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Patterns & Fitting / Re: Burdastyle 02/2013 128 (again)
« on: Yesterday at 15:42:26 »
Acorn, if you use a whitening toothpaste, try that.  The paste means that it only goes where you want it.


Well done everyone!


In the wardrobe / Re: Ottobre children's patterns
« on: Yesterday at 14:02:36 »
I've made a couple, and they're great OSS. No problems at all.


Fun with Fabric / Re: Adding a stripe to scout cravats (!)
« on: Yesterday at 12:24:35 »
Bias binding or grosgrain ribbon come high on the list for me Swisslass.


With modern machines it really is a case of 'you get what you pay for'.

It really may be a good idea to get your old machine out of the loft, and ask around on here to see if it is worth investing a bit of time and money on it.

Lots of us have gone back to older machines as they have excellent quality stitches, and are very reliable.

I'm sure someone will be on here with recommendations for new machines.

My advice would be, if you don't want to use your old machine, look for a re-conditioned one from either a good bricks and mortar shop, or a recommended internet supplier - you will get more for your money.

Good luck whatever you decide to do.


Access All Accessories / Re: Bag Making
« on: Yesterday at 11:04:04 »
Stitches, last time I made a tote, I used an old Lever Arch file as the base - it's lovely and flat, and very sturdy.


arrow, I should probably open the motor, but I'm just not confident enough.  I'm always afraid that I will make matters worse - or start a fire!

I managed to undo the footpedal and remove the capacitors - mainly because I didn't have another foot pedal which fit the connectors on the Featherweight. 


The Cafe / Re: Stash purge
« on: Yesterday at 10:49:21 »
I can't bear to part with stuff!

I am my very own episode of hoarders :)  I am tidy though  ;)

Unfortunately, the stash now includes various random sewing machines too, so I really must put my big girl knickers on, and tackle the situation....  :S

:vintage: :fabric: :thread: :wool: :sew:

Patterns & Fitting / Re: Burdastyle 02/2013 128 (again)
« on: Yesterday at 10:43:56 »
It's still available on the website Missie, but they are charging a lot for their downloads lately (I think).

I found some lovely fabric in the stash this morning, which will make a lovely dress in the same style.  The dress has a lovely flounce/frill down the front.


After following Catllar's adventures with cork fabric, I was surprised when this freebie showed up on Facebook.

It will be perfect for my hols, as I've been using smaller and smaller bags lately.


Hi, I'm new... / Re: Another Newbie is around (=
« on: Yesterday at 10:04:56 »
Welcome to TSP Theri!  I'm not a quilter, but I love to see all the quilts.

Look forward to seeing some of your work.


Patterns & Fitting / Re: Burdastyle 02/2013 128 (again)
« on: Yesterday at 10:02:14 »
Toilet Soap is the block type of soap which is not for cleaning.  I use it a lot.

It's great for stains, and was what helped to get the iron stain out of my T shirt.

Liquid soap has it's place, but I love a nice block of Lavender scented soap (or just plain white for laundry purposes).

I wet the block, and rub it into the stain, if it's a tough one, use an old toothbrush to rub it in.  Rinse, and your stain will be no more:)

I think Vanish do a block, but ordinary Toilet soap does the job just as well.


Eta, DD often sends tough stains to me to work magic on! :)

Vintage Machines / Re: Local Auction lovelies
« on: Yesterday at 09:16:11 »
Beautiful machines Roger! 

I have an aluminium 201k, and it's lovely, the 319k also sounds interesting.  What plans do you have for the Jones Taiwan?

I've just bought a cabinet with an Alpha in it.  It doesn't look as nice as the one in your picture though :), good job I didn't want the machine!  Gumtree I think.....

It would be fatal if I had access to an auction house, I would re-home the lot :)



Barnyard, what a kind offer!  I may yet take you up on it :)

As far as I know, the FW hasn't been serviced for a long time.  When I got it, it was filthy, so I stripped down what I could and gave it a good clean and plenty of oil - it was very dry.

I tried to run it after taking the capacitors off yesterday, but thought I must have done a really bad thing as I couldn't get a stitch out of it.  Then I remembered that you needed to replace the bobbin cover in order to make a stitch!!  ;)

It's purring along beautifully now, although the tension is a bit out, and there is still a smell coming from the motor, although no heat coming from it (I was only able to run it for a couple of minutes though).

Pics later.


The Cafe / Re: The other S word
« on: Yesterday at 08:55:13 »
Well done JP!!  You must be feeling great!

My weight loss began with Shingles, but I decided that it was worth continuing, and like you, I feel so much better.  It's amazing how quickly you can get used to hauling extra weight around!

Nearly a stone and a half gone - it's causing havoc in the wardrobe dept though  :S

Another stone would be good, but not going for rapid weight loss.


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