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A Good Yarn / Re: Baby Booties
« Last post by SkoutSews on Yesterday at 13:31:27 »
Those little boots are gorgeous, no wonder they've been gratefully received. Even I might have a bash at something as small as that (though without a doubt they won't turn out as well as yours have). Is the pattern available to share or are there copyright issues?
A Good Yarn / Re: Baby Booties
« Last post by Bodgeitandscarper on Yesterday at 13:30:53 »
They look lovely!
Today... / Re: Thursday, 5 December
« Last post by Bodgeitandscarper on Yesterday at 13:27:30 »
You know the mantra @Bodgeitandscarper ....if in doubt, Chuck it out!  :D
@Lowena I'm trying very, very hard to channel my inner Lowena with the yarn stash that came with the knitting machine, I have filled one box with chuck outs.  I did point out to t'Other Half that one cupboard shelf (a large shelf!) is full of his CDs, but didn't get much reaction...
A Good Yarn / Baby Booties
« Last post by annieeg on Yesterday at 13:21:10 »
This is a pattern which @b15erk passed on and I've already made 3 pairs of these for different new babies.
They are very cute, and certainly well-received - pic attached  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  .
Thanks again, Jessie. :)
Annieeg x
Today... / Re: Thursday, 5 December
« Last post by Francesca on Yesterday at 13:14:53 »
Today I am working from home as I had the dentist this morning.

I managed to get some errands done over lunch time. We are going to Bruges this weekend so full tank of petrol, tyres pumped up and car washed and cleaned. I've just got to dig around the house for the headlight dazzler things so we can drive in France  :S

This evening I am hoping to make some headway on a pyjama set I'm making for myself. Leggings and a long-sleeve LDT in cotton jersey.
The Haberdashery / Re: Rough pins
« Last post by Kwaaked on Yesterday at 13:14:23 »
New pins can also be rough.  I buy the 5000 Iris bucket and still have rough and unsharpened pins throughout.  And pins do get dull from use.

I don't generally sew over them, not that I an a purist on this count but because of college/type of machine.

Today... / Re: Thursday, 5 December
« Last post by Renegade Sewist on Yesterday at 13:11:11 »
No, no @Lowena , it's "when in danger or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout." Works a treat most days.

ETA: Oh joy. It's 5 AM, I've yet to go to sleep and I've got an optical migraine just now starting. The biggest, nastiest one so far. Crap. I get the aura without the headache. Or, for fun, the headache starts after.
The Haberdashery / Re: Rough pins
« Last post by HenriettaMaria on Yesterday at 12:42:00 »
I sew over pins that are perpendicular to the fabric but only if absolutely necessary - I'd rather remove them before they or the needle break!
Current Projects / Re: Batik quilt #2
« Last post by Lilian on Yesterday at 12:39:30 »
That's really lovely @Ploshkin  just love the colours  :loveit:  :)
Adding Zing & Bling / Re: Questions from a Machine Embroidery Virgin.
« Last post by Acorn on Yesterday at 12:29:19 »
I think you need to rinse the stabiliser out more thoroughly - it shouldn't leave any residue at all.

Are you using the plastic-y soluble stabiliser, or the one that feels as though it's woven?  If it's the plastic-y one you'll probably find the other one will behave better and is unlikely to tear.
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