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Today... / Re: Monday, Monday 21st October
« Last post by MitchOfTheNorth on Yesterday at 18:56:39 »
WendyW, it's the feeding that's illegal.  That includes deer - there are no food plots for deer hunting.  DD2 is out today deer hunting.  A bear destroys your plum tree just as the fruit comes ripe - not a problem - maybe you need some fencing.  Windfall apples all over your yard - that's a problem because the fruit is now garbage.  Plenty of people call Conservation after the bear has destroyed their tree - "Do something about the bear".  If the bear is aggressive, it will be destroyed.  Homeowners get a warning or fined - same as leaving garbage out.  And there are repeat offenders, people who didn't get the message the first time or even the third time.  If people don't want the fruit or can't harvest it, there are groups associated with food banks who will harvest it.  In BC, we have a lot of black bears - between 120,000 to 160,000.  It's not uncommon for bears to be found in our cities, lured in by easy food sources.
The Haberdashery / Re: Ironing in style
« Last post by Gernella on Yesterday at 18:50:35 »
Bit of a beggar though when the highlight of the week is a new ironing board, I really ought to go out more.
Today... / Re: Monday, Monday 21st October
« Last post by BrendaP on Yesterday at 18:10:37 »
Her I am faffing about on the computer instead of typing up the minutes, not in the mood, but they need doing so that I can get them all sent out, so instead I have...……

Sounds just like me!  I'm procrastinating about typing up some minutes that shouldn't really take very long to do once I get started.

... so instead I have done a bit of ironing,  been out to lunch, (on the way to buying some milk!) knitted a few rounds of a baby hat and added some stirrups/underfoot bands to the Pilates leggings I made last week and answered a couple of emails.

There doesn't seem to be any way of copying it or I'd show you the picture.

Is this the one ????

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The Haberdashery / Re: Ironing in style
« Last post by Gernella on Yesterday at 18:05:10 »
Well the ironing board has arrived, and stored upstairs safely without prying eyes seeing it.  Touch and go mind you, it arrived at 3.20 instead of before 2.45 (latest time in the delivery slot).  I was in the hall with my coffee playing with new kitten, (I also had the inner door open so it didn't buzz when opened).  I thought he'd finished his coffee early and gone back to the garage to finish something he was making off.  He hadn't and when I eventually went into the kitchen after delivery many had gone he was stood washing his cup.

All I can say is thank goodness he is deaf, and won't wear his hearing aid at home during the the daytime because it uses too many batteries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Machine Accessories / Re: walking foot
« Last post by BrendaP on Yesterday at 18:04:28 »
If they are both low shank then it should fit, but as already pointed out, check that the feed dogs on the machine match with the feed on the walking foot.  I can physically attach my Husqvarna walking foot to the  :vintage: Singer 201, but the teeth don't match so it doesn't work properly.
Today... / Re: Monday, Monday 21st October
« Last post by WendyW on Yesterday at 17:48:04 »
@MitchOfTheNorth  I'm in Minnesota, so bears are not unknown here! I'm in an area populated enough to not have problems with them, but my parents once had one try to break into their kitchen window. Thankfully it was one of those slatted trailer windows that was way too small for him to get through. I'm not familiar with all the laws re: feeding wildlife, but I know it's illegal here to "bait" for bears for hunting. The idea that having an unpicked fruit tree would be considered "feeding" the bears seems crazy. I can see how it's an unwise thing to have in the yard, but illegal?? (I'm not doubting your word, just questioning the thought process of those who make the laws.)
A Good Yarn / Re: Seamless Knitting
« Last post by Ploshkin on Yesterday at 17:42:52 »
One wouldn’t be the Bee Keeper cardigan would it @Ploshkin ?

Actually no Ellabella but it could be the colour that's offputting.  I rather like the thick cardigan with the double breasted front and the sweater that's called Whisky & Rye.
Today... / Re: Monday, Monday 21st October
« Last post by MitchOfTheNorth on Yesterday at 17:38:09 »
Ploshkin, hopefully, within a month or so, the bears will be hibernating.  We are surrounded front & back by a game trail.  So, he is just looking for an easy meal - unpicked fruit trees, garbage left out, pet or livestock feed.  So, we have an electric fence that will stop a bear and the poultry feed is stored in decommissioned explosive magazines (also keeps out the rats).  Since we seem to part of his nightly route, we need to be aware when we're going in & out of our cars - but we're well lit.  Bears that are just a nuisance - wrong place at the wrong time are relocated - bear in the school yard or a residential area - will be trapped or tranquilized and released elsewhere.  You really don't want to surprise them - bad things can happen.  The truth is a fed bear is a dead bear.  A bear habituated to people is dangerous.  They can't be relocated - anyone who encounters them in the back country would be in danger.  A bear can break a window or rip the door open on your car to get to food inside it.  They have entered houses through open windows & doors.  Because it is illegal to feed wildlife in BC, if you have unpicked fruit or nut trees, unsecured garbage, unsecured livestock, Conservation can & will charge you.  It can be several thousand dollars.  Usually, it's a warning to have it cleaned up by the time the officer comes back.  This was on the news this morning Scouts & Bear

From K to 12, every spring, the local schools have a biologist come in and teach bear awareness and cougar safety.  If I'm perfectly honest, I'm more fearful of cougars than bears.  You will never see a cougar coming. 
A Good Yarn / Re: Seamless Knitting
« Last post by Ellabella on Yesterday at 17:27:42 »
One wouldn’t be the Bee Keeper cardigan would it @Ploshkin ?
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