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Two outta three ain't bad


Two outta three ain't bad
« on: March 12, 2017, 19:10:38 PM »
Here are this weeks makes (well they seem to have hung around for far too long)
1. Lekala skirt - free pattern. Deep sigh, Lekala 😏, the first time I printed the pattern with my measurements, just plain massive, second time printed off pattern I reduced my waist by 8cm 😂😂😂 added 10cm to my height 🤣🤣 and it came out wearable (but couldn't make prototype any longer), & I wasn't enamoured with fabric (lucky fabrics - dewsbury) but after the second rough remake it grew on me, - so I pulled it all apart and made it properly, I like it but I'd like it even more if it were about 4cm longer. Would I make it again? - yes

2. Lekala skirt 2 - not free pattern, deep sign again, I just don't like it, it doesn't fit properly around the waist, there's too much ease across the hips and bit short - again. It needs press stud and will probably end up in the charity shop. I do love this colour though, I made this skirt for winter as my aim this year to to eliminate grey from my wardrobe, right colour wrong pattern. Got the fabric in the winter sale at my local fabric shop for not a lot, I put this one down to experience.

3. Ottobre top winter 2016
This top just took too long to make, right pattern - wrong fabric. The pattern says merino stretch jersey with a 20% recovery. I went for a linen jersey (Fabworks) which I love and this was the only reason I persevered with this pattern. The seams on the pattern are sewn with on the reverse with no treatment to the raw edges, as they roll under, so I presume merino stretch doesn't fray - well linen jersey does! As I discovered after I'd cut the pattern out and sewn two parts together to try to achieve the optimal seam length to achieve a rolled seam. Was I cross - yes! So not to be beaten I sewed external French seams and matched the stripes ..., yes most seams were sewn twice, and where they cross over got better the more I redid them. I overlocked the hem and the sleeves them hemmed with a double needle (the hem rolled otherwise) and the neck band was done three times, each time I trimmed more off I think it stretched further, in the after the third time of sewing I threw it in the wash hoping it would shrink to perfection, well not quite. Very wearable but could have gone together so much easier....
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Re: Two outta three ain't bad
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That top is lovely and I like the appliqué and embroiderybin the first skirt and love the colour of the second