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Patterns & Fitting / Re: Where do missing pattern pieces go?
« Last post by dolcevita on Today at 12:29:17 »
I thought I'd lost a pattern piece when cutting out the Ottobre dress. The back skirt was there in the envelope, but not the front. After a few minutes panic, thinking I'd have to retrace the piece, I checked the instructions. Yep, back skirt and front skirt were one and the same beast! Phew. I've written it on the piece now.

I almost did exactly the same!  I realised just before I was about to trace the piece again when I was looking in the instructions to identify which piece I needed. 
The Cafe / Re: Ophelia anyone?
« Last post by arrow on Today at 12:25:55 »
Milk and cream really upset their tummies above everything else. I give Mra Prickles wet cat food but I've learned it must be meat and not fish. Every morning it's all gone!  :D

I can't feed anything here in the city; maybe the doves and ducks by the sea, and not more than they eat right away. We have rats here, a constant problem. I used to live out side of the city center, and we only had mice, rats are worse. I don't even have bird food in winter anymore, something I miss.
The Cafe / Re: I hate belts on trousers
« Last post by dolcevita on Today at 12:25:41 »
I'd call that a well thought through solution rather than a bodge!

I don't think you'll have too long to wait, either, before getting some wear out of them.
The Cafe / Re: Cleaning stainless steel pots and pans
« Last post by dolcevita on Today at 12:22:44 »
Give the insides a soak with cola.  It eats through everything and loosens up burnt on stuff in pans a treat.  It also brings up copper pans like new; I dread to think what it does to your teeth and insides, though.

A friend gave me a great hint using cola, too.  If you have a stiff fabric that you want to soften up a bit, such as new denim, give it a wash with a can of cola in the drum and it comes out very nicely softened up.

The Cafe / Re: Bragging or what
« Last post by Gernella on Today at 12:13:17 »

I am not a fan of her's, but she has become a star blogger on the back of relentless self-promotion.  I think MimiG sews much better and has cracked the fit for her bodyshape, although I do think some of her clothes are a little on the snug side.
I've thought this for a bit now.  Same old story I suppose, a little bit of fame and they don't want to get off the horse. 

Last time I wore a dress like that I was 21 and didn't have any boobs (still haven't).  Older you get the less flesh the better, IMO.
The Cafe / Ping! Ping! Ping!
« Last post by Sewbee on Today at 12:12:55 »
I am in the living room and all I can here from the kitchen next door is the sound of my cat, Felix, chasing his ping pong balls up and down the wood floor. He loves them - AND tennis balls! He's been doing this for half an hour now. He is such a happy cat!
The Cafe / Re: Cleaning stainless steel pots and pans
« Last post by Sewbee on Today at 12:09:23 »
Lakeland sell two or three types/sizes of diffusers which work well on gas hobs.

Thank you, So Chic. Lakeland is one of my favourite shops so will look next time I am in town. I was wondering where to get these so glad you mentioned this.  :D
Today... / Re: Its Tuesday 17th and its all quiet here
« Last post by BrendaP on Today at 11:28:43 »
Cooler today than yesterday.  We were fortunate and didn't get much wind though the sky did go very dark yesterday afternoon.

I've just done the second coat of emulsion paint to the walls of the new study.  Just the contrasting coving to paint now - and the door and frame but I've no idea when the carpenter will turn up.

Art group - different sort of painting - this afternoon and Pilates this evening.  I hope she does a lot of shoulder exercises to counteract all that paintbrush wielding.
Patterns & Fitting / Re: Where do missing pattern pieces go?
« Last post by So Chic on Today at 11:21:12 »
I don't just lose pattern pieces, I lose the pattern itself.  I seem to spend hours looking for a pattern I know I have and then it turns up when I have bought a replacement or used another pattern that isn't quite what I wanted.
Today... / Re: Its Tuesday 17th and its all quiet here
« Last post by UttaRetch on Today at 11:20:00 »
There is a weak sun, but still a lot of cloud cover.  I have a dentist appointment later for a deep gum clean. :(
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