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Gooood Morning and its Wednesday 16th June and I cant quite believe we are half the way through the month already!!!

Does anyone know where is June disappearing to?

Last day of Five and Im sooo ready for a lie in tomorrow ... that'll be an 8am rise then !!! :laughing:

I woke up to a thick mist off the river this morning in my lil part of DDD, Hopefully the sun will break through in Poole and I can skulk in a corner of the car park as my last few hours on shift tick by.

Have good days Peeps xxx

Today... One thread per day / And its me again on Tuesday 8th June
« on: June 08, 2021, 05:49:25 AM »
For the last time this week I sincerely hope!!!

Weather looks (says she peeking out the back) EEEEEEEEEmazing so I better slop on so,e sunscreen.
Im really tired today so better just keep my head down and do it!

Hopefully you wont be hearing anymore from me until tomorrow afternoon ... Have good days peeps!

Today... One thread per day / Good Morning TSP
« on: June 06, 2021, 05:51:48 AM »
Its me again on the first Sunday in June ... That'll be the Sixth then ... and the weather here in DDD looks to be Grey, Grey, Grey!

Im off to another shift in the Car Park, wish me luck, Sundays are notoriously S  l  o  o  o  o  w!

But for you Happy Campers in TSP we have the first day of Voting open for the Marvellous Mini Marvels that our talented Darksiders have been beavering over all May ...

Please do show your appreciation for these glorious creations by heading over to the Sewalong Voting Thread and

VOTE VOTE VOTE for your favourites ...

Yes you lucky, lucky Peeps have THREE votes for this competition and not only will the Winner receive her choice of an Exclusive TSP Prize Winners enamel badge or Sew On Patch  :dance:  the runner up will receive A TSP Logo Sew On Patch Too!!!  :dance:  :faints:

and I cant quite believe at what hours I get up at these days  :scream:

Still here we are over halfway through 2021 on what is promising, at least down here in DDD, to be a beautiful day!
Im expecting to leave my home at 6.30 this am as I want to nip into The StupidMarket to get the paper and some squash before I wend my way to a Car Park near you, only 3 minutes walk from this cinema .... Opps Sorry!

to A Car Park in the Metropolops for anther busy day of reading, sunbathing with occasional Spaceman duties ... Life is tough but if that is to be my sad lot in the world, so be it!

Today is the day a few of our intrepid Darksiders have been waiting for ...
Yes ... The FOURTH BOM in our MysteryQuiltalongathon has been quietly released into the Wildes of The Darkside !!

There are FOUR  blocks to make this month Peeps!

In other Darkside News, Please post any remaining entries for The Mays Mini Marvels Competition before the end of Play today... The Vote will go up tomorrow!

The 2021 Project Linus Challenge is underway, Any pics and progress information to share, please do so ....

And thats about it for me, a quick coffee and I'll be off on my travels ... Play Nicely and have good days Peeps!!!

Tech Know How / Photo problems
« on: June 03, 2021, 17:24:18 PM »
Just TSO at its best or me ????

Had problems getting the pics to show in the Today thread this morning and now, working on the next BOM ....

Anything I ought to be doing ?

2021 BOM Mystery Quiltalongathon / Block 4 - The SAPPHIRE Star
« on: June 03, 2021, 10:48:53 AM »
Welcome to
TSP's Mystery Quiltalongathon Block for 2021

After the great success of last years QAYG BOM,
I decided to combine the BOM with a finished article,

A Mystery Quiltalongathon !!

A BOM with an agenda !!!

but here's a clue, I've called it

The Sparkling Stars Quilt

I thought, as Stars are so often referred to as Diamonds,
I would assign a different Gemstone to each Block.
and try and convey a sense of that jewel with my choice of fabrics .......

You can follow my choice of gemstone for each star ...
or choose your own according to the fabrics you have to hand

Here we are over Halfway through our MysteryQuiltalongathon Block of the Month

So for the FOURTH Block of
2021 Sparkling Stars Mystery Quiltalongathon

We have

The Sapphire Star
The Sapphire Star

As ever,
Click on the first pic to bring it up to Full size
and then on the i Icon
(top right corner of the pic on a laptop, click the three dots on a tablet/ phone)
to bring up the instructions to the side of the pic.

 :devil: The list of Cutting Requirements for Block 4 extends to
TWO Pages of the Tutorial ...
Please Don't Get Caught Out by that!  :devil:

But you wont, will you ???
because you will be reading right through the tutorial before you start cutting or sewing

... Wont you ???  :devil:

Block FIVE will be released on Saturday  17th July ...

*    *     *     *     *      *         

There will be SIX Gemstone Blocks, posted at 6 weekly intervals
from the end of January to end of August,
giving you ample time to gather your fabrics and make your Stars!

You will need to make between FIVE and THREE Blocks for each Star.

The techniques used throughout the Sewalongs will be fairly simple
and there are Tut's available in The Darkside Tutorials should you need to refresh your memory.

This Mystery Quilt comprises a 5 by 5 grid of 12" (f) blocks
to make a finished quilt of 60" sq,
before any added borders or sashing.

You can of course make it smaller or even larger if you wish.

* * * Fabric Requirements * * *

This Mystery Quilt will require approximately 3m's of
ONE consistent background fabric throughout the quilt

and a different Gemstone colour each month ...
within which there will be between 3 - 6 different shades.

(I'm not so good at the Maths but a 1/4 metre or FQ of each gemstone colour/shade should be ample)

And everyone who finishes 2021 with a completed quilt
will receive an exclusive

The Sewing Places's
Prize Winners Enamel badge or Sew on Embroidered Patch!!!

  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]       [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

Today... One thread per day / Gooooood Moooorrrrning TSP ...
« on: June 01, 2021, 07:22:30 AM »
And Im just off out to work. Its a glorious day out there so have a great day and Wear Sunscreen !


Its a beautiful Day here today in DDD as it was yesterday til about 4 when a sea mist rolled in and did what sea mists do, cover the sky with clouds and bring the temperature down by 10 degrees ... Still its looking good for a Bumper day by the seaside here on the south coast ....

which means lots of video of peeps not social distancing down on Bournemouth Beach, Sandbanks and Lulworth Cove on the news tonight!

Have good days peeps ... this is summer! Three hot days and a thunderstorm!

This years Project Linus Sewalongathon theme is


Animal any way and every way ...

Appliqued Animal ?
Foundation Paper Pieced Animal ?
Animal Fabrics ?
Animal shaped ?
Animal Alphabet ?
Noahs Ark ?
Animal Background?
Animal Subject ?

Animal Magic in Fabric!!!

I know many of you made these quilts last year

in the hope that Festival would be go ahead
so If you wish to enter those, please do ...
a few artful pics and some blurb for the entry will do the trick
(But please hold back your entries til the end of the Sewalong,
we dont want to intimidate those starting from scratch!)

If you want to make anew then this is for you ...

Take pics of your fabrics, pics of your progress
and dont forget those stunning finished pics ...

* * * * * * * * * * *

These Quilts will be donated to Project Linus at Festival of Quilts
on Thursday July 29th after The Midday Mezzanine Catchup!

Please post here to register and keep us updated as to how you're getting on

Sewing starts 1st June, Needles up June 30th

Entries in by 4th July using the time old template below

* * * * * * * * * *

Details to include:

Your User Name and  Entry Number (if  entering have more than once )

What is it and for whom

Pattern used

Fabrics used

A short description on how you made it, any problems overcome etc.


This is the thread for Fabric choices, progress pics and such ..... AFTER you've signed up!

@RJR_38 ..... you do realise we'll be expecting you to organise another Boom next year ... Dont you!

Today... One thread per day / Where is everybody ???
« on: May 17, 2021, 07:17:21 AM »
Good Grief, Where is everybody ... Ive been up for hours

Its Monday (I think) and you can now officially go wild .. Its all over!

Or is it, Im so confused with what is or is not allowed these days.
What I do know is that its calm and dry out there in DDD and looking like the light cloud will disperse to leave a lovely day.
Blood test this morning ... Toodle Pip xxx

Alterations Advice Please / Patching jeans ... yet again!
« on: May 16, 2021, 12:25:29 PM »
The other day (yet again) I fell over and to my dismay opened a small hole in the leg of my new (to me £6 in the charity) black jeans.

Now I know I have successfully patched jeans before but these seem to be a whole different animal.

It seems most jeans today have an inordinate amount of stretch to them ... unlike my last patched jeans, which being pretty old actually resembled denim ...

So I need to ask .. What / How / With what should I patch them ??

I have no material the same as the jeans and need to make it sort of invisible but was thinking about using black lame and patching a star that would catch the light just a lil ????

Also if I unpick the side seam as I did before, which stitch should I use to sew it up with ... being this silly stretch fabric?

Over to you Boffins!!!

Sorry its late but it was a bank holiday weekend you know

So here it is


The objective is simples

Make a Miniature Quilt
for a Dolls house,
Doll, Bear
or not so mini quilt for your Furbaby !

The only caveat being that when viewed it should look like a full sized quilt

Start Date ... May 1st
Needles Down ... May 31st

Entries for a fun competition in by 5th June please

Also known as Big Brother!

I wanted to make another memory quilt as the first one is just a row or two too narrow to properly cover a double bed when you are sleeping under it and because I had so much fun last time!

There were barely any shirts left after the first quilt and I had to be inventive to get enough 6" (finished) squares ... combining shirts, using shirt tails and cuffs and this as my biggest self-quilted project (73" x 80") so far was quilted in two parts without the aid of a Safety Net ... errrm... Sorry ...  Joining strip for the first time!!!

A couple of the points were a lil off on that middle join, mainly because of my inexperience and excess Spray Baste meant that the walking foot dragged a lil ...

What to do ... Unpick ??? Could be messy ...

Nah. I cut some teensy hearts from the remaining shirting and appliqued them on ... then sprinkled some more across the quilt to even them up! Lovely! There may be a tweak or two in the coming weeks but I think this is just about there and ready for its debut ...

and heres a family photo ...

  [ You are not allowed to view attachments ]  

More pics HERE

I heartily recommend making a memory quilt; the cotton shirting has a gorgeous soft hue and feel and its incredibly cathartic and of course, extremely warm and useful.

Today... One thread per day / Happy May Day
« on: May 01, 2021, 06:15:45 AM »
And Im up with the lark ... or at least the lil bugger who presumes its dawn about 3am in the morning.

Im dressed and shivering as I wait for the dining room to achieve some  nuance of normal temperature ...
theres a very sharp frost out there in DDD.

I may be back when I feel more normal, I really wish I couldve slept in ....

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