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Current Projects / Re: quilt
« Last post by Morzel on Today at 07:24:06 »
@CraftyIrish the quilt looks great so far! Any progress on the border decisions?
Current Projects / Re: What to do with old CDs
« Last post by Morzel on Today at 07:20:19 »
Great idea, @Efemera, thanks!  And such good workmanship as well.
@Kitten that calendar is soo cute! Did you buy the panel twice to add the pockets? The back fabric is lovely too - your Grandchild is a lucky kid!
Today... One thread per day / Re: Sat 24 October
« Last post by Stitches on Today at 06:49:31 »
Sorry to hear your news @Sheilago :hug:
Well - I achieved my goal! I lifted 84.5kg!! Feeling a bit pleased . . . :faints:
Adding Zing & Bling / Re: Christmas decorations ITH
« Last post by Sara-S on Today at 01:07:05 »
Can you explain more about how ITH works?  I am new to machine embroidery.
Hi, I'm new... / Re: Wedding dress
« Last post by mudcat on Today at 00:35:18 »
@DementedFairy nice to you ... I have missed your blog posts. 

I hope your eyes straighten out soon.
@SewRuthieSews how about discharge paste with stencils?  I wouldn't use bleach.  I've used the paste in the past.
Patterns Discussion / Re: Style Arc Casey Coat
« Last post by mudcat on Today at 00:12:51 »
@Tamnymore SA will send you grading instructions if you ask.  I got them for the Linda pants a few years ago. 

I actually prefer the single size pdf where they then give you the size you ordered plus one size up and one size down. 
Today... One thread per day / Re: Sat 24 October
« Last post by mudcat on Yesterday at 23:57:24 »
Good afternoon/evening everyone

Giving the cover stitch a time out today. It didn't like the thinner rayon/lycra yesterday.  :'(   Need to regroup tomorrow and figure out what adjustments need to be made.

I've been to the store and made a nice mango/red onion/lime/mint salsa to go with our sea bass/scallops tonight.  Otherwise I'll be reading and watching foreign movies the rest of the day.

Condolences @Sheilago

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