The Sewing Place Shop

Welcome to The Sewing Place's online shop! Why not peruse our range of products? OK, just two products and a subscription...


You can subscribe to The Sewing Place.

We're entirely not-for-profit but it still costs us to keep the site running, therefore we offer a subscription. All funds go back to making the forum better!

Subscription are £1 per month or £10 a year, that's less than 20p a week to help support The Sewing Place.

For your money you will get:

  • Access to our subscriber area, which includes detailed reports of exactly what we are spending the money on.
  • The ability to upload photos to the gallery
  • The warm glow of satisfaction knowing that you have helped to make this place happen!

Proud Member Badge

Show your pride with one of our lovely badges!

  • Traditional hard enamel on a nickel metal base
  • Squeeze clasp back and rubber clasp back
  • Made in the UK

The Sewing Place Embroidered Sew on Patch

Show your pride with one of our lovely patches!

  • Fabric, sew-on patch, 100mm x 50 mm
  • Just 4.00, including postage and packing
  • Made in the UK

Note: If you would prefer not to use PayPal or are outside of the UK you can still subscribe or order a badge or patch. International postage for badges or patches will be charged at cost price. Please contact or message Iminei via private message to arrange.