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Piping Problem


Piping Problem
« on: September 10, 2019, 22:24:43 PM »
Hello, it's Suburban the perpetual beginner.  I wrote about a year ago wanting to make dog coats.  I did make them - the second was better than the first attempt - but not waterproof as I'd hoped.  Too tricky.  I'm blaming my sister's dog's awkward shape.  Anyway I've had better luck with sewing envelope cushions, I keep calling them "pillows" because the yanks do online.  I watch their tutorials on YouTube.   I'm progressing to cushions with zips ( "zippers!" ) and piping, but my machine is sabotaging me. 

I went with the Janome Sewist 525S, because it had a decent reputation for beginners.  I know there's a newer version of it, but mine is "new" to me.  Anyway, I was advised to think twice before buying because you can't move the needle when you want to.  I mean, if you want to use the zipper foot - you simply can't move the needle right over to the left. I mean you can, but it quickly protests: Manual expressly states, For zipper foots:  "Stitch Width 5" only.  I wish I'd listened.  I regret the purchase.

In order to make piping - which I really need to do on my cushions ( a present for my Mum ), I need that needle to move right over to the left.  I bought a special, adjustable foot online, £16! which I thought was the answer to my prayers.   Marketed as being a 'Janome' and "suitable for all Category B machines."  It can't be fitted, it has a screw where there is no "port" to fit it on my machine.  I'm kind of angry, not only with the lying foot, but because this machine was used on the British Sewing Bee. Why, when it's so problematic?  I can't find a way to sew piping onto a cushion.  Had to do it by hand and my eyes are nearly 50 years old.  No can do.

I'm getting annoyed and insanely bitter at all the Yanks on YouTube with their sparkling Babylock machines saying, "Just make sure you move your needle right over to the left there..."

Anyone else had this trouble with trying to machine sew piping around cushions?  Can you please advise me? 


Re: Piping Problem
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2019, 22:34:42 PM »
Do you have a zip foot? Like this?  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

That would do it, you adjust the 'prong' over to the right so that your needle is stitching up against the piping cord. The old machines  had these types of zipper feet.
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Re: Piping Problem
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Could you use the zipper foot, that is what I have done in the past  :vintage:

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Re: Piping Problem
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Your needle should move to the left.  See page 16 of your manual make sure the needle is in the up position before moving it. 
If the foot is a proper Janome there shouldn’t be a problem fitting it.  You have to take the ankle off the machine first.  Not sure if there’s any instructions on the back of the packet about fitting.  The screw on the foot is to adjust the position of the foot.  It’s not meant to be screwed into the machine. When You remove the ankle of the machine this foot sits in its place and you use that screw to secure it.   Nothing  wrong with the machine or foot!


Re: Piping Problem
« Reply #4 on: September 10, 2019, 23:53:45 PM »
Hello all and thanks for replying.  "Ohsewsimple" - Yes, the needle will move to the left, but if I put the zipper foot on and select Stitch Pattern 'A' - as instructed by the manual - the machine protests.  It banged against the plate and made a terrible racket. Then it simply wouldn't sew it.  I am limited to stitch width 5 when using zipper foot.  I would prefer stitch width zero. Every other foot / stitch pattern seems to be zero-friendly. 

As you see from the manual screenshot here (Page 32), they tell me it's 5 only for the zipper foot. I've tried defying it and using '0', but it protests loudly. 


Re: Piping Problem
« Reply #5 on: September 10, 2019, 23:57:37 PM »
Thanks Lilian for replying.  Yes, I've tried to use the zipper foot.  Most sewing types online seem to use the zip foot.  It's just that I can't get the needle right up to the piping.  I suppose I don't really understand my machine, because someone has said that I should be able to move the needle right over to the left.  Not according to my manual though! Not using Zipper foot 'E' anyway...


Re: Piping Problem
« Reply #6 on: September 11, 2019, 00:01:23 AM »
Lachica - that may well be the "adjustable" foot I bought.  I can't attach it to my machine though.  It simply won't fit.  Sadly, I'm separated from my machine ATM - it's at my sister's place.  I will take a couple of pictures soon, which will explain better than me. 


Re: Piping Problem
« Reply #7 on: September 11, 2019, 07:07:29 AM »
@suburban if you use the adjustable zipper foot it will work.   If it is a Janome foot that is in one of those red blister packs and says Janome on it and it is for your category machine then it will fit.  You just have to fit it properly by taking the ankle off the machine first.  If I was near I’d show you in a couple of seconds!   :)
One more thing.....when you use a zipper foot, check by hand cranking the flywheel that the needle isn’t going to hit the foot or you could damage the machine.   And yes, position 5 is what would be needed with the ordinary zipper foot.  But the adjustable one allows you to move the foot itself. 


Re: Piping Problem
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The Janome 525S is a Low Shank toploading machine and uses Category B presser feet.  Here is the Janome Chart
The correct Category B Adjustable Zipper Foot for your machine is - Part No. 200342003 

See page 7 on the pdf instruction manual re how to remove the foot holder (also called the ankle) on your machine.

Use the screw to attach the adjustable zipper foot to the presser foot post.  Tighten it with a screwdriver.

When the adjustable zipper foot has been attached then adjust the position of the foot by loosening the screw and sliding the foot from one side to the other and then tighten the screw to hold the foot in place in the new position.

If you want to make piping with narrow cord this is the Category B snap on Piping Foot
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Re: Piping Problem
« Reply #9 on: September 11, 2019, 16:01:00 PM »
The adjustable zipper foot is a dream for piping.  You can leave the needle wherever the machine wants it to be and move the foot until you, the needle and the work are happy.  Works at treat on cushion covers.