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Hi, I'm new... / Re: Newbie
« Last post by Lowena on Today at 11:12:20 »
Welcome from me too  :toast:
We'll make you very welcome in hotel California The Darkside, we're very friendly and quite knowledgeable  on a good day ;)
Today... One thread per day / Re: Saturday, July 4th
« Last post by Manuela on Today at 11:10:53 »
I feel like teleported back to East Germany. The list of forbidden things gets longer and longer....
Certain 8-character slogans
The ‘Glory to Hong Kong’ hymn and ‘Do you hear the people sing from Les Miserables
Library books ‘under review’ is the latest, we’ll see what will get ‘outlawed’ next week.

Libraries pull off some books by political figures

I cleaned out my social media back after the Umbrella movement in 2016 (you can’t find yellow umbrellas here since 2015).... many are doing that now. Cameras being installed in classrooms to monitor teachers was suggested yesterday  :scream:
I can offer no advice as I regard FPP as the work of  :devil: despite @Stitches trying to initiate me.
Welcome for life to The Darkside, just don't eat all the garibaldis and you'll be fine  <3
In the wardrobe / Re: Burda 6465 - Chanel Jacket/Little French Jacket
« Last post by Tiggy on Today at 10:26:54 »
A very well made jacket, and I’m impressed with your handwork on the lining.  Very neat and adds a very luxurious finish.
Today... One thread per day / Re: Saturday, July 4th
« Last post by Bjay on Today at 10:26:52 »
Last night was a great success, son fixed up the zoom to play on the normal TV so we weren't squinting to see everyone.
Mrbeej bgave me a surprise ruby pendant - n o idea I was in line for a pressie at all. I thought we were  spending money on he house!
Anniversary is tomorrow so everyone is supposed to be outside giving a round of applause at 5 pm

Still no rain here, butts are still not full (sigh)

So today I am going to sort out fabric and maybe have a go at a BOM
Today... One thread per day / Re: Saturday, July 4th
« Last post by So Chic on Today at 10:23:17 »
Went for a quick shop early this morning and couldn't believe the length of queues outside nearly all the local barbers.  I was told by the fishmonger that people had started queueing before 7.00 a.m.
For Sale, Wanted & Free to a good home / Re: Yet more fabric.
« Last post by Elnnina on Today at 10:19:55 »
Hello again Effie, just to say that this package has arrived safely this morning and again is beautiful - thank you so much.  Again I will have to play with draping this on my stand to help me decide what to make with this.  I really do appreciate your fabrics - you obviously have a source that we southerners to not have the opportunity to visit.
Hi, I'm new... / Re: Newbie
« Last post by Ellabella on Today at 10:12:14 »
Welcome @Glyn , the Darkside will be happy to help I’m sure.

Just remember,we are nosey and like lots of pictures. We are also great enablers.
Today... One thread per day / Re: Saturday, July 4th
« Last post by Ellabella on Today at 10:09:19 »
Good morning everyone, I have been awake since 5 o’clock and still cant seem to get going, ARgggH

Does anyone now who is a good courier company to use for sending a sewing machine?

I have my sewing room back for a day, my Son doesn’t need it today so you never know some sewing might be in my future

@Celia when I bought my Babylock from Mamashep I used UPS. They weren’t the cheapest but they would insure sewing machines.

The machine was well packed to start with and marked as fragile. It arrived safely.
Sewing Machines / Re: More Pfaff reserach
« Last post by Gernella on Today at 10:08:52 »
I'm a bit turn about that machine @Gernella -

Actually I had a laugh because I'm a bit like myself when I'm on a hunt, switching from one idea to another.  Although when I stick I don't dither.
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