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Re: Fabric Glee!!!!
« Reply #15 on: June 08, 2017, 22:17:17 PM »
It does indeed Bodgeit! And, little because at 4'10" (+ a desperately-needed half!) can't be anything else. Very, very happy to be here. Grew up in Ilkeston, married a London boy and lived in Surrey for over 50 years but he's gone now and it wouldn't have done for me to stay in a big Victorian flat with 12' ceilings - couldn't even change my own light bulbs! Time to come home. I love the wonderful Derbyshire countryside, I love the town and the people and yes, I really love this very modern house! However, don't recommend moving at an advanced age if you haven't got some help around - everything takes so long.

Hope that you love your new area but you must miss the hills.

I left Swad nine years ago, lived in Manchester for five years, then Blackpool for three years, then moved here a year ago.
My son moves back to the Swad area tomorrow, well Moira actually, so we'll be taking the motorhome and staying at Conkers for the weekend and seeing his new house - he has no spare bed yet.
And no, I don't miss the hills one little bit, especially not on my bike!  I've done many a trip down the A444 to Burton train station loaded up for cycle touring - do you realise how up and down that road is??  :o