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Time to let them go.


Time to let them go.
« on: March 18, 2020, 23:00:42 PM »
It's taken a while but, now is the time for my late brothers machines to find new homes. Both his daughters have vintage 222k's lovingly restored and they would like the remainder of the collection to go to those who would enjoy and cherish them. There is also a wealth of spares bits, for what we have no idea! He didn't have time to sort things out fully toward the end.
He did make full listings for the work etc carried out on each machine and was proud to have restored them to their former glory and spared no expense nor time in doing so. He did not however leave a list of dates of manufacture or the name of the foot??? There are lots of them! Some boxed up, some loose.
All his machines are old Singer. There is a 221k, 2x 201k, 15k, 185k, 99k. Most have boxes of feet, instructions, manuals..
It's going to take me a while to research all of this but interested parties please feel free to contact me via PM on this account.
Wishing you all keep safe and well during this troubling time.