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UFO Busting!


UFO Busting!
« on: May 21, 2017, 14:49:00 PM »
I thought I'd make myself a thread all of my own to track my progress on my UFOs. I was away travelling for 6 months (and expected to be away for longer, but my plans changed) so I've a fair few things that I put away and am trying to cut through. Unfortunately I put on a few kg's while away so I suspect a few things may be to small! But will cross those bridges as I get to them.
I'm hoping to intersperse my UFO-busting with new projects otherwise I'll get a bit bored! I'm also on a pretty tight budget at the moment so trying to limit my purchase of new fabrics (why is it so hard?  :| ) and also use up a bit of my stash!!

First on my list is Vogue 9157, view C (mandarin/stand up collar) in black melton wool. I'm making it as per length of view A though, for a casual coat. I hand tailor my coats and was going swimmingly on this one, nearly finished the outer and ready to move onto the lining, when I got stumped by the collar. I finally figured out that the front part of the collar, with the two buttons, is just a floating piece that buttons on. I really don't like this idea as I feel it's going to sit strangely when the coat is unbuttoned. So I lost interest in it and put it away  (that was last winter  :|) so now I'm re-working it to have a normal stand up collar, I've unpicked the collar and will add in a "front collar" at the side front seam with a bound buttonhole to match the rest, and pad stitching done by hand.

Current progress is - front collar re-drafted, bound buttonhole worked and hair canvas is pinned ready for pad stitching. After that I can then sew the lining together and sew that in. I might even get to wear it this winter!


Re: UFO Busting!
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2017, 18:41:31 PM »
Nice one.  UFOs are so daunting, but you do get a good feeling when you cross one off!
C'est moi!