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Today... / Re: Sunday 19th August
« Last post by DementedFairy on Yesterday at 23:14:03 »
I’ve done ordinary roast broccoli but that sounds delicious...will try that with the cauli too.

It went down very well with our guests [they went home with my recipe and the little girl asked for seconds, just of the broccoli!]
Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: Sew Red for The Eve Appeal
« Last post by Lachica on Yesterday at 23:07:53 »
I have some ?viscose? which I was given at sewing club. I tried to leave it there but was persuaded it's 'my colour'. It's an orangey red and I'd usually go for a purply red andit has a 'tablecloth' design woven in...not something I'd usually choose for myself. It has a beautiful drape and doesn't crease. Anyway, I've traced off a Prima shirtdress pattern today and will make it & donate for Vege. I may also donate the finished dress....we'll see.
Finally got round to putting together the trouser pattern today. Need to make a toile first. Also stuck together the pattern for my turtleneck which will be in SWAKOP. Lots and lots of things started and not a lot finished...
Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: Refashion, Upcycle & Recycle Competition
« Last post by Lachica on Yesterday at 23:01:10 »
@Sakar we had a week in Iceland but very bad weather so it was hard to see much. Whale watching was cancelled due to poor weather and we didn't see the Aurora. However, the cathedral, the museum, the big sphere which I can never remember the name of, the famous geysers, the geothermal power plant, and of course Ringvellir were all amazing, likewise the lava fields. The blue lagoon too, though luxuriating in the outfall from a power station doesn't sound quite right!
Fun with Fabric / Re: Getting rid of that "charity shop smell"
« Last post by Francesca on Yesterday at 22:54:39 »
I've heard freezing things helps get rid of smells.
Patterns Discussion / Re: Diagonal Dart Problem
« Last post by Greybird on Yesterday at 22:42:53 »
As far as I can see the only difference would be that the dart will emanate from the side seam instead of from the bottom of the garment. It will be like the dresses we used to make in the 60s - my first wedding dress had darts just like that.
Wow! That has to be the winner! I like the idea of using reflective piping & tape for the design (it is a wonderful cathedral in Reykjavik I agree). Your handles are well thought out. The Greek keyhole stitching round the sides must have taken ages and is very effective.

100% agree with every word you write. @Sakar, your creation is superb.
Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Aldi quilt - first big project
« Last post by Bogwoppit on Yesterday at 22:00:03 »
Thanks @BrendaP that explains why I couldn't find any examples when I searched.
I've been following a free Moda pattern called Links.

Moda Links
Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: Sew Red for The Eve Appeal
« Last post by Francesca on Yesterday at 21:54:13 »
would red/black or red/blue tartan be ok. Red is the dominant colour in both pieces I have.

Sounds fab :)
Patterns Discussion / Re: Diagonal Dart Problem
« Last post by Francesca on Yesterday at 21:43:04 »
I believe this is a French dart, where both side dart and waist dart are combined. Is that right?
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