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Friday 16th August


Friday 16th August
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Morning, all!  No one else up yet??  Not even Imi (hopefully still asleep?)?  Dull here but at least it's not raining or windy (yet).  Forecast is pretty grim.  Sigh.

My plans for today is to tackle DH's courgette glut.  So far this week I've made courgette soup, courgette lasagne, and chicken and courgette salad.  This morning it's going to be courgette marmalade (thank you @RJR_38   for the idea) and courgette pickles.  Then I'm going to throw all future courgette-shaped vegetables back at the gardener.

I've been idly planning an autumn wardrobe but can't remember what I already have until I do the official changeover (getting older is such a great thing  :S ) but for now I need to cut out a few items and hide them away until my sister has gone home again - goodness knows when that will be :( 

Have a good day, everyone xx


Re: Friday 16th August
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Day 6 of the grandchildren staying and we're all still alive (just).
One of my tasks for today is to try to make a leather holder for the highly unsuitable knife DS constructed for the 9 year old


Re: Friday 16th August
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@Nevis5 you don't have chickens do you?  Mine love courgettes and are specially useful for those that inevitably become wannabe marrows.
I made sticky pickle yesterday - that used 3 lbs.
It's the dullest of days here this morning but not raining hard - yet.
I've got stuff to get ready for a show tomorrow for the beekeeping association and I need to make some biscuits as the cupboard is bare.  I need to finish altering a toile for a top then decide whether or not I'm actually going to make one, the jury's out at the moment.
Have a good day everyone.
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Re: Friday 16th August
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Morning everyone raining and breezy here and meant to worsen as the day goes on  :S

I need to pop into town for some rolls for DH and take some stuff to the charity shop while I’m there which I will do as soon as they’re open before the hoolie arrives!

I’ve already baked four cakes this morning ready for the tearoom this weekend and will probably carry on where I left off when I return from town

DH and I were planning a walk when he gets home from work but I think rain (and wind) will stop play  :(

Have good days all whatever you get up to

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Re: Friday 16th August
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I was to have spent a sociable morning with the volunteer weeding team in Johnstown Castle walled garden but it's throwing it down so I'll just have to stay in and sew!

I'm making the most of my few days while DH is away in the UK. On Wednesday I had a cleaning firm in and although the two of them for 4 hours covered less than I'd hoped (for €170) overall I'm pleased. But will he even notice? To avoid argument I forgot to mention it before he left :). In my defence I was unable to do major housework for 7 months and the place had got unmanageable. Not that I do much anyway having had a cleaner in most of my working life.   :|

Still pouring. @Nevis5 first time this year we're not over run with courgettes though everything else is growing well, maybe because we had to use a different variety?


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It's overcast but dry at the moment. Lots of rain to follow later this morning, and I'll have to go out in it because I have a dental appointment.  :S

I'm hoping the Dry Cleaner remembers I'd mentioned I'll be missing from about 9.30 until midday-ish.
He'll suddenly remember when he knocks the door and nobody answers.  0_0
I'll deliver a pair of trousers back to the menswear shop while I'm in town. It might save him a journey after work later today.

I popped outside this morning and noticed a bumble bee had fallen into some rainwater which had collected in a big tub. Still I scooped it out and placed it onto some kitchen towel to blot some of the wet off. Looked a bit sorry for itself but I've placed it on my lavender where I hope it will perk up.  :)



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Morning all!

Horrible weather here. Got soaked cleaning out the chicken coops.  :(

Visitor has gone home so I can start emptying my sewing room of all the rubbish we (me) normally store in the guest bedroom. Hurrah.


Re: Friday 16th August
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Sunny here at the moment but not expected to last. Tespots and then.... We are going to reorganize my sewing room as I can't get on with it as it is
Triumph of hope over experience :D


Re: Friday 16th August
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Trying to get hold of the dentist as a metal plug fell out of the implant bit last night.  I think it was just there to keep the opening for the tooth to be screwed into but need her to check.  Website says they open at 8am but either they’re away or someone’s left the answer phone on.  If they’re open it’s only til 2pm today so I hope they answer soon as I need to get the bus and would like to fit in a swim before too or at least a shower.

Not done much sewing as I got buried in a book, the fifth in a series and finished it this morning.  Now back to normal until I get the next one.


Re: Friday 16th August
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Absolutely 'orrible here!  Wet, windy and d**n cold here.  Parts of the route into work are already showing signs of flooding.  :S

DD and family are away for a week tomorrow, phew, I'll think I've gone deaf!  Although I will miss Theo's lovely Weetabix smile in the morning!  ;)

Having a bit of a clear out today.  SiL has volunteered himself for a couple of Tip runs, so that's the plan for the day.  It will really help me to get things organised after the recent disruption.

No sewing planned though.  :(

Jessie, who is very happy to be here!!  :),  but who has far too many sewing machines to be healthy, and a fabric stash which is becoming embarrassing.


Re: Friday 16th August
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A bit cloudy here, although the sky has a bright patch where the sun should be.  Rain is forecast for later I think.

T'Other Half will be taking Big Poppy to her agility class later this morning, so Little Sasha and I may go and cut the grass in the back garden and get our own agility equipment out, just a jump, a tunnel and some weave poles, but she can learn them without Poppy interfering.


Re: Friday 16th August
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Cold wet and windy... still on the hunt for some nice patio paving. It’s hard to envisage when you just se a square meter or two.

snoozi soozi

Re: Friday 16th August
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Sod it I've lit the stove  :loveit:

G'morning taken  :woof: Sooki to the local field this morning so she's whacked and will love the fire  :P

Washing pegged out in the dog house, apparently we'll have a dry week next. No bother, I can sew whatever the weather, going to make something for my day out next Saturday, a pinafore I reckon  8)

Happy Birthday Madonna

Have a good day all
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Re: Friday 16th August
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Rain so it feels chilly.
Had a tooth fall out last night when I was cleaning my teeth. Actually a tooth on a metal pin cemented into a socket and more to the point one of the main teeth my lower plate hooks on to.

Cue panic! So this morning I went down to the dentist and begged. They said I could sit and wait for a space, but bless her she fitted me in ahead of a family (who may have been fractionally late arriving). Tooth cemented back and fingers crossed.

My old dentist retired this summer and we were transferred to this practice so this was my first encounter. Much relief and very impressed with their kindness.

Think I used up a lot of nervous energy over the last 12 hours so now planning a quiet day. Plans can wait.
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Re: Friday 16th August
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Crikey, looks like a bit of a Bad Tooth day here!  Hope everyone gets fixed up soon.

@Ploshkin  , no we don't have chickens, I think the neighbours might object.  I would offer to send you some courgettes but not sure you would be that thrilled....

@Vezelay no idea what breed of courgette these are, but we've already had about 5kg from only two plants and apparently more to come, yay.  I've just pickled some and made the rest into marmalade and DH has been sent off to the gym to tout a particularly big green version to some of his gym bunny friends.  He'd better not bring it back home again  :o

I have a hairdressers appointment at lunchtime so naturally it's pouring with rain and DH has taken my car to the gym as his own is in for a service.  Sigh.