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The Cafe / Cricket....
« on: December 06, 2017, 10:43:02 AM »

How good has this Test series been so far?   :)It's been real "edge of the seat" stuff and fabulous to watch.

Welcome to The Dark Side / Elmers Washable School Glue
« on: December 05, 2017, 09:15:02 AM »
I have had trouble in the past using 505 basting never seems to stick or hold very well and I struggle with shift during my quilting. And yes, I follow the directions, and yes, I've watched all the you tubes etc. I have come to the conclusion that perhaps 505 just doesn't work well with my type of batting...perhaps the batting absorbs it.... I just don't know but I'm done perservering with it. So, it's either back to pins or.........Elmers Washable School Glue......lots of people on other quilting forums use it with great success so I'm going to give it a bash with one of  the batik tops I've just finished.

So has anyone got any opinions or experience with it? I'm going to dive in and incorporate it with the board basting method and fervently hoping it will be the saviour of all my basting woes.  Whatcha reckon huh???

Today... / Monday 13th November
« on: November 12, 2017, 23:55:29 PM »
Up camped on the Murray with gorgeous weather and just a teeny bit of internet access so hve done a mad dash around the forums before it all disappears into the ether and I have to settle for another beer and my book for an hour or so!
So, in short.....
1. What's this I read about a bread recipe floating around? I am in desperate need of a good stoneground wholemeal bread recipe if anyone would like to pm me maybe? I'd love you forever!!
2. Im, glad things have smoothed out...have a lovely holiday.
3. RD hugs and  :toast: to you
4. Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs Ef
5. Cows wandered through our campsite last night and one got tangled in our ropes, pulling ropes and associated pegs clear out of the ground...if anyone sees a cow wearing a tent peg around his neck kindly return it to us please!

Today... / Saturday 11 November.
« on: November 10, 2017, 21:07:01 PM »
Remembrance Day here....going to take some time today to remember all those who sacrificed so much for us.

I'm off for a week of camping in the whizz bang hyper-camper! Me and Mr.Ruby are heading up to the northern edge of the state and camping somewhere along the Murray River for a week of sun, reading, crossword puzzles, river watching and problem solving. We have enough water, gas and food (including chocolate and potato chips for him and beer and dip for me)to be self sufficient for a week so hopefully we'll find a nice secluded spot along the river and just pretend we don't belong to the world anymore  :)

Have a lovely week everyone, I may have internet access or may not, will have to wait and see....Im I do hope things get resolved for you once Mr.Im slinks home.

Today... / Thursday 9th November
« on: November 09, 2017, 06:36:59 AM »
Yes folks, over here it's been Thursday all day  0_0.
Have wasted the whole day; time, money and staying inside when it is glorious and sunny outside trying to get a new bread recipe to work and trying to get the tension right on the Juki. The crows have had a party in my backyard with all the reject bread I've piffed out (I know, I know, I shouldn't feed the native fauna unnutritional crap) and I have a headache, need a scotch and it really time to be preparing tea...already!! :o
Jessie, I hope your day went okay yesterday and Im, honestly if I could find enough spare change behind the couch cushions I'd be booking a flight to come over and hug you right this very minute. Could be tricky given that I don't have a clue where you live but hey....England's quite tiny isn't it???? ;) 0_0  I hope you're feeling a bit better today and that you got some sleep last night.

Sewing Machines / Is this a tension issue?
« on: November 09, 2017, 06:23:53 AM »
I'm scratching my head and hoping (no, it's not nits!)  that someone can help me. I can't get a good enough photo so please bear with me while I try to describe my problem.
I have 2 different colored threads in my machine, a mechanical straight stitch only Juki. Now, when I sew a line my bottom stitches look fine....nicely formed and with no hint of the top thread colour there at all. Excellent. My top stitches also look fine but I have tiny dots of the bottom thread showing through. The stitches are well formed, the thread is not just "lying on top of the fabric" and I can't pull either threads out. I have correct tension? I have tried decreasing my top thread tension, changing bobbin, re-threading etc but it makes no difference, I still have my little dots. Am I over worrying?

Welcome to The Dark Side / So, just supposing...........
« on: November 07, 2017, 08:31:06 AM »
Just supposing I wanted to quilt a quilt by hand...what do I need? I know I need a hoop, and needle and thread but as to the specifics, well you see it's been almost 30 years since I did any hand quilting and I can't quite remember anything else and I'm sure more specific details of requirements are necessary. Anyone care to take me by the hand and enlighten me? 

Current Projects / Oh I do love a batik!
« on: November 07, 2017, 08:25:16 AM »
I was given a pack of 40 batik 2.5" strips and promised myself I wouldn't touch them until I had cleared all my UFO's. Well the UFO tops are all completed and I can't find any nice backing at the mo' so what's a girl to do? Housework? Good heavens no! Read a book? No can a brand new read lined up but I'm saving it for our camping trip next week. So there's no alternative but to dive into my luscious batiks and make a start on my new couch quilt.

Current Projects / ...and the next UFO completion in progress
« on: October 25, 2017, 07:54:23 AM »
I had this set of blocks done from a while back and over the months I had tried matching them with other coloured blocks in an effort to make a good sized lap quilt with them. Problem was that any colour put with the batiks immediately killed the different colours in the batik....all your eyes were drawn to was the other coloured blocks. I then realised I had a heap of this dark brown fabric left from a sale purchase and thought it might look good helping to make the batik shine. I have pieced the columns, now just need to put them together and find a backing. I'm loving the rich starkness of it....very happy with it but Mr,Ruby thinks I need to add a coloured border to it. Whatcha think? I guess if I put a thin coloured border on then I could use the brown patterned fabric for the binding...might look good?  What about using the cream fabric for a thin border?

So a pastel-y quilt for a friend and she has the honour of receiving my first attempt at fm swirls and curls...lucky for me she knows absolutely zilch about quilting so will not notice the rather extraordinary variation in stitch lengths I have going on there in places! :\ :\ But, it's made with love and I think she will like it. I deliberately did an open-ish, sort of old fashioned quilting with it and it has stayed lovely and soft for her to snuggle under on the couch. 
The second quilt is a denim rag quilt for my 3 year old grandson. His sister has a very girlie one and I promised him that if his mummy saved up all of daddys old jeans I would make him a "blokey" one. Bother it, wouldn't you know she did exactly that :angry: and I am here to tell you...this little black duck aint ever going to sew another denim rag quilt..ever!
Anyhoo...both quilts turned out beautifully and I can't wait to see Mr.3year olds' face when he discovers I saved one of the jeans pockets on a patch and so now he has a secret pocket to stash his little cars in! 0_0

Welcome to The Dark Side / Why is it that.......
« on: October 12, 2017, 06:05:41 AM »
..........I do the absolutely most perfect, perfect fmq curl on the very last curl that my quilt top needs?  :angry:  0_0
..........I break a needle approximately 12" from finishing sewing my binding on?
..........when I change my thread colour I then realise I haven't finished all the quilting I need to do with that colour?

Anyone else thinking "this" about something?

The Cafe / Look who visited me yesterday!
« on: October 06, 2017, 11:44:59 AM »
I had a swarm of bees in the backyard yesterday; never seen or heard anything like it. They were so loud when they were flying around the yard, before I realised what the noise was I thought some weird person had broken into my yard and had started our lawn mower up! I rung the local council offices and they gave me the contact number for the Bee Keeper Society so someone could come and collect them. Apparently, according to Phil the Bee Bloke, wild bees are swarming here in Melbourne at the moment and "my" swarm is a big one...about 3 feet in length clumped around the trunk of my bush....why at this point I was bursting with pride I have no idea but there you swarm was a big one....Phil said so.
It was fascinating watching Bee Bloke so carefully and gently scooping all the bees into his cardboard box, taping it shut and driving off with them on the seat next to him! :o :o  My bees were headed for an empty hive somewhere up in the valley....the society has a waiting list of people wanting bees to re-stock, or to start hives. Isn't that a lovely ending.

Welcome to The Dark Side / Tips please for fmq scallops/clam shells
« on: September 26, 2017, 08:59:50 AM »
I want to do an all over fmq doing scallops or clam shells as they are sometimes referred to. I am having quite a time of trying to keep my curves lovely and sweeping. I have tried free hand-ing them and I have tried following a drawn line, I have tried stitching the rows vertically, I have tried stitching them horizontally but all have been a rather resounding fail. Has anyone any tips for doing these? My mountain of practice sandwiches is becoming alarmingly high!

Welcome to The Dark Side / Woo hoo....I did fmq daisies!!
« on: September 19, 2017, 12:53:01 PM »
My experience thus far with fmq has been limited to a frantic meandering pattern very similar in appearance to the result you get when dipping a blow flys' feet into ink, then spraying him with fly spray and letting him loose to stagger around in a chaotic stupor. Got it?

Well, I put the fm foot on the Juki for the first time 2 days ago, armed myself with a gazillion practice sandwiches, steeled my resolve and set forth to see what I could manage with the new machine.
Day 1: I'm at staggering blowfly level with no improvement at the end of the day. And my garbage bin is now stuffed to the brim with my sad and sorry bounty...thank goodness it's rubbish night tomorrow night!!
Day 2: I'm scouring the internet for information, advice, and ooooo what's this...a tasty new recipe for stone ground flour....woops, focus here....back to defeating the blow fly 2 evening after tea (Mr.Ruby is fast asleep in the chair and the tellie is not inspiring) and my blowfly staggers are still there.
Day 3: I'm munching over breakfast thinking about the stuff I've read on the internet...okay....armed with a coffee and a brave disregard for the housework waiting to be done I head back to the Juki. I do 3 things: I crank my presser foot pressure completely off, I change my needle to a whacking big number 14, and I decide to not trace any lines to try and follow. Perhaps going "freehand" will be know, not worrying about "going off the lines and trying to correct" and then, like a visitation from the gods above I got.....daisies...lots of lovely daisies...not perfect mind you, but good enough to put on a quilt and keep me smiling!

Welcome to The Dark Side / Around and around and around.......
« on: September 16, 2017, 10:30:44 AM »
70" x 56"

I lost count after winding the eighth bobbin and changing the needle 3 times but I went through a s--t load of thread and had to scrabble around to find new needles.

Things I have learnt quilting this spiral:
(1) Quilting around and around in circles is fun for the first hour and then.....nuh...
(2) I can rest my forehead on the sewing machine and weep quietly periodically and feel a lot better for it.  0_0
(3) After stopping every so often to wind a new bobbin over the first few days it suddenly dawned on me that it was advisable to wind several bobbins at once! derrr!
(4) No matter that the stitching line width is the exact width of my walking foot...I still can't stay on a line to save myself.
(5) My Juki and its high harp space is "the bomb" and laughs at large spirals.
(6) Stop every couple of rounds and check your backing for creases and folds that you will have otherwise sewn into at least 18 rounds of stitching.
(7) Don't start to unpick 18 sections of stitching while you're still angry about having to unpick 18 sections of stitching.
8.   A quilt with that much stitching in it is very heavy and hard to manouever around in a circle and going faster will not improve things at all.
(9) My pedal foot goes numb after an hour or so, and a scotch doesn't help.
(10) Spirals and curves start to look flat and straight after an hour or so.....resist the urge to  freehand will not end well.
(11) It's best to make sure you have ample reels of the same colour thread before the shop closes on a Sunday afternoon.

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