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Tech Know How / Missing Notifications and DMs
« on: April 20, 2018, 16:14:16 PM »
Hi - I am having notification issues, in that I never seem to get them. This has happened both with threads I've started and threads I've replied to, and I also haven't been notified of DMs.

I have the Notify Me box ticked as it says "Unnotify" at the top (see attached photo), and I can't find anything in my account settings that might be blocking them. I've also looked in my junk email folder and nothing.

The system also seems to eaten have a DM I was supposed to have received last night.

I got a different DM from someone else this morning that's in my inbox here but even that didn't come to my email inbox.

Any thoughts anyone?

Carol x

The Show Must Go On / Leotard binding into straps
« on: January 28, 2018, 16:29:59 PM »
Hello lovely people! This is probably an obvious question, and there may already be a thread about it, but....

I’m making a halter neck leotard in Lycra from a self drafted pattern, so no help from instructions. I want to have an elasticated Lycra binding along the arm hole edges that extends out to become elasticated neck straps.

What’s the best way of attaching this? I obviously don’t want visible raw edges on the straps, and preferably not underneath either, but to achieve that, how do I sew it to the arm edges?

I just can’t see how to do it other than to sew the straps to the armhole edges, then sew elastic to the wrong side of the straps/binding and fold in the raw edges of the straps, but that isn’t very pretty on the back of the straps.

Any thoughts, tutorials etc appreciated.

Thanks!! Carol xx

15m of John Lewis black furnishing fabric. Free to a good home!!! "Buyer" to collect from Enfield EN2 (North London) or pay postage.

Black with a slight slub weave (see pic), 138w, 15m on a roll. Not sure of the fabric content -- it is a cotton/linen effect, but feels like it's got something more synthetic (viscose?) as well. I think it might have been called Malaga, but google doesn't throw up a malaga fabric that is similar.

I bought it to do a sofa, then decided not to, and there it has sat... I'm not willing to cut into it.   

It's still in its John Lewis's packaging on a roll, so easy to arrange to be sent by courier.

For Sale, Wanted & Free to a good home / [For Sale] Colette Trousers
« on: April 02, 2017, 13:24:31 PM »
Colette trousers patters for sale! They are cute but the wrong shape for me - they are better for a curvy shape. Both are all sizes 0-18 (Waist: 25-38, Hip: 35-48)

Clover 1019 cropped trousers - opened, version 2 (calf length) untouched, version 1 (ankle length) uncut-out (except to separate the pieces) and refolded - £10 including postage

Juniper 1024 wide leg trousers - unused - £12.50 including postage

 :snip: :vintage: :trousers: :flower:  :thread: :toast:

Hi, I'm new... / Hello from CarolC
« on: March 05, 2017, 15:08:34 PM »
Hello! Still doing ballroom sewing, mostly alterations at the moment although 5m of new fabric somehow found their way into the house on Friday, can't imagine how. I'm also determined to dive into the woven stash this year and make myself some shirts that actually fit.

Lovely to see lots of familiar names (and familiar "faces" with new names), and so nice to have a forum back. Thanks so much to the admins for setting it up. 
 :toast: :toast::toast: :drink: :D :thread: :vintage: :flower: :flower: <3: <3

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