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Hello, am delurking as part of my New Year's Resolutions  :)  I was briefly a member of TSP (but have forgotten my user name there, oops  :S) and have been a silent member here for a while.  But everyone here is so friendly I thought I should try and join in.  I like to sew and have just taken delivery of a lovely new Bernina 570QE which was a *cough* Big Birthday present from DH, lucky me :)  haven't had much time to play with it yet but am looking forward to learning.  Have spent the first morning of January 2018 up in my sewing loft trying to finish off a dress which was started, ahem, quite a while ago - just the hem to do now, yay so am feeling fairly virtuous - two Resolutions in one day :angel:



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Hi, Nevis.  Happy New Year to you and welcome!  Make yourself at home.  I lurked on TSF but over here, there's no shutting me up.   :D :D :D


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Hi Nevis. What a good start to the New Year.

You'll find lots of lovely people and plenty of good advice here :)
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Welcome, Nevis.  :drink:


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Hi Nevis, welcome to TSP.

Lots of lovely people and advice, encouragement, whatever you need.
We also have several enablers when required  ;)
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Welcome Nevis
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Welcome from Cornwall  :toast:
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Hello and welcome to the forum - enjoy. 0_0
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Welcome, you've made a dent in the resolutions already 0_0
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Welcome to the forum - and don't be shy.  We like to know what everyone gets up to (sewing-wise).
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Hi and welcome from someone who also has an unfinished dress hanging over from a while ago too.  A sewing loft sounds almost like an atelier.  :D
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Aw, thank you for the kind welcome, everyone!  LOL, Utta, my 'atelier' is more commonly known as the 'Old Bat Cave' round here  ;) but I loves it!  The dress is done, but I'm going to have to find more ribbing in the right colour and rip off the stuff I used - it has stretched out all round the neck  :angry: and has almost no recovery.  Sigh.  The rest of the dress looks nice though!


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Hello and welcome from me too  :D


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Hi Nevis - I haven't been on here for a few days so have only just seen this. You'll love it here - it's a really friendly place. You'll also love your new sewing machine  :vintage: I bought the same one just over a year ago and it's been great - I have only praise for it.  <3
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Thank you everyone for the lovely warm welcome! 

Kenora, I love the machine already  <3 :sew:  I went on the day course in November and learned quite a lot of tips and tricks.  We have been so caught up with DD's wedding and holidays that I haven't had much of a chance to put all I learned into practice but have great hopes for the New Year.  We'll see  ;)