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Today... / Re: Sunday 19th January 2020
« Last post by sewingj on Today at 09:41:15 »
@Tamnymore  which Karcher have you got? We don't have double glazing and I'm seriously fed up with mopping up condensation
Today... / Re: Monday 20th January
« Last post by Lowena on Today at 09:40:10 »
Had a fall this morning  :(
Stepped backwards,caught my foot in the edge of the rug...fell backwards and banged my head in the radiator! Now got two big bumps on my head, been sick, got a headache and a bruised bum  :S
Hi, I'm new... / Re: A BIG TSP Welcome to our 1,000th Member
« Last post by Greybird on Today at 09:36:54 »
Hello and welcome!
Darkside Diaries / Re: Pearl’s progress 2020
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 09:33:32 »
Butt FPP ??? Really ... when I did the galleon for Reubens quilt, I just joined bits of fabric into a large enough pieces of fabric and cut the ship and sails from those using a template ....
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Today... / Re: Monday 20th January
« Last post by Ohsewsimple on Today at 09:25:49 »
Sunny and frosty again here but a bit more cloud than recently.
Have to go to Hobbycraft soon to get some thread.  Just hope they have it.  I hate going there.  But if I want sewing thread I now have at least a 6 mile trip one way.  Thinking of getting a thread wrapped shade card so I can order online.  It's not ideal as I like to unwind it to make sure. But  this costs me a fortune! 
If I get the thread I may start to machine the blind. All the hand tacking was finished yesterday.  I Also got most of my top finished.  Just the hem to do. 
Have a good day all. 
Today... / Re: Monday 20th January
« Last post by Iminei on Today at 09:21:01 »
Its freeeeeezing out there after a much disturbed night where I fed the Moo no less than three times and stopped the radiator turning on in my room 4 times (I think it has some sort of danger mode when the temp in the room falls too low) ... but as I sleep with the window open, Im not heating Blooming Blandford, so have to jump up and cancel the radiator valve every time I hear the Awooowa ... (think old timey Motor horn) ... of the valve calling for help heat!

Good morning all on this first properly Winters morning (well down here in DDD) and a very good morning to our
1000th registered member, SoFloosie  ....
as well as our 1001st, Dyedintnhewool 
and our 1002nd, SewingCipher from Oz whos been a bit busy rescuing the wildlife over there the last couple of weeks !

Have good Mondays peeps and keep warm out there!

@Acorn  ... Has Mr A tipped to the last embroidered pressie yet????
Not my preferred style either but it’s an alternative.
Today... / Re: Monday 20th January
« Last post by sewingj on Today at 09:14:21 »
Not getting much sleep  as I'm coughing so much - consequently not much energy during the day.
Bright and frosty today which is a great improvement on continuous fog yesterday.
Am trying to empty my chest freezer so we're having some very strange meals at the moment!
Today... / Re: Monday 20th January
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 09:11:14 »
We had a weird frosty patch about 20 ft in diameter out at the back, but nowhere else.  It's nice and bright and fairly clear though.

I have a weird sort of lurgy - a sore throat that is more muscle pain than anything, a sore mouth and intolerably aching arms and legs.  Apparently it's likely to be a virus because my throat is bright red around and behind my tonsils.  Odd.

I am going to machine embroider a tea towel for Mr Acorn this morning, since my arms are not even keen on me typing.  (Well, no, he probably doesn't want one, but it says 'I love you more than wine, but please don't make me prove it', so he's getting it.)
Today... / Re: Monday 20th January
« Last post by justpottering on Today at 08:58:26 »
Morning everyone bright and frosty here in fact frostier than a frosty thing  :) but no rain, hurrah!

DH and I built his new man cave shed on the weekend so he is a happy bunny, so am I because we can now demolish the eyesore that was here when we moved in.

I'm going out today, a bit of shopping and a walk, but will wait until the car has defrosted a little in the sunshine to save cold fingers.

DH is away for three nights hurrah I shall miss him  :P

Have good days all whatever you get up to
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