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It's pretty awful.  What are you supposed to do with it?

Me Miss, Please Miss, Me Miss, me ...

I the interests of a greener planet etc use it to wrap ... or even better AS ... the Christmas gift you're obliged to give to someone you really cant stand and be there when they unwrap it and watch them squirm as they try to 'compliment' you on your lovely handiwork

Don't you dare!!!  :S :D x
Today... / Re: Thursday, 5 December
« Last post by Lowena on Yesterday at 10:23:09 »
You know the mantra @Bodgeitandscarper ....if in doubt, Chuck it out!  :D
Blo**y cold here but I must plant some shrubs in the heat of the day.
I want to make some coasters but the insulbrite wedding hasn't come  :'(
Today... / Re: Thursday, 5 December
« Last post by Bodgeitandscarper on Yesterday at 10:08:11 »
1°C here and frosty, and the sun is trying to come out.

I need to try to sort the spare bedroom out a bit, now it has the new knitting machine, five boxes of yarn, and the quilts, pillows, cushions, and blankets out of the motorhome, you can't really get in there  :S  F Goodness know where I'm going to put eveything, all the cupboards and under the bed are already full of "stuff" that we don't really use, but don't want to throw away - after all, I may go cycle touring again and need my lightweight camping kit, or indeed any of the five tents we have  :S  Not to mention all the boxes of CDs that t'Other Half has never played and probably never will...
If it was mine (so glad it's not  :) ) I would sandwich the blocks with some leftover batting and old sheet and use them for fmq practice.  Once they were fmq'd to death they would go in the bin. the cat or dog home. They're always looking for comfy things and it might as well be useful, if not to everyone's liking, as ornamental.  0_0
Today... / Re: Thursday, 5 December
« Last post by twopence on Yesterday at 09:54:43 »
Bit foggy here too.  I’m going to be tied to my sewing machine all day with a list of little jobs to get done.  First I have to make some new Velcro bits to fasten OH’s Dad’s leg brace as the original ones are worn out.  These are going to be bigger and stronger. When they’re done I’ll pop out for a walk and find a post box that is emptied before tomorrow.

I’m Skyping DS later and need to remember all the things we need to sort out for Christmas.
Is anyone interested in any Luxury Faux Fur?

I have some still on the frame and a few remnants.

Patchwork & Quilting ... Welcome to the Darkside / Re: 100 shades of Grey
« Last post by Celia on Yesterday at 09:48:31 »
It looks beautiful,it was cold here last night so I hope  it did it’s job keeping you warm
Today... / Re: Thursday's birthday greetings
« Last post by twopence on Yesterday at 09:47:21 »
Happy birthday.  Enjoy your day.
Fun with Fabric / Re: Pound Fabrics
« Last post by wrenkins on Yesterday at 09:46:20 »
I ordered some cotton sateen for toileing and have ended up keeping it for 'best'.  :S
The Show Must Go On / Re: Let's talk bling
« Last post by Iminei on Yesterday at 09:38:47 »
When I needed some bling I was pleasantly surprised to find a great supply in The Range for very little cost ...

Anitas Gemstones come in Multiple colours too and are, I think, very inexpensive ... They are not very big, but  that suited my purposes perfectly!

The Range do have other gemstones available too and I stuck them down with Gemtac which tho' pricey is excellent.

When I went to festival in 2017 I was armed with a small tub of stones and some glue, just in case any had fallen off in transit (the Undersea Quilt) !!!

Can you imagine The Stewards horror on seeing a member of the public approaching a quilt on show with glue ???? hahahahaha

In the event, not one had moved so a really excellent glue which dries clear.
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