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FOR SALE: Bernina 009DCC


FOR SALE: Bernina 009DCC
« on: May 12, 2017, 11:56:03 AM »
Bought it on a  whim after I'd bought a Bernina Overlocker but it is a cow of a machine.  Looks hard to thread on the looper side but it is actually quite easy.  When it works, it works wonderfully but half the time I either have the right needle working perfectly or the left one.  It purrs when it works, no clatter like the Janome machine makes and I love the foot so easy to put fabric underneath it.

It comes with the instruction manual plus  a bag of tools that I have never used (I think there is a blind hemmer in it), plastic cover and the original box (a bit  tatty).

This is not the latest model Bernina have  just brought out.

Do not even think of buying this if you are a novice sewer or don't have the patience of a saint.

It was purchased around 3 years ago, cost me £265 and had been serviced.  Given my history with it and time wasted on it, no reasonable offer will be refused.
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Re: Bernina 009DCC
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