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Today... / Re: Monday 16th September
« on: Today at 10:41:01 »
Thx @Gang ... Hope it settles done quickly @Efemera

Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: We have a winner....
« on: Today at 10:22:20 »
We may have a winner but shes remarkably reticent about getting her address to me for her Prize Winners Badge.

C'mon @indigotiger  pm your address.  :D

Yes the destructions did say to use Spray adhesive but those bits are seriously weeny ...

Ive stitched down the missed fabric and its certainly good enough for an Imi based prototype that looks after my G&T !


Today... / Re: Monday 16th September
« on: Today at 10:02:25 »
AF ??????

My bad ... I know I went to school, I think ... but ......

Today... / Re: Celebration time!
« on: Today at 07:19:16 »
WOW a TRIPLE Whammy !!!!

Happy Birthday to you all!!!!!

What a Shame!!!!

Ever extending my new interest I thought I would try Machine embroidery applique.

I found a pattern and pored over the destructions as Elvis chuntered away in the background ...
Did I mention that Im really really enjoying this now ... especially now Ive given up with worrying about the tension ... as the fronts look fine so ????

So last stitch of the day was to be a MEA leaf ... I found the destructions a lil confusing tho' ....

I printed out the applique pieces which I found printed very faintly ( problem their end not mine) so I went over the lines with black pen, cut the pieces out and was then told to glue them right side (printed) side down on the reverse of the fabric ... which I did and then promptly couldnt see the lines I had to cut along ...
The result was inaccurate cutting which after Elvis had done his stuff resulted in parts of the fabric not being caught by the embroidery! D'OH!!!!

So this mug rug is going to have to stay chez Imi I'm afraid ... I would also have like it to be a lil larger but this was the only size they had ...


QUESTION: I used a pritt-stick which was less than ideal to hold the fabric pieces in place ... Any other ways of doing this ?

QUESTION: Is there a way to avoid parts of the fabric not covering or extending beyond the stitched area??

QUESTION: If I enlarged it on the design screen, saved it to card ... would it stitch out the same or would the stitching be altered ie not as dense a zig zag ???

All advice, tips and tricks gratefully received

@Kitten and anyone else who is mithering about this ..

Perfection isnt the Point!

The point is that someone somewhere has given up their time and effort to make you a lil something.

I know whenever I have received something handmade (and often out of the blue) the feeling I have had that someone made something just for me, is indescribable and it lasts ...

Every single day I see and use the thread catcher that our darling @QuiltySisty made for me and think there is at least one person out there cares. Every time I go into the front room and spy TSP bear and his buddy, I smile and think of our dear Vege .... Those feelings cant be bought in a shop and make my world at least just a lil bit better than before.

In all our swaps ... has anyone been less than delighted with what they have received ??? I think not.... You Girls are wonderous making machines, each with your own special skills.

Today... / Monday 16th September
« on: Today at 05:05:41 »
Ive been awake since 3, lay in bed trying to convince myself I was sleeping til 4 , then gave up the fight and got up...

When will this nightmare end ??? The answer I fear is never! Anyway, enough of my black mood life ...

Its Monday, the start of another working week for many of you and as far as I could tell when I was upstairs listening to the outdoors, its a dry day.

Today (in fact in a minute or two after Ive welcomed you to Monday) I'm going to slip-stitch a few more Mug Rugs closed (Im really, really enjoying making those ... Guess what my Auntie Gell is going to get for her birthday next month ??!!  :devil: ) then think about the temperature quilt (it was 24 degrees  yesterday, did you know ?!!!) and gird my loins for another senseless 18 or so hours on my own.

Having said that a Quilting friend of mine, Jane, the one whom I persuaded to enter her Strips Galore Quilt to FOQ last year, only to receive a Judges Choice for it!!!) will be coming over to play on Wednesday so I really ought to think of running a duster over some things before then (sigh!  -< )
I think she wants me to give her some momentum to start an African Queens quilt .... So dont pay any attention to me!

Anyway, I wish you all a happy, productive and satisfying start to your week, wherever you might be. xxx

What are your favourite colours @hernibs  ???? Do you favour patterns or plains ?

What a lot of shops forget is you must have basics and blenders to go with all the novelty and pictorial prints.
Case in point is our local quilting shop, Cotton Moon (Blandford) who has some gorgeous stuff but is nearly always busy patterns and cute pictorials leaning heavily to the kiddie market ... I should open a shop next to hers called, Batiks, Basics and Blenders and then when she sells someone their two fabulous must have prints, they can come over to mine and buy the five blenders they need to go with!!!

We must also remember that you are in Ireland, so delivery wont be as quick as to the UK; I particularly like my local to me (well not really, its an hour and a half away) Emporia Gloriana ..... that is Midsomer Quilting (Chilcompton, nr Bathish)

They are so helpful and will post same day at cost.

Apart from that, Doughty's ( They come to you too ) ...  Lady Sew'n'Sew ... Cotton patch, (not so quick on Delivery I found recently)

Welcome to our world   :devil:  !!!

@Celia  ...

Cut the wadding 1/4 smaller than the top and bottom before you stitch ... You can dab a dob of glue to keep it in place (or maybe you have already stitched a design on the top piece and wadding before assembling the piece)
Then, when you stitch 1/4"  from the edges, you might just catch the wadding in a few places to further anchor it BUT you wont have a thick piece of wadding past the stitching which will hinder your turning it through. You can also trim any excess wadding away before your turn it.

And remember to cut off the corners before turning.

Did I hell !!!

Today... / Re: Sunday 15th September
« on: Yesterday at 08:38:10 »
Yes its a brilliant blue sky, wall to wall sunshine day here in DDD .... excellent news for anyone attending The Cheesefest in Stur Newton ... which I wont be!

And when its a BBSW2WS day we in Blandford Forum, as usual, lose our TV signal because of atmospheric pressure! Gah!

As I said before ... binding small projects is a sure path to madness!

Face it or turn it out and topstitch!

Linky now added

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