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Did  they offer to buy and fix it?  I thought not.  An excellent  introduction for your daughter to a lifetime pleasure.  Much better than one of those horrid toys.
Today... / Re: Ha Ha, its Saturday the ?? of January
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 02:04:14 »
Oh Bu66ery bu66ery bollockas ... another nosebleed ...

I had one in the middle of last night too! BUM!
Embroidery Machines / Re: Innovis NV1250
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 01:55:24 »
Absolutely! Be careful Wychall you may well become TSP's EM repair man!
Today... / Ha Ha, its Saturday the ?? of January
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 01:41:52 »
and I can legitimately start the today thread at stupid O'clock ...

as the Moo came up to bed an hour or so ago and we've both been lying there as wide awake as wide awake things on National wide awake day and I have taken the unilateral decision to come down (as if it were eight in the morning) and start the day!!

The Mei has been fed, I have been ... ahem ... watered (well it is still technically the evening/night) I have re-lit the fire and there is the remains of a Cadbury's Fruit and Nut bar  by my side ... Now don't look at me like that ... it was a gift from Christmas, so I've done pretty well!  Lovely!

Don't know about the weather but all seems quiet out there, that is apart from the Chinook helicopter (or whatever the army uses as a pleasure craft these days) who blasted past about a half hour or so ago. ... so not much to report!

I will no doubt drag my sorry (and ever expanding) a*** to bed in an hour or three but when you wake to your Saturday, peeps, have a good one! :) xxx
I just turned a featherweight into a hand crank and removed the motor and will let my 8 year old learn to sew on it.  You should have seen the comments I got for that, and it ranged from destroying the machine to me being mental for allowing a child to use that expensive machine (aside from the fact it looks like a toy).

No one paid attention to the fact that the motor had been on fire before.
The wiring was shot throughout the machine due to that fire.
Fixing it was more then the machine was worth.
I spent a week cleaning, oiling and refurbishing the machine to make it work.
Doing this made it usable and not a boat anchor.

Today... / Re: Friday 17th
« Last post by Lachica on Yesterday at 22:05:28 »
Flipping freezing here. Radiator flat out in our living room. Middle part of the house is an ice box😣 cooking in a zipped up parka feels like camping. First fix electrics on Wednesday, plumbing yesterday while we were at DD's. Floor screed done today while we were out for lunch with friends. Screed is 60mm deep & dries at a rate of 1mm per day. So that's 2 months before flooring can go down😫 There was me concerned about the lead time for kitchen cabinets. I really hope the doors arrive soon, it will be so much warmer without the wind whistling in through gaps in the garage doors.

Last night we aquaplaned 3 times on the M40 coming back from DD's. We've had the car 7 years and it's the first time the antiskid thingummy has activated. Nice to know it works but the flashing lights are a bit distracting.
Darkside Diaries / Re: Sara’s sewing story
« Last post by Sara-S on Yesterday at 21:59:42 »
I made these mug rugs for a goodie basket, to be raffled off at the quilt guild fund-raiser.  I will make several scented candles to go with them.
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Embroidery Machines / Re: Innovis NV1250
« Last post by Ellabella on Yesterday at 21:15:24 »
That must be a great relief, its a good job you have the ability and confidence to sort these things out.
Oh dear @Bjay, how did you do that?

Hope things improve soon.
Embroidery Machines / Re: Innovis NV1250
« Last post by Wychall on Yesterday at 21:10:44 »
My Brother now has his skin back on. The needle drop point was 0.5mm to the left and the needle bar was 1mm too low. These would both have resulted in the hook timing being out, hence the missed stitches. Furthermore, the previous owner had put a piece of stabiliser under the inner bobbin race for some reason, and this was fouling the needle. Perhaps that was the cause of the lockups and motor drive belt jumping. So now the sewing stitches were good but embroidery kept causing the upper thread to snap. Not trusting the cheap thread that the machine came with I substituted some Gutteman sewing thread. The design then whizzed through with no problems. The cheapy threads were replaced with Madeira Rayon 40 and all is well. This is all with the original inner bobbin race so I haven't needed the 3 new ones that I bought. Just goes to show why these machines need to be serviced regularly. Not so forgiving as the black Singers.
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