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loving this .... thank you for being so brave!

The Cafe / Re: RIP Nick Wright
« on: Yesterday at 19:47:32 »
  Apparently he was 48

Heaven help us!! That's just so cruel and unnecessary.

In the wardrobe / Re: Lost my mojo
« on: Yesterday at 19:46:18 »
Clearing your area will help.

I found that with the sewing/art/craft/wardrobe/spare room ... it was driving me absolutely nuts .....

I dare'd'n't go in ..... just sort of opened the door and threw things in onto the ever increasing pile.

It actually didn't take that long to sort and was almost a pleasure as I found things I had forgotten about (your stuff btw is now all together in a shoebox awaiting inspiration)

So do it ... Buckle down and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the space it frees up in your head.

BTW hows The Splurge??? behaving himself I hope!!!

The Cafe / Re: RIP Nick Wright
« on: Yesterday at 09:04:55 »

Simple card with just a hint of glitter on the writing and stamens of the flowers .. hope this is ok?
I will get it in the post today.

pic in case of gremlins

Today... / Re: Wednesday 21st - has the world ended?
« on: Yesterday at 08:26:18 »
Im here ... but only just  :D

I slept all the way through .... BLISS!!!   0_0

Yes, you lot have been very quiet recently, I do hope you are all ok??

I finished Marches BOM yesterday so am feeling very smug with myself tho' I know its just procrastination that drove it ... procrastinating about

A) Lucia's birthday quilt, which has been layered and ready to be quilted for 10 months or so ... Tempus is fugiting :o
B) the monsters that are the SG ... I WILL finish them :angry: (one day  :\)
C) The Illusion quilt top which needs to be layered and QAYG ... but in a way new to me ... Apprehensive :S

But first ....

A Balmy (or should that be Barmy ??)

BIG The Sewing Place Birthday Wish

is Surfing its way to


Have a Great Day Honey

and a tequila or two on me!!!!

:toast:       <3     :toast:      :flower:       :toast:       <3       :toast:

Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: My finished projects 2017
« on: Yesterday at 08:12:51 »

Those are gorgeous honey .... Loving the view too.....

Oh ! So fabulous .... Thank you Supergran.

Toddle off to the MC OBOM HOF now please ....

Blooming Hell!!!!!

There's a Hairdresser called IMI on Pointless !!!! (My Gaydar going Wahaaa Wahaaaa)

Sadly he doesnt seem to be very bright .... he just chose Gordon Brown as a Political Leader born in the 20 century !! Duh!

Mind you the others are going bleeding obvious too ...

My answer is Jeremy Thorpe!
Wonder if I can sue him for nicking my name ???  >:)

God I must engage brain before posting or at least read other posts ...

Sorry to about your aunt Mali, thinking of you, keep your chin up!

xxxxxx  <3   xxxxxxx

Ok, Its Tuesday 20th February and I have been up since Meow O'Clock which I mean there has been some poor cat outside our terrace who has been mournfully yowling his way through the wee hours .... all of them!

I sleep with the window open at night come rain or shine as I like to hear the (usually) peace and quiet of the neighbourhood as it sleeps (I heard the first frog of the year the other night; one of the particular bonuses of doing this)

At first I thought it was the Mei, downstairs in the dining room asking for food (as she does sometimes) but the cry didn't quite have the right Siameseness about it and on checking I was right, she was indeed fast asleep in pole position by the fire, so I went back to bed and listened some more ...

I have heard this cat before but never such agonising yowls or for so long ... it literally moaned all night

Its obviously very ill (and judging by the state of the Crapola that so often decorates our lawn some mornings, Im going with that) been injured or extremely distressed and I lay there fuming at his stone deaf S*** Heel owners who refuse to respond to its cries.

It all came to an abrupt halt as another cat (possibly pissed off at having its sleep disturbed too) decided to approach it and a viscous Cat Spat ensued ... By then I had decided that was it and got up...

So Good Morning Peeps, I hope you had a better nights sleep than me and have exciting things to do today!

Hi girls,

Yes my pattern came out at just about 8" and if you remember I extended past the paper (as the pattern barely fit on an A4 sheet) and then added the side, top and bottom panels.

Getting templates to print at the right size inside a tutorial is tricky and then you have to hope the person who prints it remembers to set No scaling or cancel Fit to page in their printers settings.

I have added some extra destructions to the stage of the tut ... thanks for making me aware of the problem.             

Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: Time for a double scotch.
« on: February 20, 2018, 06:43:32 AM »



Does the Colour of the marker go with your quilt?

Does it bring out the accent colour???

Are you quite a neat drawist ????

Do you think you could possibly, just possibly make a feature of the lines ??

sort of twiddling the quilting lines around the (horribly, irrevocably, completely unerasable) drawn lines like a clematis vine twines round a support ????

Scotch, God yes !!   Or Google .....

In Google we trust ?!

The Cafe / Re: Does anyone want my cat?
« on: February 19, 2018, 20:21:27 PM »
All the cats I have been owned by have been extremely loving....

Imself couldn't quite believe it when he came home, being used to a devil that used to leap into his chair when he arose then hiss when he wanted to re-seat...

All the youngsters in the terrace come in fear and go away in thrall and awe of the Mei's patience with them ...
she really is one of a kind !

Welcome to The Dark Side / Re: The Sewing Place's Challenge Royale 2018 -
« on: February 19, 2018, 20:07:11 PM »
Did you copy onto freezer paper as suggested or ????

The Cafe / Re: Does anyone want my cat?
« on: February 19, 2018, 17:46:21 PM »
The Mei has also got senile dementia!

We have to reintroduce her to her food otherwise it goes off, and frankly if I wouldn't eat it (assuming I was a cat) I don't expect her to eat it ... though these days we generally feed her little and often.

She is not however deaf, but can be very, very yowly as Siamese are prone to be.

Imself can sleep through her yowling and also ignore her whilst in the same room (???!!!  :S) which I just cannot understand... It cuts through me like a knife as the sound of a crying infant (basically the same as a Siamese cry, is meant to do)

But I can understand your plight SewingJ, keep with her tho' the love they give is second to none!

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