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Sunday May 28th


Re: Sunday May 28th
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That's a serious point that you make about   shopping without a car, Sandra and Lantana and not just in terms of lugging heavy bags about. Even those of us who have a car for a weekly shopping trip and trips to out of town shopping places have to face up to the reality that we may not be in a position to drive at some point. Although my local suburban village centre has a good selection of shops (long queues outside the butcher on a Saturday, fior instance), I notice that our Sainsburys Local charges a lot more for fresh bakeries than the big Sainsburys only really accessible by car.
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Re: Sunday May 28th
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Can't you shop online Lanty? At least for the heavy, bulky stuff?
I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't drive - it's undoubtably the best thing I've ever learnt.
I had problems passing my test but once that's out of the way it's something you can rely on for life ( my friend's Mum still drives at 94! and my Dad was 89 ! ) Perhaps it's not too late to learn  ;)
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Re: Sunday May 28th
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Although driving and having a car are useful I use public transport a lot and have commuted to work by train for over 30 years. I'm conscious that some areas are very much better than others for public transport and it's certainly a consideration if you are not a driver.
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Lantana....I also use a rucksack  :)
You know what we need, don't you? One of those tartan shoppers to pull along....No?

Me neither. I'm only 50. Ha, ha.... 0_0

I passed my driving test 27 years ago but I've never driven. Didn't like it. Never had any confidence behind the wheel, and at the moment, I really can't afford the expense of keeping a car on the road.
For big, 'proper' shopping, I shop online and have it delivered. I don't know what I'd do otherwise.

My kids are now 15 and 17, and say they'll be able to drive me to the supermarket when they've learned to drive, so I won't have to bother with lugging heavy bags around any more.



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A slightly cooler day here, but still warm and mostly sunny.  In between dog walking, hot tubbing and mowing all the grass I seem to have ordered a new bike - I should probably sell one of the five bikes I already have...


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It's been a lovely day, although it's cooled down now. We went for a walk through town and I found a stall selling vegan sushi and another selling vegan cupcakes! Apparently dh said my face lit up when I spotted the cakes :loveit: We went and ate them in the park, where the near by historical battle reenactment gave us a fright when they started firing weapons (we hadn't seen them from where we were).
Watching the Handmaid's tale now on +1 have read the book several times so it's interesting to see how closely they have kept the original so far.
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Re: Sunday May 28th
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Oh damn I forgot to watch The Handmaidens Tale  hopefully I can get it on catch up or something!

I did have driving lessons but the instructor was a sarky so and so and when the funds dried up (was going through a divorce at the time) I shelved the plan meaning to give it a go later, but it just didn't happen. Partly lack of confidence partly lack of cash. Yes it is a big regret but in any case there would be no way I could afford to keep a car on the road just now!

Whenever I have visitors with a car I take the opportunity to get loads of heavy stuff in but it's surprising how heavy the day to day stuff can be.  Even if I had it delivered there's still the extras particularly as the shops are liable to make mistakes or not have stuff in stock but that certainly is an option for the future.

One of the reasons I choose this house was it's nearness to the shops and for a small rural town there are reasonable public transport links. I would have preferred a village but mindful of rapidly approaching old age this was the wise option.

Now then having just read Bodgeits post .... maybe a bike with a trailer would be a possibility? Certainly beats that tartan trolly Sandra! Hope your children take to driving better than you or I did!

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Re: Sunday May 28th
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I agree with you Lantana, I had my sensible head on when I bought my house nearly 33 years ago now as I have a local shopping centre, a spinney and park to walk in and a regular bus service into town.  I enjoy watching Escape to the Country but laugh at the downsizing retirees who want more rooms than they already have and to be so far from any neighbours.

We have been to Basingstoke for a BBQ at OH's eldest son's.  His other children were there too.  Took some nice pics of his granddaughter who is 19 months old and will send them to his parents tomorrow as they love to see their great granddaughter.

No rain here yet.  What will tomorrow bring.