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:devil:  Trees part of the fabric @Celia
That’s great fabric for your block and you have made the best of it.
Today... / Re: Sunday 18th August
« Last post by Ann on Today at 16:44:15 »
Thinking of you @Francesca. It is hard when a loved one passes before you have your planned visit.

This morning was cool so I was out the door to weed the thorny hedge. Am about 1/3 done weeding and trimming both sides. The previous owners put it in to deter the kids from short cutting across the property. It worked. I am aching from all the crawling on my hands and knees and my bad knee decide to flare up some. I'll live to do more tomorrow.

Planning on sewing for a bit this afternoon as it is raining out. We need the rain so no complaining. Out for family dinner to talk about the trip to Scotland next summer not happening. DS will be having surgery to fix his shoulder in the next year and we doubt if he will be ready to go. We have said his surgery takes priority over a family trip.

Hope everyone has had a great day.
This is going to be fabulous, I love the king tut and the haunted house is inspired. Methinks that this is going to be somewhat better than the original "Quiltalongathon" :)
 I am going to have a go at a bias cut petticoat ( if I have time ) Ideally I would like matching pants, depending how fast it goes. I am fed up with slips that are cut for a.much smaller bust.
Today... / Re: Sunday 18th August
« Last post by maliw on Today at 16:38:52 »
Condolences @Francesca, so sorry to hear your news but if you'd gone home when you got the news there would have been nothing you could do. You did all you could while your Nanny was alive and that's what counts, remember her with happy memories.
I've managed to spend the afternoon sewing, all requests for stuff finished and spent some time on the scrappy quilt top - still going after more than a year ><
Today... / Re: Sunday 18th August
« Last post by Silver Rose on Today at 16:00:19 »
Condolences Fran, thinking of you. You were such a lovely thoughtful granddaughter to your Nanny.
Today... / Re: Sunday 18th August
« Last post by Helen M on Today at 15:48:40 »
Thinking of you Fran.
In the wardrobe / Re: First solo garment attempt...
« Last post by Manuela on Today at 15:46:06 »
@RJR_38, congratulations on your first finished garment. It’s not a bad effoert, and the next one will be better.
Have a look at our tutorial section here, there is an excellent tutorial on installing invisible zips.
Today... / Re: Sunday 18th August
« Last post by Lachica on Today at 15:12:21 »
My condolences Fran. Try to remember your nanny as she was before the cruel dementia took her. You had good times with her which she also enjoyed. Xx
Love the blocks, and that haunted house is sooooooo cute  :loveit:
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