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What a lovely quilt @WendyW  Jst love the sort of 'art deco like' look of this pattern  :)
House Beautiful / Re: Futon upholstery
« Last post by Lilian on Today at 00:00:14 »
Very nice indeed @Manuela nicely done.  Love the colours  :)
Beautiful @Iminei  :) The quilting is so precise and really suits the design.  Lucky people!  :vintage: :)
I want one too, but its definitely a want rather than a need.  Britain is a bit far to ship one though.  They are pretty rare down here. 
For the US it's a pretty good deal.

I have 2 black ones as it is, and I use one and need to fix the other.  I'll wind up giving the latter to my daughter one day and letting her use it to sew on.
Looking at his other items, I think it might be a dealer, probably one of those 'cash for stuff' places.  Perhaps the dirty marks are from someone trying to move all the bits to see if it is OK.  Looks like the base sat somewhere dirty. 
He also has a Bernina with no feet other than the basic one, although it does have a pedal. Somehow I don't fancy it.
I've got a watch on that one, I'm just curious what it will eventually go for. As of last night it was still at £221. I absolutely definitely will not be going after it, if and I really mean IF I buy another machine it'll be either a Singer hand crank, a fiddle base or a treadle. I've got 11 machines now, I can't find time to use any of them so tell me why I'd love to add those 3 pleeeaaase 😢
Sewing Machines / Re: Very small, light, simple machine
« Last post by Francesca on Yesterday at 20:07:32 »
I'd definitely recommend the little featherweight I linked then. I had it when I was a child, it was my great auntie's machine I think she had spare. I don't remember it being an "excellent" machine but nor being a bad one. I made a lot of things on it, especially bags. I am sure it could cope with a few hrs of craft club every now and again. It was definitely fairly light (I think it had a handle too) as I used to be able to carry it at 12 years old. I sold it to my bellydance teacher when I was at uni.
That's gorgeous.
I saw that too, some people never cease to amaze me 🙀
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