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Today... / Re: Celebration time!
« Last post by Lowena on Today at 17:52:39 »
Thank you everyone.We had a lovely afternoon in Sheringham
In the wardrobe / Re: Chiffon Dress
« Last post by Bodgeitandscarper on Today at 17:08:40 »
Re the stretch - I would think if you are using just the sleeves and collar, then making the body plain and loose but with elastic at the waist, then it would work?  I'd be trying to use binding for the back opening I think, but Ive never really sewn something like that, and chiffon may be even more difficult.

I'll be interested to see how you get on, don't forget the pics  :)
Vintage Machines / Re: Buttonholer for a 99K
« Last post by BrendaP on Today at 16:57:32 »
I have a BH006 which came from Helen, it had been oiled and came with a sample so I knew what  to expect from it.  I also have one with a limited number of cams.

It makes buttonholes with bartacks both ends.  The ones with cams do the keyhole ends, but they are generally more expensive and harder to find.  IME the keyhole buttonholes are not always as good as the bartack ones.
In the wardrobe / Re: Chiffon Dress
« Last post by BrendaP on Today at 16:47:46 »
That pattern says for moderate stretch knits only.  I think that means about 25% stretch.  Does your chiffon have that much stretch?
Today... / Re: Monday 16th September
« Last post by BrendaP on Today at 16:43:23 »
Where are you going @BrendaP ?  If you are near to Evesham I can point you towards a good shop for jersey fabric!

@sewingj  We are staying at Bishop's Frome, between Worcester and Hereford.

 Whilst town centres are not generally on our holiday itineries it's good to know that such shops still exist.
Today... / Re: Celebration time!
« Last post by Celia on Today at 16:42:02 »
Happy birthday  :toast:
Today... / Re: Celebration time!
« Last post by So Chic on Today at 16:40:29 »
Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday   :toast: :cake:
In the wardrobe / Re: Reversible jacket (2 sides of same fabric)
« Last post by SkoutSews on Today at 15:54:55 »
I like the fabric, it's going to be very smart and useful for the autumn days.
Could you do something with magnetic fastenings? Just a thought.
Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: We have a winner....
« Last post by indigotiger on Today at 15:54:32 »
I just sent a PM...  I didn't realise that the badge might be an actual object that would be sent to me. ..I am pretty new here and thought it was some kind of virtual image graphic!?😁
In the wardrobe / Chiffon Dress
« Last post by charlotte on Today at 15:45:59 »
Looking to make a sheer dress to be worn over a shift/slip. Using the sleeves and neckline from Vogue 1558 but with an elasticated waist, so no pleats or waist seam. I have a cheap poly chiffon and a pricier embroidered one, so I am thinking overlocked seams for the cheap one as a wearable muslin, and then french seams for the fancier one. I would prefer to leave out the zip, so I am thinking a keyhole/open upper back and a button on the back collar.

Any tips for a keyhole back in sheer fabric? Haven't quite decided how I will do it yet: I could leave the back seam in and leave it open half-way, or cut out the keyhole and use bias binding, or use a facing, or add a split back yoke. Any other suggestions? If I use bias-binding can I use self-fabric or do I need something more opaque?
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