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Re: Extortionate!
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In no way was I maligning local businesses.  I work for one!   :) And that is why I know that a service means different things to different people.  But as Efemera said, not all local businesses are good. If you can pop in and get things sorted that is great.  But I am saying that there are fewer service engineers around and therefore it will take longer for a general service as machines get stacked up. I know people ask for machines to be done quickly but it is not fair to expect to queue jump.  Everyone wants their machine back quickly.  Unfortunately youngsters aren't coming into the business.   We just have to hope that the oldies don't want to retire.  :P


Re: Extortionate!
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Good sewing machine techs are in short supply over here. One local bloke who is excellent services the whole of the state it would seem....his place is always piled high with machines waiting for service or repair and the turnaround can be 2-3 weeks easy! He does a great job....he is just swamped with work which although reassuring to the client, can be frustrating when you have to wait so long.
The other local place is similar...."leave your machine with us and we'll ring you when it's ready". They too are good but in demand and as my new Juki was purchased there and there is no-one else on this side of Melbourne that "does" Jukis I will just have to be patient.
Your getting a 5 day turnaround is fabulous IMO!
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