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Sewing Machines / Re: Casting off the mortal coil
« Last post by Catllar on Today at 13:20:51 »
Thanks for all the info - I've put it all together and have decided to proceed but would like to try the machine before I buy - not unreasonable given its price I reckon?  So, sit down have a cup of tea and here is the next chapter.

I saw that Mondial Tissus in Perpignan has the machine in the 610 and 620 versions ( price was wrong as they had got the wrong labels on the sehlf - is this an indication of anything?)  Yesterday we popped in to Perpignan for something  so I went in and asked if I could try the two machines to compare. Here is the conversation:

Me: I'm considering buying one of these machines but I'd like to see how fast they go and how stable they are before I decide, so can I make a trial appointment?

Them: You can do a sewing course.

Me: I can manage the sewing, thank you, but I need to try the machine  first before I buy.

Them: Yes, do a course and you can use the machines we provide.

Me: Do you refund the course price against a purchase then?

Them: No.

Me: So you are asking me to spend money  that is not deductable to try a 610 or a 620?

Them: We don't use those in the courses, they are too expensive for beginners.

Me: I'm not a beginner but I'm not prepared to spend over 1000 euros on something I've not trialled.

Them: We don't know you're not a beginner.

Me: I'm telling you I'm not. So can I try the machine I want before I buy?

Them: No, if we did it for one customer they'd all want to do it.

Me: Strange, I thought that was what sewing machine shops did?? Tell you what, you keep your machines safe and sound, I'll go somewhere else.

Flounces off.......

Some time later thanks to Mr Google I found a sewing machine sweetie shop  ( a whole wall of different makes and models - overlockers, coverstitchers, embroidery machines, Cricuts) a few tram stops away from where we will be  staying in Montpellier over the weekend.  Contacted them and guess what? I can try whatever I like and they have all the major brands, including industrials and all the pretty shiny things, and they do servicing on the spot as well. Watch this space.
Today... One thread per day / Re: Wordle Wednesday
« Last post by Catllar on Today at 13:04:09 »
Happy Moving Day @twopence !!

Not done my daily Wordle after yesterday's complete failure, or as my daughter calls it - a brain fart!

Lovely day again but cold. Had a cancer support group coffee morning and there were about a dozen of us and some really interesting conversations.  Somehow I have agreed to give an illustrated talk on  either Contemporary Flamenco or Ida y Vuelta ( which is what they call the flamencoisation of  Cuban music that came back with the sailors)  MrC and I are also elected quizmasters for the bilingual quiz in May. Not sure how that happened  :thinking:

Anyway, got a doc visit this afternoon for MrC drugs and hopefully something to take the edge off the treatments he will have over the next few weeks.  He's also got a hypnotherapy session - anything to help him address the things serenely.
Sewing Machines / Re: Free arm machine help please
« Last post by Bodgeitandscarper on Today at 13:03:23 »
As little as possible arm to the left of the needle!  The Singer I saw had the bobbin front loaded which perhaps saves a bit of space.
A Good Yarn / Re: Crochet Hooks
« Last post by Ohsewsimple on Today at 13:01:32 »
@Acorn I’ve been using these

I bought a few of these last year. I like that they’re colour coded so easy to find the right one.
I have arthritis in my hands and find these are quite comfy.  The steel ones tend to hurt after a while. 
I have a few bamboo ones but not keen on those although I do like bamboo knitting needles. 
Today... One thread per day / Re: Wordle Wednesday
« Last post by Ohsewsimple on Today at 12:55:35 »
No frost today.  Been for a walk round the village.  Just after we got back it poured with rain. 
Waiting for Morrisons delivery.  I hate dealing with the shopping  :(

Had to call the doctors today as I need to see if I can get an inhaler for when I visit my DS.  Luckily I   haven’t needed them for years.  I will get a phone call on Friday evidently.   

Nothing interesting happening today.  Maybe a bit of sewing.  DH at Rock Choir tonight so I have control of the remote!   :thumb:

This Wordle, who does the second line and misses out the one letter that was right, a plonker.  I've left, I could be there some time  :rolleyes:

Me @Gernella !   Actually twice! :laughing:
A Good Yarn / Crochet Hooks
« Last post by Acorn on Today at 12:40:37 »
Having finished my scarf and hat (all but blocking and fringing) I decided to brush up on my (very limited) crochet skills.  I have a kit to make a small blanket, which seems to be a good place to start.  Last night I was trying to find a crochet hook in the right size on Amazon and ended up completely swamped by what was on offer.

I have only used the ordinary (probably) Milward grey metal ones before, and have been quite happy with them.  Now, though, there are lots and lots of hooks with handles made of wood or plastic.  Do any of you use these, and do you find them good?  I'm reluctant to change from something I'm happy with, but don't wan to miss out if there's something better!

Also, what are the good brands of crochet hook.  I use (and love) Knitpro knitting needles, but the few Knitpro crochet hooks I found on Amazon didn't seem to be pointy enough to me - but the pictures weren't very good.

Oh, and I found a crochet hook of the right size in the end - Pony, beech, no handle - one had been supplied with the blanket kit!   :rolleyes:
Happy birthday to you both.  Hope you’re doing something nice today.   :VV: :birthday:
Today... One thread per day / Re: Wordle Wednesday
« Last post by Bumblebuncher on Today at 12:33:57 »
No burger at the pub last night so got back with the full on munchies which did nothing to reduce the weight lol
I do Saturday and Sunday night at work then Thursday and Friday, then no work for a week so I tend to leave most jobs  for the week I don't work, but I do need to go shopping today and the market veggie stall shuts at one so I need to get my skates on if I want their stuff and not Tesco's which is really not as good.
I may cut out the fabric and wadding for tea cosy later if I feel the urge.
Sewing Machines / Re: Free arm machine help please
« Last post by Ohsewsimple on Today at 12:23:15 »
How much length are you looking for?   Just wondering if what you’re after is a possibility in an ordinary machine because of the bobbin?   
Today... One thread per day / Re: Tues January 18th
« Last post by MistyRose on Today at 12:21:38 »
Acorn thank you.
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