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What to make for my "broken" dancer


Re: What to make for my "broken" dancer
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How's she getting along? Improving?
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Re: What to make for my "broken" dancer
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Elnnina, thank you for sharing your experiences - I'm so sorry that you've having such a difficult time.  It's hard to understand how some of us fall & get up with no ill effect and others are impacted for the rest of their lives.  My DD1 has found that since she looks fine, people don't understand how badly injured she is. 

DD1 is finally making progress - she's allowed to get her heart rate up to 120 bpm.  And she got to spot her head and make 5 slow turns!  Her physiotherapist is talking about setting goals - no wild rolling around on the floor yet (her true love is contemporary/modern) but perhaps a return to the barre.  She has an offer to attend a uni ballet class on a 'as able' basis.  Her uni courses are limited to an online course on labour studies - she's finding that she needs more time for writing.  Her school has an access center to help students with disabilities whether permanent or temporary.  She has some cognitive issues but hopefully those will clear as her balance returns - constant nausea for 3 months can't be good for concentration.  Her school has also improved their emergency response protocols due to her accident and the death of a student at the main campus.
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Re: What to make for my "broken" dancer
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Thank you for keeping us up to date. Good to hear she is making progress however slowly and that she is getting help and support from the university.
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