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Happy birthday!!  Hope you are having a great birthday weekend, do report in soon!  Xx

The Cafe / Re: Where is DF?
« on: Today at 17:46:46 »
Yes I am in total awe of how much she manages to get sewn!  All I've achieved this week is a pair of flanelette pyjamas as I have to go camping on a hen do shortly.  My worse nightmare, I should really buy a suit of armour to keep the spiders and other creepy crawlies at bay.  Hopefully DF will come back soon, I'm pretty sure she always did say that she intended dipping in and out rather than be a regular. 

I think I half knew!  -<  Now you have mentioned it it's ringing a tiny little bell.
Raving Doll knows, so it's probably something she's learned from Muv - who I gather is old school.

Indeed, she is what I think is terms as "industry trained' as when she left school she was trained as a seamstress at the House of Dior in Paris.  The fact we call my parents "muv" and "farve" actually comes from those days as Nancy Mitford was a client of Dior and muv was one of the team who used to go and do fittings at her apartment.  She met farve in Paris and was desperately trying to improve her English so she tried to emulate NM who I understand had an extremely "upper class" voice and that was how she referred to her parents, so muv thought that was how all English people spoke, so when we kids came along that was what we called them, and farve just thought it was a "French" affectation (well "frog" he calls it, but in these politically correct times .........!) 

The Cafe / Re: Obvious (to others) things you've only just realised
« on: September 20, 2017, 23:40:59 PM »
Am I allowed to be a bit smug and say I knew that!!   ;)

The Cafe / Re: The BIG Birthday Rush has begun!!!!!!
« on: September 16, 2017, 11:57:49 AM »
Happy birthday Lowena and Syrinx!  Hope it is a good one for you both.   

The Cafe / Re: kleptomaniac kitten!!!
« on: September 15, 2017, 20:47:28 PM »
Ha ha Sewmuchmore, talking of patterns reminds me of when I first started dressmaking and I had a lovely Blue boy Minstrel who took more than a passing interest in the proceedings. I spent ages looking for the neck facing bit of the pattern (in those days I wasn't experienced enough to just redraw it) and eventually found it stuck to Minstrel's bottom  :| Did I still use it?  Well I photocopied it and recut it  ;).
Also, when I used to house share, my roomie had a big tabby cat, Seamus, who was quite a character, and we heard a load of banging at the cat flap to discover him trying to get a whole (cooked) chicken through it.  We think that someone must have left it to cool on a window sill and he decided to help himself.  He also presented us with a dove from a neighbour's aviary. :'( 
And I today found my Norwegian keyring in the cat litter.  Please tell me that it got dropped in there by me and came to the surface after much Toby the Thug digging and it had not passed through his intestines! 

Many many happy returns.  Xx

The Cafe / Re: kleptomaniac kitten!!!
« on: September 11, 2017, 15:54:08 PM »
Toby the Thug carried his 'kickeroo' around with him because he likes to use it as a chin rest when he is sleeping.  He also brings me the laser light if he is in the mood for a scamper about.  Your kitten sounds fun.  But, although I am sure that the vet knows what s/he is doing, I'd still worry about letting out an unneutered cat as they do reach sexual maturity at around 4-5 months. 

Today... / Re: Monday September 11th 2017
« on: September 11, 2017, 14:06:44 PM »
Wet, wild and windy here in Devon.  I had a lovely lie-in with Toby the Thug snuggled up to me.  He was actually (by cat standards) pleased to see me and rubbed all around my ankles purring away. 

Good luck Hernibs, you can do it!  I am in need of a bit of a detox and wouldn't mind shifting a few pounds, if only so that I can put them back on again at Christmas! 

The Cafe / Re: Sorry about my disappearance.
« on: September 11, 2017, 12:53:53 PM »
Glad you are back although it sounds like you have had a mixed summer.  I hope the diverticulitis gets sorted, a friend of mine suffers and has to control it with quite a strict diet.  Good luck with the Lycra, we all know that mothers and grandmothers have nothing else to do other than the things that we can't!!  And they don't let us down.  :D :D

The Cafe / Re: A big thank you
« on: September 11, 2017, 12:49:13 PM »
Yes I guess they are floating hotels.  But I have done two now, and on neither did I feel that there were too many people.  With different dining options and so many different bars and activity rooms it is rare that any one of them is crowded.  For example, the Piano Bar is exactly that, dimmed lighting, man in tuxedo tinkling classic tunes and people sitting on velvet covered seats sipping cocktails whereas if you go to the Rising Sun then football is playing on tv, men with beer bellies are swigging their pints, and so it varies.  The entertainment in the theatres is of a very high standard, even the professional moaners admit that one!  That said though I can imagine at peak times in the buffet for both breakfast and lunch if you were in a large group (more than four) you might struggle to sit together.  Especially when selfish singles like me are hogging tables!  The staff couldn't be more attentive but it saddens me how desperate they are for an 'excellent' on the questionnaires because that's the only way they can get another contract.  I suspect P&O and the rest of the liners wouldn't win prizes for employer of the year. 

I had quite a journey home.  The night before the sea got very rough.  Because I had already packed, the wardrobe was empty and they have those coat hangers with loops that you can't remove from the rail.  All night they were banging together and there was nothing I could do to stop it.  When we got into Southampton picking up my suitcase took twice as long as it should have done because they put it in the wrong deck area.  Then I had to get a taxi to the station, and because it was a Sunday the trains were all over the show, so I had to get train to Salisbury, another one to Yeovil then a coach to Exeter.  All whilst carrying a suitcase, vanity case and a (very pink and fluffy - literally) rucksack.  Farve met me at Exeter and being 'daddy's little princess' (which is how he still sees me) despite having managed to carry my luggage from train to train and coach he had to struggle with it himself and wouldn't let me help to get it in to the car!  I then had the 'interrogation' from muv to check I had eaten properly, slept well and didn't drink too much alcohol and wasn't taken advantage of by strange men, all whilst looking me up and down from tip of head to toe and even turning me by the shoulders - I did wonder at one time if she was going to check I had washed the back of my neck, bless them both, I know it's their way of caring but sometimes an acknowledgement that I am all grown up would be nice! 

The Cafe / Re: Aaaaand Today's BIG Sewing Place Birthday Wish ....
« on: September 09, 2017, 21:48:29 PM »
Happy birthday fellow Virgoan.  Xx

The Cafe / Re: A big thank you
« on: September 09, 2017, 21:47:20 PM »
He is very much banned from upstairs UR!  They are pics I took before I came away.  But he is my lovely boy and I am so looking forward to a big hug with him! 

The Cafe / Re: I am back
« on: September 09, 2017, 18:50:03 PM »
Welcome back Sewmuchmore.  Apart from the weather being what it was I hope you had a great time! 

The Cafe / A big thank you
« on: September 09, 2017, 17:52:32 PM »
For my birthday wishes and being with me in spirit on my cruise :D  That is how it has felt at least.  It has been great catching up with your comments.  We are on our way back to Southampton now, and I am looking forward to being home and who wouldn't when you've got this one waiting!! This is the third holiday I've taken solo, I've also been to New York and Greece (Crete) and enjoyed them too although I think I've left a bit of my heart in Norway, it is so very beautiful.  But you are quite right Gernella, perhaps I am not cut out for being isolated in the mid winter.  I didn't buy a reindeer skin but I think Toby the Thug would indeed have liked it.  I am tempted to do a Northern Lights cruise next year.  People often say that I am 'brave' going away on my own, but really going on a P&O cruise where everything is laid on for you isn't exactly the same as backpacking around a country where you don't speak their language.  But I am not going to lie, you do have to try harder to speak to people if you don't want to be lonely.  And there have been some real "attitudes" on this ship.  However I've been very lucky with my table and I think we will all be swapping email addresses later.  Mostly I find when I am away though that I take stock and I am always very grateful for the friends and family that I have, and the lifestyle I lead.  And I haven't had an alcoholic drink yet either, honest!  I'm looking forward to going back to my house I only moved into this year, and carrying on making it my home, planning my winter wardrobe and, dare I say it, Christmas!!!  But mostly I am looking forward to a big hug from muv who will have missed me (I think  ;) and big Toby kisses.  And I've got a little belated family get together tomorrow evening for my birthday to look forward to as well.   

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