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Well that's an hour of my life that I wont get back!

Cheers Mali! xxx

At the end of this week I will be able to lay out 6 months worth of quilt and see if Im going for a one sided quilt or a reversible (shudders at the layering logistics)

I am soooooo happy to step away from the machine!

After 9 hours of quilting on one quarter ... Thank you ladies for your advice.

As the lady in question specifically said she wanted it to look as though it had been 'handed down through the generations' .. I dont think she would be too put out by a bit of wrinkle!

Layered the last two quarters today and stabilised them too ...

Not too happy with the layering of one of them ... They are a complete bastard to layer because of lining up the 'swimmers' with the border but its done and I shall I hope be extra careful when quilting that quarter.

So hours and hours of quilting to go ... Wish me luck (or send me audibles)

I have no idea  ...

I think it was an autumn weight Kahatadin from Empress Mills ... their 3 metre bundle.

Try those again Girls

Sooooooo If I leave the coloured halves of the 5" finished HSTs unquilted do we think they will be ok when washed??????

9 hours of Quilting later ...


Did we decide what to do with the coloured halves of the HST's ??  Im a bit worried about them not being quilted when it comes to being washed.

@BrendaP ??

June is almost done


Today... / Re: Tuesday 25th June
« on: June 25, 2019, 06:44:39 AM »
Good luck with that Kenora ...

Its almost pitch black here and throwing down stair rods! Heatwave my ar**!

Quilting finished on the first quarter ...




Swimmers could have headdresses too!!! Think Esther Williams

Okay so back to the Wedding Quilt ...

I've almost finished quilting the first quarter .... and I need your advice ...
I have quilted through the Grey background fabric halves of the HSTs with a perfectly matched Grey Thread
but not yet touched the coloured fabric halves ...

The HST's are 5" finished and in shades of green and blue
So far the quilting is in Grey with the bobbin thread being a variegated pastel thread.



Should I quilt them at all?

Should I echo quilt once?

Or any other ideas?

Which thread?

A variegated blue or green, A plain blue or green matching closest to Fabric or ????

I'll leave you to ponder and respond while I finish quilting the facets of the Heart in the middle of the quarter ..

Hopefully by the time I get back to this there will be lots of input!

Today... / Re: Monday 24th June
« on: June 24, 2019, 09:21:50 AM »
Morning Peeps ... i have returned from an intensive two days away ...

Great courses but I do feel I might have bitten off more than I can chew ... I mean hand sewing moi???
but we shall see! More importantly the wedding quilt needs to got done ... So its full steam ahead on that!

If you fancy going to Festival of Quilts this year please head over to our Fabulous Discounted Tickets Offer thread in the Darkside ... there's only 7 days left for you to bag your ticket (as T's& C's within the ticket company have now changed)

Weathers dry here and I do believe they are predicting a heatwave!!

Last week please Ladies to sign up for tickets and for getting your payments to me.

Thank you to Deafoldbat, Mali,Pearl, Twopence and Kitten who have already don so!

If you have sent your money but dont see your name up there, give me a nudge :)

Who's missing ??? It cant just have been the 4 of you can it???

C'mon Ladies, where are your minis, where are your pics????

Today... / Re: Saturday 22nd June
« on: June 22, 2019, 06:08:30 AM »
Looks splendiferous out there today and Im off on my two day Jolly!

Need to be out by 8ish so I better get a wiggle on,
as for some reason I convinced myself to oil the worktops before I went WT????  :S

Will be incommunicado for the duration peeps ... so be good to each other!

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