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Please do post photos when you do!
Today... / Re: Wednesday26/06
« Last post by BrendaP on Yesterday at 20:04:27 »
My car went in for service today - and came out with a clean bill of health though there is the expected dent in the bank balance.

It's well over an hour round trip to teh main dealer, so instead of Terry doing it twice and me once we stayed out all day, wasted some time in a garden centre, then along to hempstead Valley shopping centre where he bought a sun hat and some underwear, then we had a swim followed by a visit to Dockside outlet centre where I bought a handbag - having discovered that the strap of the one I was using ws not far from falling off!  Then back to collect the car.

All shopped out but nothing veryexciting.  I fact I think the green thread, and other bits and bobs, from Jaycotts which arrived today for the prom dress I am altering is the most interesting purchase!

It was quite chilly this morning and I was glad I'd taken a cardi, but this afternoon was warmer and tomorrow set to be even warmer.

Vintage Machines / Re: Looking for a 221K featherweight
« Last post by Efemera on Yesterday at 19:47:02 »
White ones are more difficult to find and probably cost more...starting price will be around £250 upwards, there’s a few on eBay.
Vintage Machines / Looking for a 221K featherweight
« Last post by Lilian on Yesterday at 19:33:03 »
After seeing a beautiful white 221K at the sewing group I decided I need one!  :)  The lightweight will be ideal for me to take out instead of my heavier ones as I have problems lifting.

If anyone is wanting to sell one please let me know.  It's  minefield out there   :S   :vintage:
I'm hoping that if I state an intention publicly, it might actually come to fruition.

I made an overshirt to wear with a previously-made pair of lightweight trousers. Unfortunately the pattern - a Burda Young (hahaha) - gave Euro and US sizes. The other Burda patterns I own give UK sizes. SO... I made the US size 16, made length adjustments but did not try it on until far too late. Oh very dear!  :S

Anyway, I've been trying to decide what to do with it since March and had an inspiration today so maybe this is the incentive I need to get my a**e in gear  ;)
Sewalongs and Competitions / Re: 2019 Darkside Temperature Based Sewalong
« Last post by Iminei on Yesterday at 18:55:40 »
At the end of this week I will be able to lay out 6 months worth of quilt and see if Im going for a one sided quilt or a reversible (shudders at the layering logistics)
I am soooooo happy to step away from the machine!

After 9 hours of quilting on one quarter ... Thank you ladies for your advice.

As the lady in question specifically said she wanted it to look as though it had been 'handed down through the generations' .. I dont think she would be too put out by a bit of wrinkle!

Layered the last two quarters today and stabilised them too ...

Not too happy with the layering of one of them ... They are a complete bastard to layer because of lining up the 'swimmers' with the border but its done and I shall I hope be extra careful when quilting that quarter.

So hours and hours of quilting to go ... Wish me luck (or send me audibles)
Today... / Re: Wednesday26/06
« Last post by WildAtlanticWay on Yesterday at 18:42:06 »
Was supposed to go out last night but had a silent migraine so didn't.  My brain is still a little fuddled this morning and I can't find the words I want quickly enough!

Yes! I always feel that part of my brain neural network has been broken after a migraine and I struggle to remember fairly common words. It’s hugely frustrating but usually sorts itself within a day. Do you get them regularly? I used to get mine linked to my cycle but as I’m now menopausal, it’s been far less frequent. Hurrah!
Fun with Fabric / Re: What is double gauze?
« Last post by Bodgeitandscarper on Yesterday at 17:46:24 »
I've sewn double gauze, no problem, I just ignored the fact that it's crinkly and it worked.
Fun with Fabric / Re: What is double gauze?
« Last post by Holly Berry on Yesterday at 17:41:01 »
I think there must be 2 types of fabric called double gauze. Both are 2 layers of fabric, but one seems to be crinkley and the other a flat weave. Think cheese cloth of the 70’s for the crinkley  and muslin for the flat.

I’ve sewn the crinkley, which I found quite easy to sew, but when pressed flattened out. I just held the steam iron over it and pressed the steam button and it crinkled up again. It didn’t move about as I was sewing it. Great for looser clothing as @Francesca said. I made palazzo pants.

A member of my sewing group made a dress of fabric from Dragonfly, which was advertised as double gauze. Hers was the flat weave and made up into a nice summer dress with princess seams. As far as I remember she didn’t line it and it wasn’t see through. She’s not a particularly advanced sewist  and didn’t say it was difficult to sew.

They will send you a sample.
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