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Today... / Re: Monday 18th December one week to go!
« Last post by Tamnymore on Today at 20:55:58 »
Got to this thread rather late but sending my best wishes to all those looking after elderly relatives also those who have to travel a long way.
In the wardrobe / Re: Channelling Mr Spock
« Last post by Tamnymore on Today at 20:48:44 »
Very impressive, RD. You've had a chance to practise with the binding foot and found a home for the top.
Today... / Re: Monday 18th December one week to go!
« Last post by twopence on Today at 20:47:27 »
Sending hugs to those caring for elderly relatives.  it seems like yesterday that I was going through this with my Dad.  Sewingj, my brother doesn't speak to me now, wasn't helpful and I found out that he had been given nearly 25K around 1989 to enable him to buy a second property.

I hope that Plosh has got Mr P back today and won't need to make that long journey again.

The path was icy this morning (OH warned me) so I didn't go out until lunchtime.  Left going to the compost bin a bit late and discovered that it was like glass again so put some salt down and will go to the bin tomorrow when it's gone.

Been busy all day and don't seem to have accomplished much.

In the wardrobe / Re: Channelling Mr Spock
« Last post by Ravingdoll on Today at 19:27:55 »
There’s a bit of a happy ending for the top as my pregnant sister-in-law finds it fits her quite well and she feels the back detail is a distraction from the bump.  It’s no good for me really because there’s 12inches between my bust and waist and with no darts or shaping is a bit shapeless on me, notwithstanding the Star Trek connection (which fortunately my sister-in-law doesn’t get).  My brother did make a few comments about the colour combination could only have been mine, and that NASA had spotted it from space, but I like turquoise and red together (it is more turquoise than blue IRL).  Anyway, she picked him so she’ll have to put up with him, whereas I only got landed due to accident of birth  :D :S
Yes I feel rather sanctimonious about the binding foot now!  Bring it on ....  :angel:
Fun with Fabric / Re: Help please - Sewing on knitted fabric
« Last post by Surest1tch on Today at 19:04:01 »
Definitely the overlocker, I can't advise about 3 or 4 thread because a lot depends on the thickness and stretch of the fabric.
In the wardrobe / Re: Channelling Mr Spock
« Last post by Surest1tch on Today at 19:01:06 »
Well done with the binding 👍.  I think if I was going to wear it I'd be inclined to wear it back to front to be honest, the back looks quite stylish compared to the front, not that there's anything wrong with the front let me add.
The Cafe / Re: I survived - just!
« Last post by Surest1tch on Today at 18:56:06 »
How lovely and the kids look so happy, well done Jessie 👍
The Cafe / A lesson learnt
« Last post by sewmuchmore on Today at 18:54:39 »
Well I am back with you after an enforced absence due to IT problems. It's that Sods Law again, last time I was here I was reading about someone losing all their embroidery patterns due to IT issues and warning us all to remember to back up. (sorry cannot remember who started the thread and I cannot find it now).
Anyway I thought, at the time, must do that as I have never backed up the laptop. But, as you do, I got distracted looking for an embroidery pattern for an apron I was making. Found the perfect one on Etsy at MachineEmbDesigns. Within minutes of downloading the pattern my laptop froze, wouldn't do a d***** thing, so ended up switching it off (I know, before you al start telling me, you shouldn't do this).
When I switched it back on it went into auto disc repair mode but kept getting a message to say it couldn't repair c drive.
Tried all the usual; resetting to a previous date - not having any on that, resetting using image, nope, resetting using a path, nope. As a last resort even tried resetting back to factory setting but not having any of that either.

Took it to be repaired and apparently all the soft ware was scrambled and couldn't be unscrambled. The repair man had no option but to eventually reset back to factory setting.


luckily I can download all the embroidery design again that I have purchased but it is going to take time. I cannot get back all my own designs or all the photos I had (again, before you shout at me, yes I know about cloud storage but again something I was always going to do).

On the positive, it has got rid of all the c*** and I haven't spent any money impulse buying.

Might just be a coincidence that it all happened when I downloading the design but one thing is for sure not going to risk buying anything from that shop again.
The Cafe / Re: I survived - just!
« Last post by Ravingdoll on Today at 18:45:26 »
Well done Jessie, I was thinking of you yesterday as well!  And wow, wonderful Belles.  You are definitely the main contender I'd say for Best Nanna of the Year. 
Today... / Re: Monday 18th December one week to go!
« Last post by Lowena on Today at 18:32:01 »
Yes, I believe Greybird said that her Mum is 104 and won't use a stair lift because they're for old people  :D
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