people say they prefer handcrank for kids and theyre safer and there is I suspect mileage in that. the pedal may be tricky as the old style pedals are a little tricky and my little guys like the knee lever on the grasshopper, its at a good height for their raised chairs.

185 should be lovely I reckon, attractive machine and good place to start. Reminds me i should do my daughter some stitch patterns, so she can try some more sewing :)
In the wardrobe / Re: Jalie sweatshirt
« Last post by Lilian on Yesterday at 22:12:56 »
That looks great and congrats for the weight loss  :)
In the wardrobe / Re: Jalie sweatshirt
« Last post by Ellabella on Yesterday at 21:57:41 »
Four sizes wow!

Looks lovely as does the garden.
Fun with Fabric / Re: FQ's
« Last post by RJR_38 on Yesterday at 21:35:00 »
Doughty’s, Empress Mills and Bramble patch.

If I’m feeling really bad I order bulk lots from USA (even with shipping it can work out cheaper)  :devil:
Today... / Re: Saturday 17th August
« Last post by FloBear on Yesterday at 21:13:04 »
Presumably next is a car that pumps up its own tyres and lets you know it's done!
Today... / Re: Saturday 17th August
« Last post by Bodgeitandscarper on Yesterday at 21:04:12 »
Your car tells you to pump up your tyres??  Whatever will they think of next!
I mean I felt rather good - but had to confess that it really wasn't me  LOL

No worries, and I'm sure Lillian will laugh

Best wishes

"OMG sorry @LeilaMay and apologies to Lilian."

Goes off feeling slightly silly.  :S
  :) :) :)
I also had been mulling over the idea of entering this competition but things kept getting in the way of even starting! I’ll be watching with interest to see all your plans develop. If there’s a similar competition next year, I will make a concerted effort to enter! Good luck all!
*They are 12 and 9 years old now.

* colours - I don't have much contact with the family (but would still like to gift them something lasting) so I don't really know what colours or patterns they would like, but I've seen photos of them with the ends of their hair dyed - one purple and one pink so incorporating using those?

It's very nice of you to make quilts for them  <3 but I would re-Think the colour choice, because favourite colours (especially for hairs!) Can change quickly in their age...  ><

What do your think about a Chevron Quilt?
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