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iCandy Handmade, Free T Shirt pattern


iCandy Handmade, Free T Shirt pattern
« on: May 30, 2017, 09:36:04 AM »
Second iteration of this T shirt for me, quite garish, but I like it.  I added some length, as I found the previous pattern a bit short, and I curved the back.  I also added piping at the shoulders, but I should have used matching fabric.  As it was, I used some I already had cut, and it's a bit 'off', same with binding, but no matter, I like it. 

One thing I forgot to do, was to make the armhole larger, so I had to make a small gusset piece under the arms.

Jessie, who is very happy to be here!!  :),  but who has far too many sewing machines to be healthy, and a fabric stash which is becoming embarrassing.