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@Ploshkin I think I understand your banter old chap!

I've worked out on my computer (modern version of pempcil and graft paper @wrenkins  ;) ) how to add a row of blocks top and bottom that would work but I like the idea of echoing some of the pattern in the border rather than repeating it repeating it wholesale. And it would mean I didn't have to worry about running out of fussy-cut birds.
Machine Accessories / Re: DIY thread distributor
« Last post by wrenkins on Yesterday at 12:03:22 »
The safety pin just slides down onto the spool pin. The orange bit is the thread and the black circle is your spool pin. As you can see my craft is better than my art.

If you're not using cones, use your machine's spool pin. That's what it's for.
Today... One thread per day / Re: Double TSP birthday wishes
« Last post by Lilian on Yesterday at 11:56:22 »
Happy Birthday @Jo  :cake:  :toast:

Happy Birthday @Clutterhen   :cake:  :toast:
Machine Accessories / Re: Anti " chase yer foot pedal " gizmo
« Last post by Sewot on Yesterday at 11:53:47 »
There you go then girls.
You can see my point.
Get a plank of wood and anti slip matting.
It will bring a big sigh of relief!!!
Machine Accessories / Re: DIY thread distributor
« Last post by Sewot on Yesterday at 11:50:35 »
Please bear with me as Nothing is obvious to me and the question as to " where does the safety pin go" is a good un. is it attached?
I am by nature an improvements Geek so  please abide with me.
I take it the purpose of the mug is to stop the cone from falling over?
That is the first question.
I personally use cotton reels that are smaller than cones and therefore will / might/ probably topple over and cause a thread lock?
So I am thinking ( in my case), is "mug" the solution for the small time occasional sewist?
Re safety pin.
I can assume that a safety pin is used and attached to the spool pin because it has an eye ..
I am just thinking that this " eye" that is needed to pass the thread through could be done more neatly.
Ie.... a chrome plated curtain eye.
A small hole can be drilled into the plastic Spool pin and such an eye could be screwed into the pilot hole therefore giving a neater job?
Have not tried it yet but when the shops are open I will get a curtain eye and try it out.
I am quite sure it cannot fail but there again...I don't know the answer until I have proved it.
I will report later on my findings.
Today... One thread per day / Re: Wednesday 12th August
« Last post by KayK on Yesterday at 11:50:22 »
27c at 9:30 this morning.  Vacuumed all downstairs and put load of washing on (bed change) before going off to do horses, came home, put another load of washing on & vacuumed upstairs & cleaned bathrooms, steam cleaned floors downstairs.  Now feel foul!  Had restorative tea, and now about to go in shower.  DH in garage tinkering with car, it's cool in there until late afternoon.

New cats have decided they love us, lots of nudging and leg winding and rolling on the floor.  The are mad things after 7pm, then early in the morning, and being typical middle eastern cats they nap all day!  One of them likes stealing things - or just moving them.  I have found the pan scourer in the hall twice, an artificial peony in the bathroom and my contact lenses (in their case) under the downstairs hall table!  DH's slippers are always elsewhere as well!
I feel that a bit of either black or blue in the border would look good perhaps a narrow half inch or inch then a wider border to make up the size yourecaiming for.
If you went for a very wide border at the bottom you could piece some squares into it that would mirror the main design.
Thats probably as clear as mud.
AAaaaaah! You need a pempcil and some graft paper.  :laughing:
Machine Accessories / Re: DIY thread distributor
« Last post by Lachica on Yesterday at 11:40:10 »
@wrenkins thanks. That would stop the thread rubbing the machine casing.
Machine Accessories / Re: DIY thread distributor
« Last post by wrenkins on Yesterday at 11:38:30 »
The thread goes through the round end.  :)
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