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I found it difficult to screw up my monitor and chuck it in the bin. Also...couldn't find an easy way to do HSTs.  :S
Have you seen Stitch fiddle? If you pretend you're doing cross stitch you can colour in wee squares.  :)
Today... One thread per day / Re: Wednesday 12th August
« Last post by Ohsewsimple on Yesterday at 13:21:06 »
Another hot one here.  Looks like the thunderstorms will go round us!   :(

Had a bad night last night.  No air, stifling hot in the bedroom.  Still awake at 1.30 this morning and woke at 6.45.  Going to be a bit tired later.

Had breakfast outside.  Got too hot for coffee there. Ocado delivery came early today.  But garage is hot so by the time I finished putting stuff away etc I was dripping. 

Nothing being done today.  Seems familiar.  Will just sit and read or listen to an audiobook.
Sewing Professionally / Re: How I Made a Waistcoat Larger
« Last post by Sandra on Yesterday at 13:13:02 »
I hope you are properly appreciated!

Not especially, no.
I've found out this morning, how much the customer has been charged for this job. £15 each waistcoat.  >< They (the agent) decided what to charge without any input from me and without me seeing or advising what options there were.

As you know, I work through a middle-man. The Dry Cleaner has to do all the running around between the agent and myself, so obviously he wants something for his part in it all. Fair enough.
Sometimes though, it's more than I get. If I do a little job and charge £5 he might charge £12.
The agent knows this, so they must have assumed I'd charge about £6 - £7 for the work on these waistcoats.

I've charged £15 each for what I've done and I'm OK with that.
If I'd known what the customer was paying, I'd have bunged a couple of odd strips of fabric in the sides. I probably should have done. Even doing that, I still have to add pieces in the lining too...£6 - £7 isn't a lot is it?
But I try to do as good a job as I can.

Today... One thread per day / Re: Wednesday 12th August
« Last post by Syrinx on Yesterday at 13:08:08 »
Seems I'm not dying of the 'rona. Just sinus infection as usual. Didn't think I was but nice to know for sure 😂
Today... One thread per day / Re: Double TSP birthday wishes
« Last post by Ohsewsimple on Yesterday at 12:50:08 »
Happy birthday to you both.   :toast: :cake:
Machine Accessories / Re: DIY thread distributor
« Last post by Kwaaked on Yesterday at 12:48:30 »
@wrenkins using the pin isn't always feasible with some of the antique machines.  If I use a modern spool on most of my machines in use, the thread wraps around the pin regardless of how slow I actually sew.  I either have to rewind smaller spools or figure out another way.

I use this for my 201, and have the FW versions on those:

At the studio, I have wall mounted stands...sort of a weird cross of industrial thread stands and thread racks since I can use them on my industrial treadle/treadles and domestic machines in use there without having to have different items for each...they all work. 

My treadle at home uses a mug system because it's in my living room and not always set up.  Kids, cats and a DH who think it's cool forces me to close it up.  Well, it's not really a's in an antique string minder that comes out of the top with a spool pin inside...but why I use that is a different topic.

Now, I DO use cone thread because I am cheap for the most part, but there is times I have modern spools.  Like now at home where I have been making masks.  The Coates and Clark I just bought for it won't work on the treadle because it's cross wound, so I don't use the pin at all. 

As to why the mug @Sewot part of it is for stabilization, part is to keep the thread from turning into a mess and bouncing all over the place and part is to keep the thread path where you want it.  I know myself, I sew too damn fast to just put it on the table behind.  And yes, my treadle sews as fast as a modern one.  I can get it to 2000 SPM and sew somewhere in the 750-1000 SPM range usually (unless I am sewing buttonholes, then it's a 1-2 count with the ticking of the attachment and the speed is dramatically lower).

edit: Pete, you did the same thing a mug/safety pin does with your set up.
Today... One thread per day / Re: Wednesday 12th August
« Last post by Sandra on Yesterday at 12:40:34 »'s soooo hot and sticky today. This is the stickiest I've noticed since this hot weather arrived.

Dry Cleaner called with just a handful of jobs and I've done them already.  :)
I'm done with work for today.

KayK's cats have made me smile. It's lovely to hear that they've settled in.
Wish we felt some love from our cat.

Machine Accessories / Re: DIY thread distributor
« Last post by Sewot on Yesterday at 12:25:12 »
The safety pin just slides down onto the spool pin. The orange bit is the thread and the black circle is your spool pin. As you can see my craft is better than my art.

If you're not using cones, use your machine's spool pin. That's what it's for.
Thank you for the explanation.
I do not really like using my spool pin any more as it makes quite a racket and I have read up about thread distribution ie how cross wound thread should leave its spool/ reel.
I found some tiny eyes I had floating about my workshop so took five minutes attaching it.
It works!!!!!
" Pearl" my ( new) Singer 237 is acting as model for the " eye" mod.
I need now to make a nice wooden base for her.
I have some nice figured Campfor wood which will do the trick nicely.
I did not like the plastic case.
Cheap, horrid and acted as a sound box to amplify the machine noise.
I love quiet machines.
This one is!.
Hasnt uttered a word yet!!
She just sings like Singers do.

 :) Thanks, Acorn for the clicky linky thingies.

@Ploshkin I think I understand your banter old chap!

I've worked out on my computer (modern version of pempcil and graft paper @wrenkins  ;) ) how to add a row of blocks top and bottom that would work but I like the idea of echoing some of the pattern in the border rather than repeating it repeating it wholesale. And it would mean I didn't have to worry about running out of fussy-cut birds.
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