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« on: May 12, 2020, 13:33:18 PM »
I had an email from Sherwoods last night, the fabric I had bought as being the last two meters, was not,it was only one meter.  So I was offered the option of either taking the one meter and a refund (if one meter would have been enough) or look for some new fabric up to £20 a meter and pay no more.

So last night a scrabble to find something as I was ready for it (Itch to Stitch jacket).  I eventually found  something suitable and a colour I liked at £15.90 a meter.  Can't wash it but being a jacket that won't matter..

It was good of them though, the previous cost was just short of £25 with postage.
Stash extension 2020 - 13.7 meters
Left at the end of 2019 - 39 meters