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In the wardrobe / Re: Reversible jacket (2 sides of same fabric)
« Last post by charlotte on Today at 15:31:48 »
I've wondered about this before so I am watching with interest! I would think the closure will be the biggest challenge - I would be inclined to go for a tie belt with belt loops on both sides, but that's probably only because I can't get my head around anything else.
Today... / Re: Monday 16th September
« Last post by annieeg on Today at 15:13:06 »
What I really like about my birthday is its the one day where I let myself be selfish and not feel guilty about it! 0_0
What design did you use @Iminei?  I’ve done several appliqué type pictures and I’ve never cut out the shapes before.  Generally when doing appliqué on an embroidery machine, there is a line of stitching laid down which shows you where to place the fabric.  You rough cut a piece to fit and lay it on top.  Hold in place while the machine then sews the outline of the design.  The excess fabric is cut away and then the final satin stitch or whatever is sewn.  No chance of fabric not being the right size, unless you have an accident.  :). Of course, I’m assuming you’re doing this on
Today... / Re: Monday 16th September
« Last post by Ohsewsimple on Today at 14:51:21 »
@sewingj makes you realise how lucky you are sometimes doesn’t it?  Sorry to hear about your friend.
@Lowena have a great day.  It’s all about you today. No cooking, no housework.  Just what you want to do. 
Cloudy here but still very warm. We’ve been out to get some filler to go between the slabs on the patio.  Where does it disappear to?   DH has been doing that since we got back.
Called in  to a garden centre to pick up tulip bulbs, pansies and hellebores for some autumn/ winter colour. 
Finally got round to hemming my chiffon kimono but managed to snip into the fabric while trimming excess away.   :angry:   But I am so pleased after a repair job that I can’t see it!   :)
Have a good day all
Sewing Machines / Re: Do I really need a back up sewing machine?
« Last post by Marniesews on Today at 14:47:01 »
In your circumstances where waiting a week or two for a machine repair might be an annoyance but wouldn't be a significant problem, I'd say it's not worth it even at £99 (perhaps especially at £99) unless:
  • it has a useful feature/stitch/facility that your main machine doesn't have and which you've occasionally wished it did,
  • it handles heavyweight or lightweight fabrics better than your machine,
  • it is lighter and more transportable than your machine.

If it doesn't bring something extra that your machine doesn't have or isn't a significantly higher quality used machine than your current machine then it's just going to sit there and not be used which, if it's a computerised machine, may prove to be problem if you haven't used it for a year or so when you eventually come to need it. In the case of the used high quality machine, however, you may well find that your main machine soon becomes your backup machine.   0_0

If you don't already have an overlocker, buying one (as BrendaP suggests) is a really practical idea.
Today... / Re: Celebration time!
« Last post by Ohsewsimple on Today at 14:31:06 »
Happy birthday all !   :toast: :cake:
But, it bet it was nice remembering all the fabrics, rather than the little stitches!  You see, that's a start in the right direction!
Sewing Machines / Re: Recommends Needed
« Last post by Marniesews on Today at 14:22:50 »
This has a ‘box feed’. Not sure whether it equates to IDT or not.

From what I've heard from an owner, it is certainly an improved feed system but not as effective as the IDT on all fabrics.
Today... / Re: Celebration time!
« Last post by Starryfish on Today at 14:17:45 »
Happy Birthday all!  :toast: :toast: :toast: :gin: :gin: :gin: :cake: :cake: :cake:
I watched the programme too, was fascinated by the welt pocket making.  But, oh, Gregg Wallace!  I wanted to slap him  :fish: :fish:

You and me both, his stupid questions and laughing where there's no need to spoil the programmes.
I've seen the series but if you haven't the Harrison bed factory is another interesting one if you can ignore the Wallace!
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