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Dolls and Toys / dollhouse dolls
« on: May 17, 2019, 04:42:12 AM »
I just fell in love with this Ann Wood pattern for the Tiny Rag Doll... she is only five inches tall! I am going to cut out a few and tuck them into my bag for sewing when I am out and about. the seams are so small that they are actually easier to sew by hand than on the machine. I stitched up this one when I was riding the bus to a medical appointment, and while waiting to be seen. Years ago I really loved miniatures, and perhaps it is time to revisit that enthusiasm...
Next I will need to sew her some tiny clothing, and probably make her a friend or two... Has anyone else ever sewed dollhouse dolls?

Hi, I'm new... / Hi there!
« on: May 13, 2019, 03:40:29 AM »
I followed a comment that Ruthie made on her blog, and found my way here... saw some familiar names and lots of new maybe future friends! I have been sewing since I was in single digits, started out hand sewing and made my first dress on the sewing machine at age eleven. That was over fifty years ago, and I am still at it.

I sew mostly clothing for myself, since that way I can get the look and fit that pleases me (my figure mostly resembles the Little Teapot - short and stout).  RTW clothing is not my best option. My favorite fabrics to sew are natural fibers, especially linen, though I love wearing light drapey rayon in the heat of summer. My favorite designer is Gudrun Sjoden. I make all my own clothing pretty much, except for lingerie, shoes, and socks. I also do medieval and viking age historic recreation as a hobby, so there are sometimes pretty unusual sewing projects happening here.

I live in a little house in Portland Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest part of the USA. We have mostly rainy winters, and long dry sunny summers here, so clothing for a range of climate is needed, which I mostly deal with by wearing layers. I mostly focus on garment sewing, with a few side trips to things like bags and cushion covers. I have been knitting almost as long as I have been sewing (thank you Mom for the inspiration and instruction when I was a girl), and occasionally knit myself a pullover or cardigan.

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