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Burdastyle pattern reviews


Burdastyle pattern reviews
« on: January 30, 2020, 11:22:23 AM »
It's not exclusively Burda, by any means, but I thought it the most appropriate subject name.

On Burda's German website, there is a very active section where members post there own creations.  It's in German and predominantly but not exclusively stuff that you see in Burda Style magazine.  There is a lot of high quality sewing in there and plenty of inspiration that you won't see on Pattern Review.  It's well worth a regular look.

Burda user creations

For those who are eager to get the very earliest preview of Burda Style magazine for the following month, it appears earliest on the Russian website,

Burda Style Russia

Here is the Russian user creation/photo forum section.  Again, well worth looking as the Russian ladies are super keen sewistas.

Burda Style Russia user creations
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Re: Burdastyle pattern reviews
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Looking at Pinterest for pattern cutting, dressmaking etc, there is often stunning stuff coming out of Russia.  Some inspirational design and cutting.